Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 34)

She never thought she would finish the mission like this, so when the system asked if she wanted to stay or not, she couldn’t react at all.

“How did she get over there?”  Jun Yao Chen roared out, “No one is allowed to fire again!”

After saying this, he turned to walk towards Luo Qing Chen with large steps.

But she didn’t seem to hear anything at all.

The snowflakes fell onto her body, onto Chu Nan Xian.  She could smell the thick begonia flower scent in the air, it felt so familiar and comfortable.

But her heart had already died.

She slightly looked down and looked at the handsome face in her embrace.  He was covered in blood and his eyes were tightly shut, not breathing at all.

He was no longer in pain and didn’t feel hurt at all.  He no longer felt the pain and despair she brought him.

This seemed quite good……

As for her, she didn’t seem to need to stay in this world any longer!

Perhaps death was not the end of life, but rather a kind of release from life……

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and picked up an arrow from the ground.  She narrowed her empty eyes that didn’t have any emotions at all.

She lifted up  the arrow and planned to pierce her heart.

But that ghost like man didn’t give her this kind of chance.

“Want to die, is it that easy?”

“Is it hard?”  She looked up slightly with bloodshot eyes.  She gave Jun Yao Chen a cold snort and said, “It’s much easier for a person to die than to live.”

Suddenly, she didn’t even know what was hatred.  Perhaps when one didn’t even want to live anymore, they couldn’t talk about hatred at all……

“Ha, ha——”  Jun Yao Chen laughed as his eyes filled with a brutal smile.  He raised the sword at his waist and stabbed out at Chu Nan Xian’s body.

Luo Qing Chen instantly raised her hand and tightly grabbed the blade.  She shouted while biting her lip, “You, don’t touch him——”

Drop after drop of blood fell onto the white snow and mixed with Chu Nan Xian’s blood.  Inch by inch, it was like a bright dark flower blooming.

‘Hong long——’  In that instant, lightning filled the sky and snowflakes wildly danced in the wind.

She tightly gritted her teeth and the flower on her forehead appeared for an instant.  It was like an extreme power was about to explode from her that would destroy the entire world.

“Xiu——”  He pulled his sword out of Chu Nan Xian and slid across Luo Qing Chen’s hand, as his lips curled into an extreme smile.

He raised the sword to sniff as he said with a smile, “Three days from now, my Crown Prince’s Eastern Palace will be welcoming General Luo’s daughter Luo Qing Chen as the crown princess.”

“In your dreams——”

“Could it be you don’t want him to have peace after death?”  Jun Yao Chen raised a brow as he looked at Chu Nan Xian whose heart had already stopped beating and said, “I can cut his body into little pieces and soak each piece in Witch King Medicinal wine, which is said to be quite pleasing!”

“You freak——”

“If you’re only learning that today, it is too late.”  He looked right into her eyes and said with a smile, “If you agree, this prince can at least let you bury him.  If you don’t, this prince will shame his corpse. How do you want to choose, what do you think is good?”

[Host, agree to him…….]

I won’t, why would I need to stay here?  I am not a saint, I have blood and flesh, I can feel pain, system……

[Host, do you remember this system mentioning soul return?  He is the pavilion head of the Evil Monarch’s court, a fleshly body, a soul, and a spirit isn’t enough to make him disappear from this world.]

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