Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

After approximately a few minutes passed since I have received the emblem that indicated my number, the final preparation for the [Examination] was completed. On the podium, Lambert and Rei could be seen exchanging a few sentences of dialogue, and from the looks of it, they were discussing about something.

At the end of the conversation, Lambert was hit. Furthermore, the hit was merciless, and I couldn’t help myself but to praise the hit.

After receiving the strike from Rei, the hermit crab’s metal bucket helmet produced a sharp screech as it started to vibrate crazily similar to an ancient grandfather clock.

What have you said, hermit crab? Have you finally revealed your declaration as a neet and saying that you wish to go home like me?

Although I have no idea what Lambert had said, but judging from Rei’s lips pattern, her last sentence as she walked down the podium seemed to be “Are you an idiot?”

The prestige of this S rank adventurer squad leader is really as outstanding as his intelligence.

“Alright~ To everyone here that have breasts… Ah…no. To the youths here that are bearing ambitions yo, the first part of the examination will begin now. This part is also known as the endurance test.”

You just mentioned breasts right? You definitely mentioned breasts a while ago right? Is it possible that to you, the purpose of this [Examination] is solely to satisfy your desires, just a tool to utilize to search for the perfect set of breasts for you?

How terrifying… I have already lost all hopes on you guys.

I have always known there isn’t a normal person from within your group. Let Dairo that is standing at the side to host the examination quickly. To be fair, out of your group, I only trust him/her.

“As mentioned by that retarded leader, endurance is very important.” Cutting across from the middle of the squeezing crowd in the village square, Rei praised and insulted her leader within the same sentence. “Whenever you encounter demonic creatures in the demon continent, most of the time you are only able to wait for your own death if you do not have the endurance to fight long-drawn battles. For instance, like the time our leader taunted the [Land Sharks Clan], we were getting pursued after for one whole week!”

Did it start again? The Lambert’s show where he keeps doing stupid actions that lead him to death.

“[Land Shark Clan] huh…” Villagers who are slightly knowledgeable started their softly yet noisy discussions upon hearing the name.

Even a person like me have heard about the existence of the [Land Shark Clan]. Simply put, they are mega gigantic sharks. Except they swim around in the land. A type of shark that exposed their fins from beneath the earth cracks.

If one was to say that the overlord that commands all the different clans in the demon continent is the [Demon king]; the overlord of the sky in demon continent is the [Dragon clan], then the [Land Shark Clan] will be the overlord of the lands in the demon continent.

They are different from the arrogant [Dragon Clan]. [Land Shark Clan] are savages in nature, and will never allow any enemy of theirs to escape. Regardless how weak their opponent is, once their fury was incurred, it is for the best to be prepared mentally to be pursued to the ends of the world.

In other words, this means…

Even after challenging the [Dragon Clan] and the [Land Shark Clan], the fact that this squad was able to survive is more than enough prove of their strength. The [S Rank] label is indeed not just for decoration.

However, why did that hermit crab get so badly beaten up by me?

I don’t understand. I’m just merely an ordinary villager…

“Now that I think about it, I’m still feeling scared even now… One entire week without any opportunity to massage Kaiser’s breasts… What horror.” Rei sighed, and continued walking forward, not minding the slightest about the questioning sights aimed at her from the others.

Hey! You damn pervert, is that where your focus should be? Return me my newly formed respect that I have for you guys. As expected, aren’t the S rank adventurer squad really just a bunch of S rank criminals?

“So, in conclusion, the main action while in the demon continent, is to run, ok~” With light footsteps, Rei jumped onto the dirt road beside the field and showed us a smile that was mixed with self mocking and resignation. With a shrug, she smiled and said. “So, the first item of  the examination will be to run around this square. Until you run out of strength, you mustn’t stop ok~ I can tell if you all have tried your best ok?”

Instantly, a devil-liked grin appeared. From within the long sleeves of her black leather clothes, a hidden blade was drawn by Rei. That glittering cold shimmer frosted our sluggish thinking just a second before in an instant.

People might really die from this…

What kind of spartan examination is this? Is there really no problem? Can’t stop until you are fully exhausted?

Right now, Rei is literally behaving like a black-hearted boss of a sweatshop factory. She won’t let it rest until she have completely squeezed everything out of her employees.

Ah, I’ve got it… you are just certain that the exhausted us will not have the stamina to be able to defend ourselves against your breasts grabbing, hence the reason for us to fully deplete our stamina right?

Such cunning calculations… This girl.

“The first place will be awarded with [S rank] rating. The next nine will be [A rank], the twenty people after that will be [B rank], and the remaining people will be [C rank]. After three exams are completed, we will then give out an overall rating. However, these ratings are only applicable to the [Examination], and will have no relation to the actual [Adventurer ranking]. After the final interview, we will give out the [Adventurer ranking] that correspond to you all.” Rei briefly introduced the entire examination process. It seemed fairly simple after hearing, however, from the looks of things that had happened until now, I reckoned the examination process will be extremely deadly.

However, I have no right to choose now that I am stuck with this shitty matter. Hence, together with the other candidates, we got split into two groups according to whether our numbers was odd or even. Like sheep that were being herded, the two groups walked separately towards the opposite ends of the square, and was forced onto a circular road.

Standing at my side, are the pervert Rei and the squirrel Kaiser; at the other side, are hermit crab Lambert and corn Dairo.

Wait a minute? When did Kaiser appear? Why is she having the least amount of presence when she has such a domineering name?

“Well then, you all can start running. Me and Kaiser-chan will record the number of your laps together~”

Although the distance between the crowd was quite packed, but it haven’t reached the extent of not being able to distinguish the people inside. There shouldn’t be any issue occurring with two people recording the number of laps if they observed carefully.

Nevertheless, with such a large crowd, if there is just one person not careful enough and bumped into another person, it will result in a tragic incident of stampede…

“Don’t ever think about slacking ok? Fo’mu.” Di Yana grunted as she stared at me. She seems to have took on the role of a supervisor self-consciously as I am in the same even group as her.

Are you the class president that loves to snitch on classmates? Please spare students like us who dislike exerting full efforts. It is not our fault for being decadent, it is just our way of living.

Besides, I am absolutely not planning to be an adventurer. Thus, no matter the result may be, I do not care.

What do you want from me, giving me a push so eagerly? I’ve caught your eyes, didn’t I? Sorry, you are a good person, but the one I like is potato.

How many times have I said this sentence…

Ignoring me is the best concern you can give to me. I don’t need such concern from you guys.

Honestly… it makes me feel sick.

Forget about it. Let’s focus my thought on the examination for now.

I’ll just tolerate this time for today, and soon I’ll be able to go back to my idle daily life again. By then, I won’t have to face these annoying people. Maybe Wu De will become an adventurer as well and leave the village. That way, Di Yana will no longer have any relationship with me entirely too. No one will notice me ever again.

That’s right, this is for the best.

Bearing such feelings, I lifted my right leg, and walked forward following the crowd.

I took a look at the road that surrounded the square, and gauged that it was estimated to be around 300 metres. Although there are some potholes on the road, but it is not considered to be difficult to run on.

So easy, this exam.

Not that I like to boast, but I have a fair bit of confidence in my stamina.

For a runway like this, I have the confidence to run for half a lap.

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