Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 2)

It had to be said, after seriously taking the original host’s memories, Luo Qing Chen felt that everything was done herself, she couldn’t blame anyone.

The original host was the jewel of General Luo’s hand.  When she was young, she became lost in a valley when she was playing and was saved by the male lead Chu Nan Xian before being sent back safely.

For the years after that, the original host kept searching for the person who saved her, but found now clues.

Up until the supporting male lead Chu Bei Ye appeared.  He made the female lead mistakenly believe that the one who saved her back then was the King Chu Manor’s Bei Ye.

The supporting male lead had heard the stories from his little brother and the person in his heart, so he had some understanding.

After that, on the night of the Lantern Festival, he heard the same story.

He never thought that the other side would be General Luo’s most beloved daughter, Luo Qing Chen.

The supporting male lead Chu Bei Ye hated his little brother.  He was clearly King Chu’s eldest son, so why wasn’t he that important to King Chu.

His little brother Chu Nan Xian had been weak since he was young, deeply receiving King Chu’s love.

It was all because Chu Nan Xian’s mother was King Chu’s beloved princess consort.  Although she had been deceased for several years, it didn’t take away King Chu’s thoughts and love for her.

Chu Bei Ye was filled with hate, he hated how unfair this world was.

Therefore, not long after Chu Nan Xian was born, Chu Bei Ye and his mother who wasn’t loved worked together to poison him with a Blood Gu Insect.  They thought they could take his life, but they never thought that his mother would bring him out of King Chu’s Manor, leaving only a single note saying that she was going to look for a famous doctor.

What they never expected was that after half a month, he actually came back alive.

Chu Bei Ye and his mother didn’t dare believe it, but they had to believe it.

The Blood Gu Insect was the strongest poison in the world, but Chu Nan Xian had lived through it.

It could only be said that he was destined to live.

But Chu Bei Ye never stopped thinking about causing his death.  He instead took proper steps and thought of ways to kill him.

It was only a pity that he failed each time.

His only success was that Chu Nan Xian was that ‘natural enemy of marriage’.  When his sixth princess consort had died, King Chu had finally become unhappy with him.

After all, because of Chu Nan Xian, the King Chu Manor was regarded by the citizens like hell.  As long as a new wife came in, she would strangely die in three days.

And from the autopsies, it showed that the girls who had married in were all virgins.  There was a rumour among the citizens that Chu Nan Xian was a devil. He didn’t really marry girls, he just did it to kill them.

Of course, this was all accredited to the supporting male lead Chu Bei Ye.

He couldn’t kill Chu Nan Xian, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t kill his princess consorts.

However, when King Chu planned on finding another princess consort for Chu Nan Xian, the supporting male lead couldn’t sit still.

This was because this time King Chu wanted to marry the girl the King Chu Manor had raised Qian Chu Yue to him.

What King Chu didn’t know was that Chu Bei Ye had been the one Qian Chu Yue loved since she was young.

Chu Bei Ye naturally knew, therefore he wasn’t willing to let Qian Chu Yue marry the weak fool who had been ‘sick’ his entire life.

He didn’t allow it and wasn’t willing to accept it.

But no one dared to go against King Chu’s orders.

After deep thought, he actually thought of a plan.

He had shamelessly contacted the original host a few years ago, telling the original host that he was the one who had saved her.

The original host had not doubts after hearing the story and had completely given out her heart.

But she never thought that Chu Bei Ye was just using her.

After King Chu finished setting a date for his little brother Chu Nan Xian’s wedding, Chu Bei Ye begged King Chu to engage himself to the original host from the General Luo’s Manor, making his little brother Chu Nan Xian’s wedding even more exciting.

King Chu was overjoyed when he heard about Luo Qing Chen.  He had already wanted to be good friends with the Luo Family, only he had never found an opportunity.

This time, the timing was just right.

So Chu Bei Ye courted the original host and their wedding was quickly organized.

King Chu listened to Chu Bei Ye’s suggestion and put the wedding of his two sons on the same day.

But he never thought that Chu Bei Ye’s real goal was to ‘switch the brides’.

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