Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: Little theater side story

[Charge, charge!  Kill, quickly pull the Flowing Light and then pull the Light Blade.  Good! Very good, just like this! Charge, take Ancestral Dragon and win the game!]


[System: Is everyone satisfied with this system’s stage.  You want to know who the system likes the most in this world?  It’s definitely Great God Flashy Wind Reliant Sword, that commanding voice, how sexy!]


[Sorry, sorry!  For our next topic, this week we will interview the most powerful, most handsome great god Mu Qian Liu with the darkest black belly from the «Game God» world.  Next is the ten question and answer phase, please listen well!]

[“Great God, Great God!”]  The system excitedly shouted.


[……]  Another label could be added to the great god, aloof!

[“First question: You met on the battlefield as enemies the first time.  In the end, why did you chase her without stop and not show a single trace of mercy?”]

“Because I wanted her to remember me.  After all, an enemy leaves a greater impression than a comrade.”

[My god!]  Don’t guess the thoughts of a black bellied god, you’ll never get it right!

[“Second question: When you went into the cross server chat to ask her to make a contract with you, did the words of the onlookers make you feel awkward at all?  (After all, she was playing as a male character at the time!)”]

“Awkward?  Can I say that I would stlll love her even if she was a man in real life?”

Three dots appeared above the system’s head and it was petrified!

[“Third question: Who do you hate the most in this world?”]

“This, there’s quite a bit”

[Ah? Σヽ(?Д?;)?]

“Demonic Year Young Master, Life Written in Water, as well as that Only Love Young Master?  Oh, that’s right, there is also Xiao Chun……

[God?  Why are there so many people?]

“Because I don’t know why they keep looking for my contracted.  Can’t my contracted only needs to stay by my side and not see others?”

[Yes, yes, you are the great god, everything you say is right! (=?Д?=)]

The system couldn’t understand the heart of a black bellied person at all.  It was afraid that if it said too much, it would receive a [Thousand Flashy Scattered Blades].

[“Fourth question: Did you like how she was in the game or how she was in real life more?”]

“Of course it’s real life.  In real life I can see her, hug her, kiss her, pamper her, sleep……Ke, ke, in short I like firmly keeping her by my side, after all, she is my contracted.”


This was being forced to eat dog food without any warning.  The system: Can this segment be cancelled in the future!

[“Fifth question: Did you feel any pressure from a love rival like Demonic Year Young Master?”]

“He was a love rival?  In my eyes, he was simply an enemy, no good words to be said at all.”

[“Sixth question: Tell us something silly you’ve done before?”]

“Un……Since I knew that she played the game, I always entered the battlefield when she logged in.  It took me an entire ten days before I was queued in the same instance as her.”

[As expected, the CEO really is free!]  The system was very jealous!

[“Seventh question: What do you think is the most handsome thing you’ve done?”

“During the company tournament, when I used the [Blood Battle Art] in front of her.”

[Ah, ah, ah, this system also feels the great god was very handsome then!]

“After all, the only person in this world that can kill me is her.”

The system’s aside: #520 has passed, can you not scatter dog food?#

[“Eighth question: When do you think she was the most dazzling?”]

“She had that white set at the anniversary celebration with those dazzling little white shoes, as well as her sweet smile.”

[“Ninth question: Do you want to meet her again?”]

“I will always meet her, right?  No matter what identity it is, we will always meet.”

[Un!  The system knows!]  Parting in order to meet again.

[“Tenth question: Ke, ke, say something you want her to hear!”]

“Life will never end, eternity will never betray us.”

[The system makes a red hot announcement that the interview for the «Game God» world’s male lead Mu Qian Liu is over.]

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 4/100]

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