Pampered Fei Chapter 229

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Chapter 229 — Is it white enough?

“Where’s Duo Er?” Long YuTian slightly scrunched his eyebrows from seeing this unfamiliar woman. He asked in confusion.

Didn’t she say she wanted to have their ‘two-people world?’

How come there’s an extra unfamiliar person in front of him?

Especially this woman who wore gorgeous clothes with thick makeup and didn’t disguise her love towards him when looking at him. It was just like the look when the pervert men looked at a beautiful woman in Bai Hua Lou.

Long YuTian was uncomfortable.

“Wangye, it is young lady Qian who told this lady to wait here for Wangye first. She wants me to see if Wangye’s attire and spiritual temperament fits her conditions. Once you pass my level, you can go to the bedroom and see the young lady.” The gorgeous lady twisted her slender and slim lips when walking towards Long YuTian.

“Hm…Then do it quickly.”

Long YuTian held a helpless tone. He knew this woman had lots of tricks. Whenever she caught a chance, she obviously wanted to torment him.

However, in order for him to successfully to renew his relations with her, he will overcome any obstacles and difficulties he faced!

The gorgeous woman had no idea that Long YuTian would be that cooperating. She was shocked momentarily before she reached towards his well-built body, feeling it.

“Not bad, you have a pretty well-built body. The muscles are in place. I can tell you’re someone who practices martial arts. Plus, the material of the clothes seems to be top-notch satin too. This is enough to prove that Wangye had spent a lot of thoughts on today’s date.”

According to Qian DuoDuo’s plan in advance, the gorgeous woman who is VIP customer commented on this in all seriousness.
The customers and Qian DuoDuo had an agreement. Qian DuoDuo was responsible for satisfying the customers’ requests. However, they needed to follow her plans completely.

She was not allowed to mention that she was introduced by others or give Qian DuoDuo away. Even more so, she can’t anger Long YuTian.

Otherwise, if the blood splashes, Qian Duoduo is not responsible for the money to buy a coffin!

These customers knew that the Wangyes from the royal family are not people they should think about. It was already a lifetime blessing that they were able to talk to them. If they were extremely lucky and was chosen into the Wangye, then they would have a lifetime’s worth of riches and honor.

That way, not only can their wishes be granted, they wouldn’t anger Long YuTian either. They could also complete their dream in secret. This was the so-called two gains with one move.

The gorgeous woman was thinking about this and followed the prescribed order of pulling Long YuTian’s clothes. However, he grabbed her wrist before she could do so: “What are you doing?”

His tone was cold, filled with extreme unhappiness.

The gorgeous woman wanted to interact with the Wangye some more and wanted to see if he would fall under the pomegranate skirt. Who knew she was faced with coldness.

However, she reacted quickly. She immediately explained in an innocent way: “The young lady said for me to check Wangye’s skin and see if it was white enough. Young lady Qian said that she doesn’t like men with dark skin. This will affect her liking.”

Long YuTian was embarrassed…

Can this woman not be so peculiar? Does she think that she is picking meat right now?

She’s trying to pick between pigs with white or black skin? This will affect her liking?

He firmly pushed the woman’s hand off of him. He straightened his clothes, faintly curled his lips into a smile: “If she wants to know if this Wang is white enough, it’s better if she comes to verify it herself…”

He overcame the first obstacle that Qian DuoDuo placed there and strutted to the next room. He was eager to teach Qian DuoDuo a lesson.

He walked to the corner and saw the next room. It was full of the wooden pile, rope, sandbag, and such. It was more abundant than the equipment in his room.

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