Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 14)

In an instant, Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud activated [Rage] without any hesitation and used a [Thousand Flashy Scattered Blades] with almost no HP.  All the people around them fell to the ground, including several hares in the game!

[Nearby] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Heal me properly.

In that instant, it was like time in Luo Qing Chen’s world had been frozen.

System, system, I was playing so much that I forgot to ask, the male lead…..oh, no, the bystander’s affection for the female lead, how much is it?  Is it zero?

[The original host was 20%.]

Damn, where did this 20% come from?

[Does the host not understand why the status board gave both online and offline names?]

How would I know if you don’t say anything!  But…..Mu Qian Liu? Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud?

[The host will know when you go to work tomorrow!  Host, please pay attention to the system’s information panels, alright?]

I remember, the Mu Qian Liu in the original host’s memories was the boss of the V Group!  Which means that! Damn, they…..they know each other in real life?

[There was a time the original host was working overtime in the company and it was time for the weekend territory battle, so she opened the game.  She never thought that she would be seen by Mu Qian Liu! He recognized the original host’s ID and that’s how the 20% affection came to be.]

Truly powerful!  No wonder I didn’t know about it.  This is something even the original host didn’t know about, how could I know!?

[Dumb host!  Not only the bystander Mu Qian Liu, even the supporting female lead and the supporting male lead work at the V Group.]

WTF, really!  But there is a problem, since Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud knew about the original host’s matter, why didn’t he appear when original host was forced into a corner?

[So he was a bystander because he didn’t play the game before that.]

Luo Qing Chen suddenly nodded like she understood something before she turned back to the game screen.

It had to be said, once Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud appeared, the entire Imperial Capital began to boil.  This was «Like Summer Flowers» server’s most watched high level matchup!

After all, the previous host who had been in a casual guild never participated in any fights!

[Nearby] Several Young Girls: Ah, ah, ah——Great God Thousand Snow!

[Nearby] I Am Death God: There’s a good play to watch next!

[Nearby] Lemon Heart: Damn!  He, he, still bringing a helper?

[Nearby] Lamb Lamb Lamb: @Lemon Heart, you’re saying the nine people Demonic Year Young Master brought with him aren’t people?


[World] Prosperous Bet | Banker: The people who made bets come and take your money back!  I’m not being a banker anymore!

[World] Candy Consort @Prosperous Bet | Banker, how could you do this!

[World] Prosperous Bet | Banker: I am at the Billowing Bridge!  If you want your money back, come quickly, otherwise I’m logging off!

[World] Different Firework: He’s afraid of going broke!

After Luo Qing Chen stood there in a daze for three full seconds, she shook herself back to her senses.  She immediately changed to her light form to heal up Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud! Then she released a [Soul Ban] to lock up Demonic Year Young Master.

Then Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud used a normal skill [Clear Sky Cut] to slash at the stunned Demonic Year Young Master.

[Nearby] Sure Death King: Demonic Year Young Master has been stunned by Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust, but Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud isn’t releasing a Three Star Unparalleled Skill.  Instead he’s using normal skills to hit him, what a joke!

[Nearby] Different Firework: Don’t say that, Great God Thousand Snow’s normal skills still hurt a lot!

A normal Light Blade’s normal skill only dealt around a hundred damage, but Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud’s small skill dealt over a thousand damage.

[Nearby] Demonic Year Young Master: Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud, what is the meaning of this?

After that, when the stun ran out on Demonic Year Young Master, Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud released a big move to instantly kill him.

[Nearby] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Just this meaning.

Luo Qing Chen’s expression instantly became stunned at how handsome Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud was, alright?

Surrounded by corpses, there were only the two of them standing there.  Both of them were dressed in white martial clothing, looking incredibly handsome!

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