Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

I hate having people whispering around me.

Honestly… I thoroughly hated it.

Like a shackle, I was chained by the demon named the [Past].

And that ominous [whispers] have released some powers of the demon.


“Big bro… how much money can we sell this kid for?”

“Well… I don’t know, but it will at least be around five to six thousand gold coins~ Even if the [luminous white lantern] can only be made from a [white magic clan] kid, an adult will still have quite a number of alternative uses~ After all, they possess the characteristic of [Consume Magic], there are many ways that they can be used.”

At this point in time, my childhood memories was triggered, and were slowly pouring into my mind.

The detestable faces of the two men appeared vividly before my eyes as well.

They were laughing, eating, despising, calculating, rearing me.

With their cunning, greedy, ruthless, mocking, and heartless voices, they were discussing about my existence near the cage that was imprisoning me.

“XXXXX [White Magic Clan] XXXXX”


“[White Magic Clan]~”

[White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan][White Magic Clan]!

[White Magic Clan]…

Why… Why was I born a part of the [White Magic Clan]…

We are a clan that was blessed by the [Goddess. Claudia] aren’t we? Why am I being treated like this?

Isn’t the goddess’s blessing supposed to be the most sacred thing in this world?

Shouldn’t the goddess’s blessing supposed to bring happiness to me?

Shouldn’t the goddess’s blessing supposed to protect me from harm?

If so, why?


Why is this happening?

I have already prayed to you thousands of times, and requested for help in my mind tens of thousands of times; I even decided to give you my all in body and mind!

But, there was no rescue that came.

I have no need… for a useless goddess like you…

I gnawed at the only food in front of me, and detached myself from reality, while in the void I accepted the false pretense of salvation.

But even if it was just an illusion to deceive oneself, the golden potato truly did brought my withered heart the sole bit of consolation as it replaces the role of that golden and divine goddess.

That was the only source of light inside the darkness. I have no way to go except to sprint towards there.

However, that light… was too dazzling to the eyes.


I laid down in the middle of the village square, still maintaining the form of a pool of liquid.

The scorching sun above my head was radiating increasingly blinding sunlight, the sun seemingly wanted me to evaporate completely by torching my body with its rays. Even so. this world is still revolving normally, and my existence has absolutely no impact to this world.

The sun is still so dazzling, the earth is still so wide. Potatoes are still so divine, and I am still so pitiful.

“Now then! Numbers for the examination will begin to be assigned. The numbering will be decided by the sequence in which the forms were handed in.” Lambert said while he stood in the podium not far away from here. He took out a stack of name list from nowhere and announced: “Yo, remember your own numbers, I will only say this once. Number 1, Wu De.”

“Jie Jie!” All of a sudden, from within the crowd was a beam of light that flew out… Cough Cough, was a youth with delicate and pretty facial features that flew out. An excited face was hidden within the swaying tea-colored hair. He waved both of his arms rapidly, attempting to gain the attention of Lambert.

Why are you so excited? Did you consume drug? Or have you finally realize the fact that potato is the one true god, and gotten some form of revelation from the celestial god, gaining a new outlook towards life?  

If so, congratulation to you.

“…! Number 2, Di Yana.” The surprised Lambert paused for a while before passing an emblem with a number written on it to the star-struck Wu De.  Then he started calling the name of the second person.

“Hurry stand up, Fo’mu. Don’t be a disgrace here.” With a sway of her tea-colored ponytail, Di Yana had finally left my side.

I am Fa’mu. Also, there is nothing disgraceful about me.

I don’t think there is an issue with me transforming to a liquid. Not only can I reduce the sense of my presence, I can be as one with Mother Earth as well. I will be able to feel the emotions of the potatoes, and provide them better care and concern.

I am such a saint that would sacrifice his own life for the world’s righteousness~

However, my thinking was too naive. Di Yana came back after leaving just for a short while.

I have lost my freedom once again.

Just like that, the preparation for the examination was moving along bit by bit.

Lambert called the participants names one after another at the podium, and people walked over to him one after another as well to receive the emblem, and attached it to themselves before they walked back their original position.

In the end, even though I was very reluctant about it, Lambert still called my name.

“Number seventy four… Folande. Potato?” With a confused tone, Lambert started surveying the surrounding searching for my existence from the three small holes of his crude looking metal bucket helmet.

Who are you looking for? That kind of person doesn’t exist. This village definitely has no person named Folande. Potato!

Why exactly? How many times must I mention for you guys to remember that I’m called Fa’mu? Besides that, I definitely wrote Fa’mu on that form right?

How blind must you be, to read that as Folande?

I know now. You guys must be doing this on purpose. You guys should look for that Folande then, I’m going home…


However, the young maiden beside me dealt a kick to my stomach, and gazed at me with cold blaming eyes. Although, there was not a single movement from her tender red lips, but I could hear whispers belonging that to the evil elves from the pressure that she was emitting to the surrounding.

“Faster go up there, or I’ll kill you… Faster go up there, or I’ll kill you… Faster go up there, or I’ll kill you…”

So terrifying!

If was as if I was a potato being stared at by a male lion. I’m afraid she has no more self-control now, she is almost on the verge of prying open my fragile outer skin, and will nibble the fragrance meat from within me.

Is it because me and potatoes are too tasty and alluring that this beast is already unable to resist her desire?

My body belongs to the god of potatoes! Do not think of taking advantage of me like this! I will resist to the end, even if my resistance have no effect!

Potato can be killed, but never be disgraced!

However, I yielded. In an instant, I transformed my trembling body to that of a human shape, and with cold sweats dripping down my back, I ran to the side of the hermit crab.

“Hehehe… I look forward to your performance yo… That’s because…”

Sorry, I’m not interested in some chuunibyou hermit crab bullshit talk.

Thus, I snatched the emblem from Lambert’s palm without even looking at him directly.

“Heh… I understand. You meant to say “It’s pointless to say anything, I will show these mortals here my true power.” Right? How daring of you, but I like people like you.”

Nonono… I have absolutely no intention like this. Are you an idiot? I must have completely made you an idiot from that blow to your already problematic brain yesterday.

I’m feeling a tiny bit of guilt… I shouldn’t have use violence against an idiotic child.

Furthermore, why are there so many people confessing their love to me nowadays.

What’s this? Is this finally the start of my love life? It might be too much for me. This isn’t good, if I am not a youth with a resolute willpower…

Just the thought of it is scary. Luckily my faith lies with potatoes, only then can this sort of tragedy be prevented.

I let out a sigh inside me, and return to Di Yana’s side with no place for me to escape to.

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