Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 186

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Chapter 186: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 3)

So with the careful planning of the supporting male lead Chu Bei Ye, the ‘switching the bride’ plan was perfectly executed on the wedding night.

When the morning came, the rice had already been cooked.  Although King Chu was so angry that he killed all the related people, he had no choice but to accept this mistake for the sake of face.

So, the original host became Chu Nan Xian’s seventh princess consort.

And Qian Chu Yue became Chu Bei Ye’s princess consort.

If they had ended this matter here, it would have been the right mistake!

Chu Bei Ye told the original host that everything that happened was a trick by Chu Nan Xian.  He just wanted to kill her, after all, Chu Nan Xian had already killed his last six princess consorts.

The original host already liked Chu Bei Ye, so she believed him.

After that, the original host was filled with hatred towards Chu Nan Xian.  Chu Bei Ye told the original host that as long as his little brother died, he could marry her and even run away with her.

The original host made her mind.  Not only did she help Chu Bei Ye slowly poison Chu Nan Xian with his tea each night, she often coldly taunted Chu Nan Xian, looking down on him.

But even like this, Chu Nan Xian pampered her more and more.  Making a garden for her, reciting poetry for her, buying new clothes for her, and even making an entire palace for her.

After all, she was the only princess consort that didn’t ‘die’ from being with him.

Although Chu Nan Xian knew clearly why his previous six princess consorts died so quickly and why the original host didn’t die.

He also knew that the original host was Chu Bei Ye’s person.

But the original host was a kind hearted person, being made of flesh and blood.  As she spent more time with Chu Nan Xian, she felt that he wasn’t as despicable as Chu Bei Ye said he was.

Other than his body being a bit weak, he was quite a good person……

When her heart was swaying, Chu Bei Ye seized the chance of King Chu being sick to personally visit her to give her a poisoned dagger.  He wanted her to use their shared room to kill Chu Nan Xian.

Without any choice, the original believed that Chu Bei Ye would marry her in the end, she plunged the dagger down.

The sky was covered in a storm that night.  She gritted her teeth as she plunged the dagger into Chu Nan Xian, but tears fell from her eyes.

In that instant, she was filled with regret.

But Chu Bei Ye didn’t give her time to regret at all.  He charged into their palace and sent the original host to death row on the crime of being an assassin, waiting for her fall.

But he never would have thought and never calculated that Chu Nan Xian with only a breath left would still be alive.

He used his final bit of strength to save the original host and escorted her to safety.

That night, the stars were shining in the night and sparks soared into the sky from the King Chu Manor.  The original host didn’t know how Chu Nan Xian had destroyed the entire King Chu Manor alone, she only knew that the sky was filled with sparks and not a single person was left alive in the King Chu Manor.

That included the male lead Chu Nan Xian.

The original host’s heart was filled with guilt and a faint love that she had never felt for the male lead before.  On the seventh day Chu Nan Xian died, she died from the depression in her heart.

As for that, her guilt and love combined to enter the Chaos Space, allowing the original host Luo Qing Chen to appear.

Luo Qing Chen looked around and found a back yard filled with begonias, countless precious items, and beautiful red leaves.  It was so beautiful that people couldn’t look away from it.

System, the original host said that she regretted it after finishing everything!


Not worth sympathizing with at all!

[It doesn’t matter if you sympathize or not, the host just needs to finish the mission.]

Abusing this kind of supporting female lead and supporting male lead is the main mission, alright?  If it was said that there was still some saving the original host, there is no need to tolerate these two pieces of trash.  Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Tell me, what is the male lead’s affection for the original host?

[Host, it is the seventh day since you’ve married into the King Chu Manor.  The male host’s affection for the original host is now at 20%.]

Luo Qing Chen’s heart couldn’t help trembling when she heard the system tell her the affection.  He could treat the original host this well with only 20%, then wouldn’t he give her the heavens if he was at 100%?

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