Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 19

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Chapter 19




In the midst of the sorrowful howls, the land around me became a place equivalent to hell.

Dozens of people had fallen down from overwhelming pain, their bodies still twitching.

Their eyes had long lost its brilliance, and from the corner of their spasming mouth, the last drop of bodily fluid trickle down. Even the act of opening their eyes, will feel excruciatingly painful to them, who had their souls squeezed out.


To be honest, perhaps the despair and suffering that is now oozing out from this area had already surpassed hell by ten thousand times over.

The people that are squirming like worms on the floor are all the participants of the examination.

No no no… honestly aren’t you guys exaggerating too much? This is just a test in running… why are you guys looking like you are dying from suffocation?

As expected, you guys lacked training. Just merely running a dozen laps and you guys are tired?

Pitiful… How pitiful.

Like I say, youngsters nowadays hardly know hardships. They don’t have an ounce of perseverance at all, giving up so easily.

Sigh… looks like the burden of humanity future lies upon me now. The job of spreading faith of the god of potatoes across the archipelago can only be accomplish by me huh.

Hugging my knees and sitting at the middle of the square, my face showed a confident smirk. I, who had dropped out at the beginning, is now the first to regain back stamina.

This is also the source of my confidence, and the reason why I could look at the people around me with total contempt. After all, the me right now is the only one who have stamina, and I have the confidence to defeat everyone of them.

Sigh… what is this sense of loneliness from asking for one’s defeat? Who can understand me?

“You only ran 30 metres, what’s with the look bursting with confidence that you have, xiao ge?” Rei burned me as she came bouncing to my side.

Say, what are you doing coming to my side whenever you are bored and have nothing to do?

“30 metres is just a number, there is no meaning to it. The important thing is that I conquered my past self, and is elevated to…”

“Okay~ Okay~ Stop your talking. Xiao ge, I have completely seen the extent of your uselessness. It was my fault for having even the slightest bit of fantasy towards you after you defeated Lambert a while ago.

Rei jumped up on my shoulders, her legs surrounded my neck, and drew circles on the top of my head with her small and tender hands. “As expected, you used [Mana Release]~”


As both of us are [White Magic Clan], I had nothing to hide. For [White Magic Clan],  beside the characteristic of [consume mana], we have an active skill that utilize [consume mana] as well.

And that is [Mana Release].

For instance, if a person from [White Magic Clan] is a “reservoir”, then [consume mana] will be a method that absorbs chaotic mana from the surrounding “streams”. As for the mana stored, it can definitely be unleash as well, and that is also known as [Mana Release].

Mana is the most basic form of power. Cowling one’s body with mana is the best way to strengthen oneself.

At that time, I had indeed cowl my body with all the mana that I had stored for years. Only then did I obtain that kind of power that surpassed limits and defeat Lambert.

“But then… Xiao ge, how did you manage to store so much mana? I had stayed at Demon continent for so long, and yet I could not absorb mana until that extent… Ah… I know now… sorry. She shut her mouth after suddenly realizing some things.

This girl… is still so sensitive huh.

Obviously, even if someone from [White Magic Clan] was to consume all the mana from the surrounding, the amount of mana flowing in the air is minuscule.

It was as what Rei said. Commonly speaking, it is impossible for someone from the [White Magic Clan] to absorb mana to the kind of extent like me, even if they were in the Demon continent. Although the air in the Demon continent contain several times the amount of mana compared to ordinary air, and that amount is poisonous to ordinary human, relatively speaking, it is just a drop in the bucket to the [White Magic Clan].

After all, it is still too little even if you double 0.000001 by several times.

However, this seemingly tiny difference of mana meant poison to ordinary human.

Hence, the white magic clan that lived in the demon continent will not become stronger by themselves usually.

But, I’m not the [usual] kind.

Isn’t this the time when I can say with some sense of pride and say: “I am the one and only unique existence, how can weaklings such as you guys match my past?”


… No laughter is coming out.

Besides, this is not something worth happy about.

To be drugged… ever since a young age.

Forget it, let’s stop thinking about this.

The first round of the examination is almost ending soon. Among the 74 participants, only one remains, as he continues running on the dirt road between the fields.

I must say, the situation at hand managed to surprise me a little.

The last participant that remains is none other than Wu De, the one that endlessly threw stones at me.

Although I’m not exactly sure how many laps he had run, but ever since I have started to count, he had already ran 46 laps.

Even though Wu De showed a somewhat tired expression, the overall impression that he was giving out was as if he did not feel any sort of discomfort at all. In fact, one can even say that he was just about to end his warmup.

