Pampered Fei Chapter 230

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Chapter 230 — Exercising the Cells 

“Paying respects to the third Wangye. I’m the person in charge of the second level. The lady says that if you want to see her, you need to do two hundred push-ups, lift the sandbags five hundred times, and perform crushing rock with your chest. Then, you have to do all sorts of gymnastics before you pass the level…”

Inside the room, there was a woman. She held a thick rope in her hands.

“…” Long YuTian’s muscle twitched.

By the time he finished these exercises, he would probably have one last breath left…He could directly let the servants carry him back to the WangFu.

He probably won’t even have the energy to exercise on the bed.

Could it be that she wanted to be passionate on the bed and wanted to be on top, winning over the power to take initiative?

The person in charge of the pieces of equipment softly coughed, seeing that Long YuTian was staring at the pieces of equipment intensely: “The lady wants to test your stamina and strength. She doesn’t want a delicate husband who is sick all day. Her husband needs to be like a fierce tiger on the bed…Wangye, sorry for the grievances. If you don’t finish this, young lady Qian won’t come out to see you.”

Cough cough. As it turned out, loving Qian DuoDuo not only required enduring her numerous tricks as well as her capricious mule-headedness, but he also comprehended a new meaning!

Romance…required strength and power?!

It looked like he will be caught forever in this girl’s hand forever!

Long YuTian laid on the ground unwilling, doing pushups one after the other.

With tremendous strength, after he finally overcame the big and small tortures in the room, he was dripping with sweat and gasping for breath.

The person in charge held the rope and shook it in front of Long YuTian: “The last thing – troubling Wangye to tie both of your hands. The lady says that she will play a game with you in a bit.”

Qian DuoDuo was extremely busy and received buckets filled with banknotes.

The schedules for the VIP customers were already full.

However, she only had these few handsome men. How was it enough for these women like wolves and tigers to share them?

However, she was smart and knew to manage a collective get-together. Using the least time, she gathered all the women over and made a one-stop service for them.

This was like the ‘Long YuTian one day get-together at the valley.’

Unconsciously, she lured him here and satisfied four different customer’s requests.

She settled the most difficult Wangye down and felt relaxed in her heart. She changed into casual clothes and got ready to head out.

“Young miss, are you not going to the blind date session to keep everything in place?” Xiao Rou watched as Qian DuoDuo hummed and held a look of relaxation.

Qian DuoDuo shook her hand: “I’m going to find fourteen. You go look over the blind date session for me. Remember to keep the money in a safe spot and record it. After you come back, I will arrange the next time they will see them. Plus, don’t accept any poor and defective people. Otherwise, your young miss’s life might not be saved!”

Money is to be treasured and integrity is important too. To save herself, she can just abandon these two things…

Qian DuoDuo swore that she will only accept those old ladies and chimpanzee-like women once!

Speaking of that chimpanzee-like woman…Who knew how it was with Long YuTian.

Once she returned back to the WangFu, will he beat her up?

Thinking to this, Qian DuoDuo suddenly sneezed. How come it felt so gloomy and cold even though the flowers are blooming and spring is here?

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