Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

“…” Couching at the edge of the village square, I stared at the stones on the ground with a lifeless expression as I start to have doubts about my life.

Putting aside the matter of [me scoring first place in the examination], what makes me feel tormented was the fact that I caught the incurable [lolicon cancer].

In the midst of my torment, I gazed into the distance from afar, and noticed Dairo and the squirrel preparing for the next round of examination.

My heart can’t take it anymore!

I… I want to embrace her into my arms, and pat her all over! She must be extra soft to touch, and her voice must be immensely adorable as well!

Ah… This is not good… My drool is flowing out.

However, I’m not alone in this, there are about a dozen people like me. We gathered together at a place about ten metres away, and with sinister grins we watched the adorable squirrel girl in a daze. Different from me, they have already received [electrotherapy], and yet they could not recover from the nasty illness.

The biological weapon named as Kaiser is too fearsome! Her destructive power is too strong! If we are left unattended, we will probably embark on the road of crime!

Quickly! Sieze the chance while we can still suppress the demonic desire in our hearts. Hurry, seal us all away now!

“Phew!” At a distance away, Kaiser wiped away her sweats with her arm. With a smile of slight satisfaction, she surveyed the apparatus that was erected before her.

”Ouwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” All of a sudden, a patient that already in the terminal stage of the illness dashed towards Kaiser in an all-out sprint from beside me. With a huge leap, he reached Kaiser’s side, and caught the sweat beads that almost fell to the ground with his cupped hands.

Afterwards, with an expression full of happiness, he raised his hands to his face and took a deep breath. Then, a dazed and stupid expression appeared on his face.

He’s the one! He will definitely commit crime in the future! Faster! Hurry up, bring the exorcist to cleanse the demons that are us! If you take too long, we might turn into something like him!

This is wrong, this is wrong… Famu… calm yourself a little!

I shut my eyes, and entered a state of peacefulness that was as still as water by persuading myself.

Try your best to remember! The loyalty that you have for your beloved potatoes! Are you going to give up your love for the Potato Goddess just for the sake of a mere mortal?

You scumbag! Try to remember the love and attention the Potato Goddess gave to you! Without her, can you survive until today? Are you really going to be ungrateful to her?

Are you misunderstanding something? Oh, Famu! You must have misunderstood!

You are not a lolicon, you just like [petite things] that’s all.

Furthermore, the reason you like [petite things] is because of your passion for potatoes right?! Because potatoes are petite, and can be hugged in arms, that’s why you like [petite things] right?

In other words, because you like potatoes, it causes you to like [petite things] indirectly as well, and so you became a lolicon right?

That must be how the order of sequence is supposed to be!

Ah, that explains it! The reason I’m a lolicon is because I like potatoes! In other words, being a [lolicon] equates to being a [potatocon]!

That’s right! It certainly must be the case!

Enlightened in a flash, I stood up; amid the envious views from those around me, I cured myself of the incurable illness and left the area desperately in need of being quarantined.

As expected, I have not change. As expected, I still like potatoes. Needless to say, potatoes are much more likeable compared to Kaiser.

You have lost, Kaiser! Go home and train on your cuteness level for few years more before you come out and embarrass yourself. Tch…

”Xiao ge, what are you planning to do again ya~” Right at this moment, the [detachable component] that was sitting on my shoulders – Rei the kitten asked me, while she rest on my head, half-bored to death.

Even though her breasts are pressed against my head, I only felt pain at the pressed spot instead. It even caused me to have a suspicion. Is this person really a female?

With a personality of a pervert, coupled with a body with no appeal at all, these two reasons are more than enough for me to have doubt about her gender.

Don’t tell me… Rei, is your gender unidentifiable as well, similar to what Dairo is? Is it possible that your name [Rei] is actually [Lei]?!

However, the back of my neck did not feel any sort of bulging, so let’s take it as she is a female,  for the time being.

No. Rather, if she is not a female, then it is truly too horrifying!

Following Di Yana’s footsteps, will the next person that turn gay be me?

No! My heart must be firm with my love for potatoes!

“Now then, it’s about time to begin the next round of the examination.” At a short distance away, Lambert  clapped his metal armoured palms, and announced.

Shit… I need to keep a look out on the [army of criminal reserves], I can’t allow them to hurt even a hair of Kaiser!

”This time, the test is still about [magic affinity]. However, it will be the part about [releasing]. After finishing his sentence, Lambert points to a simple table beside him. On top of the table was the apparatus that had been set up by Kaiser and Dairo.

To put it simply, the apparatus is just a composite item stuck together with a tube and some metal sheets. Two tiny tube openings protruded out of the outermost section of the apparatus.

… is it a machine? This is rare, and here I thought no one other than the [southern industrial empire] uses them.

“As all of you know, in order to use magic, one’s mana reserves is an essential factor. In a rare occasion, Lambert spoke to us about normal matters, and all of us listened attentively to him below the podium. “Actually, the release and receiving of mana is the same as breathing air. So, in order to accurately measure the mana reserves of you guys, the nostrils is the most suitable spot to do it.Hence, what you guys will do next, is to use your nostrils to blow air into this machine.”

Apologies, I take back what I just said.

Lambert, you definitely have some issue with your brain! Even if this method is not invented by you, the fault of implementation still lies with you…


Suddenly, a chill intention was emitted from behind me, however, there was no abnormality when I turned back out of concern.

However, it was strange.

That feeling of irregularity a while ago…

[White Magic Clan] is a race that is the most sensitive towards magic. And the feeling a while ago… must be…

“… This is quite strange.” Even Rei, a mixed blood of the [White Magic Clan] has sensed the tiny bit of abnormality. She hopped down from my shoulders and became alert of her surroundings.  

“I’m going to take a look of the surroundings… Don’t tell anyone about this first.”  Rei that rarely entered a serious mode, cautioned me. Then, with quick steps, she left the square with haste.

Somehow, I have a hunch… of an ominous vibe though…

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