Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: Mu Qian Liu’s side story (Part 2)

The most pleasantly surprising thing was during that Territory Battle, when she suddenly logged off, she came back as a little cute loli.

At that time, I was stunned.  I felt in that moment that she was the most beautiful thing, as I lost myself to bliss.

I personally watched that little loli kill into ten thousand troops, sending out skills as smooth as water, without pausing at all.  I killed the enemy while paying attention to her movements, thinking about if I would have another chance to save the beauty.

She was wearing female clothes, so I could truly be the hero saving the beauty.

In the end, Demonic Year Young Master surrounded her and gave me this chance.

It had to be said, I really did enjoy this kind of absolute slaughter and the feeling of protecting her by my side was just too beautiful.

After that, we were finally meeting.

I waited for this for a long time, but god suddenly played a joke on me.

She was kidnapped!

I was very anxious and very regretful.  I was so anxious that I felt powerless and I regretted not personally going to pick her up.

If it wasn’t for my mistakes, she wouldn’t have been in danger.

But what filled me with endless surprise was that she had gone from the highway several dozen miles from here to appearing in the banquet hall.

In that moment, she was wearing a white shirt with a vibrant pair of jeans and the white canvas shoes on her feet were very dazzling.  She was like a seventeen year old girl heading around the campus for the first time.

At that time, I felt an intense beating in my heart as my blood boiled.

She revealed a faint smile and gave a somewhat shy introduction.  I watched everything and when she said the four words Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust, the entire stage exploded.

The men all looked at her with different gazes.  Worship, admiration, and even some had obsessed looks.

My heart felt very uncomfortable looking at this.  When the host wasn’t paying attention, I led her out of the banquet hall.

That was my first time holding her hand.  Her palm was warm and her fingers were a bit cold.

I only had one feeling back then, determined to never let go of those hands.

Then the only thing I could do was: Propose!

I thought over that plan for a long time.  I had to make it sweet and romantic, and it had to be creative.

When we had a real connection in the game, that was where it all started.

The master designer Ron from Paris, France combined his thoughts with the taste of «Heavenly Sword»’s outfits to create a wedding dress that was unique in this world.

During the wedding, she asked me a very interesting question.  It was about the gift being happiness candy in «Heavenly Sword».

Actually I wanted to tell her that I lived freely with my money before, just living a happy and carefree life.

The current me had her, I had to think about our life together!

Extra: #Shock!!  A CEO worth over a billion got married and in order to live a prosperous life, his wedding gift was happiness candy!#

I am very glad that I played this game.  It brought me the people I love and the most beautiful years of my life.

Although I hated that she left before me, it was still good like this.  She could peacefully lay in my arms, not need to feel the pain of leaving each other.

Everything should be shouldered by me because I promised her that I would protect her forever.

The seventh day after she left, I had a beautiful dream.

It was on a bloody smoke covered battlefield, she stood in front of me in a snow white dress, looking so dazzling.

We went hand in hand, killing in all directions.  Countless people cheered for us, but I only had you in my eyes.

And how fortunate I was, bringing you back to a beautiful city.

It was like the light in the dark, a dream I never wanted to awaken from.

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