“Jie… Jie…” Wu De maintained his speed as he continue the motion with a systematic panting breath. Despite all this, he is still only capable of producing the one same word.

By now, only Lambert is left overseeing Wu De’s test. Both Kaiser and Dairo had already sat down to rest. Notably Kaiser, she is really exhausted. Similar to a squirrel clasping its furry tail to sleep, Kaiser removed her wizard hat, and embraced it into her arms while she leaned on Dairo’s shoulder to rest her eyes. Her smooth light purple hair flowed with the wind in the air.

Coupled with the beautiful Dairo beside her, a famous art that could be praised for thousands of years might probably be drawn if a famed artist happen to chance upon the scene.

Sadly, something odd and incompatible with this scenery was beside the exquisite piece of art, and that is Di Yana, who was looking at her brother excitedly while her body trembled and mouth watered with saliva.

Wah… bro-con sure are scary. It’s time for me to call the cops.

Incidentally, Di Yana had ran for about 6 to 7 laps, and was rated a [C rank].

Wasn’t her running speed quite fast whenever she pursued after me… but now, you are telling me this kind of standard is her very best?

This is unconscionable.

“Young man over there, you can cease now, there isn’t a reason anymore to continue the run.” Not sure if Lambert was getting annoyed, he shouted at the running Wu De all of a sudden and said: “After all, you are the only one that remains, you are definitely getting first place.”

“Jie…” Wu De nodded his head and stopped his half-lifted foot. After buffering a few steps, he stopped right beside Lambert.

“Hmm… are you called Wu De? A promising young man, I’m looking forward to your performance!” A somewhat joyful voice sounded from Lambert’s bucket helmet as he showed his raised thumb to Wu De.

Wait a minute? How come you are able to correctly call Wu De’s name while you kept calling my name wrongly?

If we compare [Famu] and [Wu De] together, it is obvious that there are more strokes in his name right? And even if you can’t pronounce it correctly, how did you manage to call my name [Folande]? [TL’s notes: In chinese, it takes more strokes to write Wu De than Famu.

I get it. This is racism right? This is an indirect case of racism right?

Shitty human. Are you looking down on the [White Magic Clan]?

“Well then, the first round of the examination is finally over. The second round of examination will be about [Magic].” After writing down some strokes on his list and giving Wu De a [S Rank], Lambert turned towards us and started to host again. “This round of examination will be split into two parts. One will be [endure], the other will be [release].”

During the explanation by Lambert, Dairo woke the sleeping Kaiser by shaking her.

Kaiser got a shock and almost jumped up from the shaking. After surveying her surrounding, she finally realized that it was her turn to appear on the podium. Thus, she hurriedly wore her wizard hat and cheered herself on before walking towards the direction of Lambert while holding on to her staff.

However, she probably was not fully awake as she tripped herself and fell to the ground immediately. On the ground, her cheeks were reddened and she bit her lips shyly while tears were forming in the corner of her eyes.

This set of actions turned all the lolicons in the village to be depraved beyond the point of no return.

Shit… How can this squirrel be so cute?

She is really the second cutest thing in the world. Of course the first place still belongs to potato.

“Cough… Cough… She is the mage of our team, the team that was called [Demonic sword of Fallen Abyss. Dangerous Thunder Warrior. Impact that shattered Heaven and Earth]! She will be the one responsible for conducting the next test.”  Lambert dry coughed to alleviate the situation for Kaiser that had tripped.

I have to acknowledge, the distraction was a great success. All the people began to ponder about the creepy team name with an expression on their faces that said: “Is he a retard?”

Using this time, Kaiser lifted herself up from the ground and ran to Lambert’s side with small steps.

What a noble sacrifice that you have done! Hermit crab, your position in my heart has been elevated by a little. At least your position is now slightly higher than a real hermit crab.

“Now then, we will start the test for [enduring] first. The method is simple as well.”

Lambert faced Kaiser whose height was only at half the length of his body and nodded his head. After confirming with Kaiser that the preparation were finished, he continued. “Our mage will use the lowest level of magic – electric shock on you guys without any break. The power of the magic will increase a little at a time and we will stop until you guys can no longer endure. The score will depend on the time endured, the longer the time, the higher the score.”

Oh! Oh! Got it. Using the magic – electric shock to zap people! I. Can. Fully. Understand. This. Normal. Method. Of. Doing. Things~


This is probably the only way to conduct the test right? There isn’t any other way the test can be conducted right?



Are you fucking kidding me! Are you serious?

I couldn’t see any sort of expression from that bucket-head. However, I could clearly feel the aura that he is emitting that says: “It is only natural for things to be this way.”

This person… there’s a brain in his head right?

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