Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 179

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Chapter 179: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 54)

The day of the wedding, «Heavenly Sword» created a special set, the [520 Romantic Confession Limited Wedding Set].

It was released in every server and although it was limited, it would be sold on May 20th, so there was no need to snatch it up.

Of course, Great God Thousand Snow and Great God Eastern Painted’s wedding set was different from the ones being bought by other people.

There was a line added to the attributes of their wedding set.

Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud’s wedding suit added: Only this thought, Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust.

And Luo Qing Chen’s wedding dress had: Only this year, Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud.

Right, this was the day the great god rewrote the game code to add it on himself!

As the CEO of the V Group, he was this capricious!

Of course, the only difference was that Luo Qing Chen had made the wedding dress specially ordered from France and the wedding dress in the game more finely designed, everything else was the same.

“Great god, your wedding trick, you’ve thought about it a long time!”  Luo Qing Chen was wearing a white wedding dress and stood beside him holding a bouquet of flowers.  She didn’t forget to add a teasing smile as she talked to him.

She really felt the great god was black bellied, he could do everything perfectly.

“Un, a long time.”  Mu Qian Liu said with a soft laugh, “Moreover, if those that buy the wedding dress set praise your beauty in the horn channel, the GMs will record it and give them a beautiful gift!”

“What?  There’s even a gift?  What is it, I want it too?”  Luo Qing Chen’s heart felt fuzzy.  Great god was so rich and overbearing, maybe he would even send cell phones and tablets!  She didn’t want to let it go, she was even willing to praise herself!

“Happiness candy.”  

Luo Qing Chen heard this and was stunned.  Only when the priest asked her the question did she finally react.

But there was still a small protest in her heart, the great god was being too stingy.

Mu Qian Liu’s heart said that now he needed money to support his family, he couldn’t casually throw money away!

Right, but it can be squandered if it had a purpose.

For example, their wedding.  From wedding dress to the setup to the restaurant, all of them were luxuriously prepared.

The price of this wedding was over a million dollars, but Great God Thousand Snow didn’t feel any heartache at all.

After all, he brought reality into the game and the game into reality.

Truth and lies, there were many things that couldn’t be separated.  But love was love in the end, he couldn’t escape and didn’t regret it at all.

This big game was finally over.

From just that one gaze in the beginning, he had already decided he would marry this girl.

She was his contracted in the game and was his wife in real life.

Everything was his.  For an eternity, never changing.

But Luo Qing Chen never thought that she would leave first in this life.  But they had been together for a life, it wasn’t long, just too short.

That morning, the system told her that she would die today.

She also had a hunch since she was most clear on her own body.

That afternoon, she laid in bed with her head of white hair and her eyes as clear as water.

He sat beside her, softly patting her hand as his eyes sparkled with tears.

“Qing Qing, sleep if you’re tired.”  He stroked her head lovingly just like in the past as he spoke in a gentle voice.  Only, his hand was now covered in wrinkles.

Although it wasn’t as passionate as when they were young, there was still an indescribable warmth to it.

She gave a slight now before her lips curled and she said, “Contracter great god, play a Light Blade for me to see again!”

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