Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 213

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Chapter 213: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 30)

Luo Qing Chen’s nose became stuffed up.  She bent over to pick up him and her tears couldn’t help falling drop by drop.

His entire life had been filled with tragedy.  After a few days of happiness and peace, he thought that she could bring him happiness.

But they never thought that it would be short peace and endless pain.

Why did a good person have to suffer so much and a cruel person get to live so freely?

This world, how could it be this unfair?

That year, King Chu’s thorne was taken by the current emperor.  Now they still weren’t satisfied and the father and son worked together to uproot the Chu Family, being filled with determination to kill them.

How could people become this despicable and shameless?

“Master——”  She tightly bit her lip and called out as she looked at the weak him in her embrace.

Chu Nan Xian’s eyes were still tightly closed and his brows were slightly knit.  His lips moved as he tried to say something, but not a single sound came out.

He, nothing could happen to him, absolutely nothing!


[The host can exchange for a Spirit Cleaning Pill.  It would at least wake him up and make it so his wounds won’t hurt that much, but it will take a while for him to heal.]  The system quickly read her mind and immediately spoke.

Good, exchange.

[Ding, 500 exchange points have been taken.  Successfully exchanged for one Spirit Cleaning Pill.]

Luo Qing Chen quickly fed the Spirit Cleaning Pill the system gave her into Chu Nan Xian’s mouth.  After a while, he slowly opened his eyes.

“Qing Qing——”  Chu Nan Xian tightly knit his brows and he was panting a bit as he tried to speak.

But when the sound hit her ears, it was as gentle as water, sounding so good.

“Un, how do you feel?”  She took a deep breath, trying to keep her emotions as stable as possible as she spoke to him.

Chu Nan Xian revealed a faint smile.  He looked at her tear filled eyes and he pursed his lips in pain as he said, “Much better, don’t worry.”

“Then that’s good.”  After that, she forced herself to put him down before slowly standing and saying, “You should be clear on the Chu Family’s rebellion matter.  I’ve married into the Chu Family for less than three months and I can’t take the words and insults from outside, I feel very tired.”

She had her back to him and tried to make herself stand as straight as possible.  She forced each and every word out of her mouth, saying it all for him to listen to.

This is because she knew that Jun Yao Chen was in a nearby corner, watching her every action.

If she couldn’t steel her heart, he definitely wouldn’t let her off.

“Whatever you want to say, just say it.”  The Spirit Cleansing Pill gradually had its effect on his body and his mind became more clear.

But his heart filled with pain like it was being pierced with a needle.

The words she had said before rang in his ears, but now it was like scattering sand that flew off on the wind.

“I, Luo Qing Chen have never done anything wrong to the Chu Family and now that the Chu Family is facing all this criticism, I can’t share this difficulty with you all.  If possible, I want to give you divorce papers!” When she heard herself say this and heard her voice, she felt incredibly disgusted.

He was this good to her, but she actually said these kinds of words to him.  He must feel that she had no heart at all!

But how could someone of flesh and blood say something this cold and indifferent?

After Chu Nan Xian gave a soft laugh.  His warm voice slowly spread just like a warm spring breeze, blowing right into her heart.

“Fool, how could I let you die with me……”

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  1. These two, can you stop sacrificing yourselves for each other, and instead work out a way to defeat your enemy? Don’t make me cry.

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