Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 31)

The moment Chu Nan Xian said those words, Luo Qing Chen felt she didn’t even have the strength to stand.

How she wished to throw herself into his embrace to die with him, but she couldn’t and she wasn’t willing.

She wasn’t willing to die with eighty affection and die at the hands of someone else.

After a while, she took a piece of paper from her sleeve and let it softly fall onto the ground.  She said in a voice as calm as water, “Then sign it!”

She didn’t know about life and death, she didn’t understand what was dying for love.  She only knew that as long as he could live properly, it would all be worth it.

Chu Nan Xian slightly pursed his lips and his eyes were filled with love as deep as water.  He picked up the divorce papers being soaked by his blood from the ground and his lips curled into a faint smile as he said, “I’ve said it, as long as you want it and I can give it, I will give it to you.”

After saying this, he raised his hand and scraped his finger along the ground, covering it with his own blood.

He was biting his lip as he looked at the words divorce paper.  His heart was twisting as he used his bloody finger to write his name.

The moment he wrote it, it was like there was no light or dream left in his world.

In that same moment, Luo Qing Chen took the divorce papers and quickly left without even looking back.

True pain wasn’t just this.  She could stand in front of him and fulfill her promises from back then, being together for all of time, never separating in life and death.

But the facts now were laughable……

When he became a prisoner, not only did she not keep her promise of staying by his side, she did all she could to break up with him.

This kind of Luo Qing Chen, what right did she have to say she loved Chu Nan Xian……

But if he lived, there was a hope of rising again.

When she walked out of the court, she didn’t cry and she wasn’t heartbroken.

She was calm as water as she stood in the snow, looking at Jun Yao Chen standing not far away.

“I’ve already given you what you wanted, you should be clear on what I want.”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes narrowed as a completely frozen expression appeared on her face.

“How bold!  You’re actually talking to his highness like this!”  The white clothed girl already couldn’t stand her, but now that she was acting this audaciously, naturally she would use this chance to teach her a lesson.

But she never thought that——

“Pa——”  There was a crisp slapping sound as that white clothed girl was sent to the ground with a trickle of blood coming out of her mouth.

Jun Yao Chen softly flew on his palm as he looked at the white clothed girl on the ground and said, “In this world, other than me, no one is allowed to teach her a lesson!  Not a single person!”

“Yes…..Yes…..Your highness……This servant knows her wrongs.”


After he said this, the white clothed girl immediately left, not daring lag for a second.  She was afraid that the next slap would be the one that took her life.

When there was only the two of them left, Jun Yao Chen narrowed his eyes and his lips curled as he said, “I don’t just want something as simple divorce papers, you understand this right, Luo Qing Chen?”

The only thing he wanted was her.  The divorce papers was just because he wasn’t willing to let any man have any relation with her.

Even if they were a dead person.

“The day Chu Nan Xian safely leaves the capital, I will let you do as you wish.”  She tightly bit her lip. She took a deep breath before narrowing her eyes to look at this terrifying man in front of her.

She would not give in and definitely wouldn’t flinch.

“Good.”  Jun Yao Chen’s lips curled into an enchanting smile.  Seeing her nation collapsing face and slightly sparkling eyes, his eyes lit up as he said, “Tomorrow, I will safely send him out of the capital city.”

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