Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 180

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Chapter 180 Game god’s explosive agreement (End)

He was a bit surprised before giving a nod.  He brought a computer that wasn’t far away over and turned on the game whose servers had closed for many years now.

In this world, there was only this computer left that could enter this game.

He was a bit clumsy as he logged into the game and when he saw the name Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud, his fingers trembled.

He was wearing a large red elk coat set as he walked by the Beginner Village while killing pheasants.  Each time he killed a pheasant, there was a look of joy that appeared on his face.

She leaned against his leg and watched the computer while smiling like a child.

His movements were not smooth and his skills were not sharp.  Even when killing the pheasants, he was a bit slow.

But without knowing why, when she was this world, she smiled while her eyes filled with tears.

The memories played in her head like a movie.  Their first meeting, the first time he fell out of the sky, their first wipe on the battlefield, their first time saving each other.

Everything was deeply imprinted in her mind, never being forgotten.

“My contracted, I’ve killed so many pheasants!”  He looked up with a smile, but his body trembled as his smile froze on his face.

She had already peacefully closed her eyes with a faint smile on her lips.  There were a pair of hands softly holding his wrists, making her look like she was asleep.

His old hands trembled as they moved to her neck and he wildly hugged her.

The notebook beside him fell to the ground with a ‘gedeng’ sound and tiny bits of it fell out.

In that instant, he cried.  He knew that people would become old and they would separate one day.

But the moment he saw her leave, he still broke out in tears, crying like a weak little child.

He used all his strength to hold her as he continued to tremble.  He felt that this life had passed too quickly, so short that there were many things he still wanted to say to her, many things he still wanted to do with her, but she had left a step earlier than him.

Why, why couldn’t they be together forever?

Luo Qing Chen already couldn’t hear clearly and her eyelids became heavier, but before her eyes turned completely dark, the system gave her a final notification.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 100%.]

After being married for so many years, she had never received this 10% and she had been unwilling the entire time.

He clearly loved her, pampered her, spoiled her.

She even felt that he treated her like a little doll that needed to be protected.

But even like this, the system’s notification had never sounded.

One day, she finally couldn’t take it anymore and angrily ran off to ask if he didn’t fully love her.

She never thought that he would actually reply without any hesitation: Yes.

She asked him why.

He said that he told himself that he could never give her all his love because that way he wouldn’t have anymore love to give her.  He hoped that for their entire life, every day, every hour, every minute, every second, he would be able to continue giving his love to her.

Never overflowing, never stopping.

Of course, she broke out in tears.

She never thought that she could receive this kind of love.  She never thought that there would be a man who would carefully give her love as deep as an ocean to her.

As it turned out, being with a black belly god was actually this good.

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