Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 35)

In the end, Luo Qing Chen agreed to Jun Yao Chen’s proposal.

This time, he didn’t lie to her.

After all, as a country’s crown prince, there was no need for him to fight against a dead person.

That night, Luo Qing Chen brought Chu Nan Xian to the seized King Chu Manor.  Although the emperor knew about this, since his son liked her, he didn’t say anything.

Jun Yao Chen gave her a day to take care of things, otherwise she couldn’t blame him for taking back his words.

How could she knew that during the so called day, she would be followed by four white clothed girls that he had specially trained.

But what did that matter?  No matter how many people followed, she only had him in her eyes.

Without knowing why, the King Chu Manor had become much more desolate in just a few days.  There were begonia petals all around the outside of the Heart Palace and mixing with the snow, it looked especially beautiful.

Born in the splendor of summer flowers, dying in the quiet beauty of autumn leaves.

Perhaps at this time, she was in this state of mind……

She carefully pulled the arrows out of Chu Nan Xian one by one.  Since it had been a night, no blood came out when she pulled them out.

She took a deep breath and slowly stood up, walking to the room they used to live in and taking out some clothes that were as white as the moon.

She felt in the end that this gentle as jade man was worthy of this kind of white.

Pure and clean, warm in the heart.

Luo Qing Chen seriously changed clothes for Chu Nan Xian and carried him under the begonia trees.

Even in deep winter, the begonia trees outside their palace was in full bloom.  With a cold breeze, tens of thousands of petals scattered, creating a breathtaking sight.

But he couldn’t see this scene at all.

She slightly looked down and softly stroked his ice cold face.  Her eyes flushed and her nose stuffed as she said, “We’re home.”

There were many things she wanted to say, but they were stuck in her throat in this moment and she couldn’t say a single thing.

The only thing in her mind was the system telling her: One soul and one spirit, it wasn’t enough to determine life and death.

She had a chance, she still had a chance, she couldn’t give it up.  The man who had pampered her never gave up on her, so how could she give up?

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes narrowed and she took a deep breath.  She placed his body in the ice cold crystal coffin and buried him under the begonia tree.

She looked up, stood up, gritted her teeth, and tightly clenched her fists.

Wait for her, he definitely had to wait for her……

That night, it wasn’t quiet in the end.  She had to formally enter the Crown Prince’s Eastern Palace, she already didn’t have enough time.

Since she couldn’t die, she could only live.

System, speak!  When you said that the most loved ones use blood as sacrifice, what did you mean?

[Host, each Evil Monarch’s Court’s pavilion head doesn’t have a complete body.  The male lead’s most loved one is without a doubt the host, therefore you can use a blood sacrifice to establish a deal with the Evil Monarch’s Court and exchange for his three souls and seven spirits.  But——]

But what?

[But the system knows that when the blood sacrifice is used while the one soul and one spirit exists, there is a chance of success.  But now……]

You mean that I will fail?

[There is this possibility since the story has already changed and the ending is already different.]  The system could see through many things, but couldn’t see through people’s hearts.

In the countless future days, it could only follow its hosts through all kinds of difficult trials.

Whether there was life or death, they still had to try their best.

Good!  I know!  Tonight, let’s do the blood sacrifice!

[There are eight people guarding outside the palace, the host can’t leave with your ability.]

Can I exchange for teleportation?

[Yes, it requires 500 exchange points.]


[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for teleportation (One time use).]

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