Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 13)

[Nearby] Demonic Year Young Master: Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust, don’t say that I was bullying you.  How about I send up one team after another?

[Nearby] Different Firework: Damn!  Demonic Year Young Master, are you shameless?  Using a team to fight a single person, how is that not bullying?

[Nearby] Demonic Year Young Master: You’re looking to be beaten, right!

[Nearby] Lamb Lamb Lamb: Ai!  Shameless and not letting people speak?

After that, Lamb Lamb Lamb immediately opened his wings to fly in the sky, not letting Demonic Year Young Master hit him.


After a while, there were people watching all around the Imperial Capital.  Luo Qing Chen’s fingers moved slightly and typed out a line of words on her keyboard.

[Nearby] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Come together.

[Nearby] Different Firework: Damn, Great God Eastern Painted is too handsome!

[World] Prosperous Bet | Banker: Imperial Capital Annual Show: Demonic Year Young Master vs Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust, quickly place your bet and leave no regrets!

[World] Star in the Night: Ha, ha!  If Demonic Year Young Master were to lose, he should change his name to Young Master Shameless!

[World] Candy Consort: I put ten thousand Cloud Coins on Demonic Year Young Master losing!  Cheering for Great God Eastern Painted!

[World] Lemon Heart: @Candy Consort, just wait to lose!  I support Young Master, I put down fifty thousand Cloud Coins!

[World] Normally Love Dreaming: This Lemon Heart should be Young Master’s smurf!

[World] Candy Consort: Ha, ha, perhaps it’s another one of his sweethearts!

[World] Lemon Heart: Fuck you!

[Nearby] Demonic Year Young Master: Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust, don’t regret this!

Once his voice fell, Demonic Year Young Master charged out.  After using some buff consumables, he used a Three Star Unparalleled [Thousand Autumn Frost Moon Lock] on Luo Qing Chen to firmly lock her in place.

He just saw that less than half a second later, she used a [Soul Mirror] on their team’s Nurse, who had just changed her name to Only Love Young Master.

With a single [Soul Guidance] and three [Soul Beads] hitting her, she instantly lost all her HP.

At this time, Ye Qing Mo who had been healing Luo Qing Chen appeared beside Only Love Young Master.  She raised her hand to cast a [Spirit Ape Howling Empty Mountain] and sent this skill right at Only Love Young Master’s face!

After that, Luo Qing Chen used a [Soul Ban]  to lock the other Nurse in place. She also took out a Rage Pill from her bag, as her Three Star Unparalleled CD came off, so she prepared to cast her big spell.

But she never thought that the moment she charged forward, Demonic Year Young Master would cast a [Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall] right where the Nurse was.

She bit her lip in front of the computer.  She tapped four skills in a single instant to first kill the nurse before casting [Invincible Nirvana].

The moment Demonic Year Young Master’s big move, [Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall] fell down, she was healed back to full.

This scene, how familiar it was!

[Nearby] Normally Love Dreaming: Damn!  Life Written in Water is about to die!

Luo Qing Chen saw this and realized that Ye Qing Mo was surrounded by three DPS!

She turned into her light form and cast a light attributed big move [Cleansing Light Thought] on Life Written in Water, instantly filling Ye Qing Mo’s HP to full.

But because she needed to stay still while in light form, an enemy’s Light Blade charged forward and landed a [Thousand Flashy Scattered Blades] on her.

Luo Qing Chen was instantly left with a third of her HP.  Demonic Year Young Master swallowed a Rage Pill and cast his big move at where Luo Qing Chen was standing.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Qing Chen released her [Void Flow] to change positions with an enemy magician!

But although she dodged this big move, she was now in the center of the enemy formation.

When her hands were planning to leave the keyboard, a white figure dropped out of the sky.  They abruptly fell down with their wings and fell right beside her!

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