Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

What exactly does a single step of an ordinary human signifies?

I discovered the secret hidden deep within after carefully thinking it through.

Human, no matter what our races were, have always moved endlessly forward from the beginning of our birth. No matter what methods were used; no matter what mood we were feeling, we always have to keep moving forward.

Even if we are feeling feeble from head to toe, and all four of our limbs are cramping. The old man whose name is time will always push us from behind our backs, to continue the way forward, a step at a time…

At times, we who have ambitions are unwilling to resign ourselves in moving at a slow speed and want to challenge ourselves. Thus, we lift our legs higher, spend several times more efforts, and begin advancing forward with a type of method that surpasses [Walking].

And that is – [Sprinting]!

But regardless how much distance was ran, we deserve to be proud of it as that was the result of our efforts. Even if we ran slower and lesser than the others, we still did advanced forward by a big step!

This is a form of prove which witnessed the challenge of oneself.  This is a struggle for refusing to accept what reality presented to us. This is a mark to indicate that we have surpassed our past selves.

That’s right! In other words, the conclusion is!

Regardless of the distance you have ran, and regardless of the time you were running. As long as you have tried your best, then no one have the rights to mock your ability.

I, challenged myself, and have won against myself.

I am worthy of respect!

Hmph… As I expected huh…

Alas, I stopped my running steps.

Panting heavily with a bright red neck, sweats from my forehead dripped down with a fast rhythm onto the road between the fields.  The small area of stains evaporated rapidly by the scorching earth.

My vision began to blur. My legs that had ran out of strength were no longer able to support my feeble body. Right at the last moment before I was about to fall to the ground, I placed my hands on my knees to prop myself up.

With a corner of mouth raised, my vision turned towards the direction of the starting point that was behind me. And what I saw, was a distance that was out-of-reach from me.

Ah… I have indeed, broke through my limits.

Holding on to the sense of pride that I have for my own ability, my link between my consciousness and body became weaker and weaker. Without much resistance, I allowed gravity to defeat me. That is because I know that, even if I fell to the ground, I am still a great person that is able to support both heaven and earth; a person that should be proud of himself.


In the instant I fell down, my whole world was wrapped by a sheet of pure whiteness.

In the snowy white world, a beam of divine and pure white radiance shone onto the top of my head. From within a crowd that consisted a few hundreds potatoes spreading their eight-winged wings, a pure and holy archangel appeared right before my eyes.

She conversed with me using her lovely voice. Although her holy white radiance blocked my view of her face, my convicted faith however, tells me that she is… the divine goddess of potatoes.

Aah Ah… Are you finally here to take me away?

Is that so… Can I finally be exalted from this world, and enter potatoes heaven?

My life is… really quite short.

I laid down on the ground with a smile on my face, there was no traces of worry within my shut eyes.

“Listen here~ xiao ge… You only ran for 30 metres, and you are done?” The voice that interrupted my sweet dream was from Rei who I have originally mistaken as the lovely voice of the goddess of potatoes.

Look here, isn’t there any understanding and tolerance left anymore between human relationships? By exposing me so bluntly, you are literally forcing me to bash my head against the potatoes to commit suicide.

Shit… But no matter what happens, I need to protect and reserve my pride.

“My thirty metres… is a giant leap for mankind…”

“Human that can only run for thirty metres is practically one that has devolved for a few thousand billions years yah~” Rei couched down beside me, and rustled my head with her soft palms. Furthermore, she showed no quarter in retorting me, and not giving me a leeway.

That’s enough… Just let me bury myself into the ground and become a potato.

“Are you really not able to do it? If not, I will record [one-tenth of a lap] as your score yo? From the looks of the others… you will probably be the last place yo?” Rei surveyed the surrounding and confirmed with me, who had turned jelly like mashed potatoes.

“Didn’t you mention that you can tell if we have tried our best?” I said lifelessly, with my face buried into the ground.

“Granted, what you said is right, but… You have only ran for 30 metres, but you have an expression on your face that says: [I’m really about to die, someone grant me relief from all this! God of potatoes? Is my lord here to take me away?] Seeing an expression like yours have made me unsure about myself now.” Rei let out a sigh, she looked at me with her blade-liked eyes that were filled with concern for disabled people.

Isn’t your ability to read people’s inner thoughts too overpowered? What you said was basically the same as what I was thinking a while ago. This has crossed into the territory of [mind reading] hasn’t it?

How scary… Doesn’t this basically means that from now on, I can no longer fantasize about doing some shameful and explicit things with potatoes when I’m in front of Rei?

Maybe it’s even possible that whenever I starts to fantasize in the future, Rei’s eyes will turn sharp, and Di Yana will appear from nowhere and send me on my journey to see the grim reaper after giving me a slap.

I trembled.

“Never mind, let’s just record [one-tenth of a lap] as the score for you, xiao ge~” After Rei finished her sentence, she scribbled down some words on her name list, and then she sat on my back overbearingly. With no intention to leave, she said. “I shall rest for awhile as well~”

Although there were waves of tender and warm feelings transmitting her light weight to me, however, to me that had already depleted all my strength, her weight was practically transmitting immense pressure from the 5-fingered mountain.  

“Look here… If you waste time hanging out with me here… what will the other person do about the recording work…” I asked as I squeezed out my feeble voice. However, Rei answered me confidently. “There’s no problem, Kaiser-chan is still continuing to record there, mondai nai~” At the same time she finished her sentence, she fondled my chest as I couldn’t resist her anymore.

I have never seen such a shameless person before, furthermore, that sentence from before, had baffling became a pun with double meaning. Spare me my chest you pervert… (TL’s note: Mondai nai is japanese word for no problem. It sound like cute and big breasts in chinese, hence the pun)

For the time being to verify her words, I shifted my line of sights to the position where Kaiser was supposedly recording at the back.  

As one could see, that petite girl was trembling all over her body. Some droplets of tears had flowed down from her big and charming eyes as well. While tightly biting her lips, she swiftly lifted up and lowered down her head to record with all her might, the unending flow of the crowd that was in front of her.

“oumi?!” Suddenly, Kaiser let out a cute but sad cry and increased the speed of her hands. But from the looks of it, it seemed that she missed out the count for a few people.

That flustered action is exactly the same as a squirrel heading out, searching for acorns before winter.

How heartbreaking! Rei, do you even have a heart!

Do you really have the heart to make this small animal-liked girl do this kind of high-pressured assembly work? Hurry and help her!

As if she could read the thoughts in my mind, Rei stood up from my body after making a “hei xiu” sound, patted her plain butt that was similar to her breasts, and smiled. “Well then~ try and do your best for the remaining tests Fola xiao ge~ I’ll be going back. Don’t block the traffic here as well k~”

As soon as she finished her words, she kicked me away from the road that was used as the running track with her leg, and eagerly jumped back to squirrel’s side.

Rei, you have changed…

As expected, did you become violent as well after hanging out with Di Yana? You were clearly a kind pervert from the beginning… now you have completely changed into a violet pervert.

Sniff. Sniff.

However, before I closed my eyes completely in despair, I saw the action where Di Yana’s finger twitched. The chastity of Kaiser’s breasts has been lost once again.

Rei is still the same Rei. She have never changed.

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