Pampered Fei Chapter 231

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Chapter 231 — The Huge Figure

Long YuTian obediently tied his two hands and walked into the last room.

Actually, don’t mention a thick rope. Even if it was chains, he could free himself from it without much effort.

However, he was very curious. What exactly was Qian DuoDuo planning? She wanted to look at his figure and made him do exercises.

Though, as long as she was happy, there would be no problem with him cooperating and making her smile.

This room was quite narrow and small. It was pitch dark and he was unable to see anything. He stood by the door, softly calling: “Duo Er, are you here?”

The room was dead silent…After a few seconds, it let out a ‘thump, bang—’ It slowly moved closer, like footsteps…

Long YuTian was unable to comprehend what happened when he felt a massive unknown figure moving closer to him.

He claimed it was massive because of the shaking of the floor as it walked closer. It was obvious and the surrounding air was crammed in a single space. It felt suffocating.

This proved that the thing walking over was a massive figure.

Long YuTian secretly held in his breath. He got ready to free himself from the rope when suddenly, he felt that a tightening around the waist and a pile of fat pouncing on him. In the next second, ‘bo.’ ¹

A hot pair of lips landed on the side of his face.

From the sensation of the skin, he could tell it was a pair of rough lips. It had drool on it too!

“Damn!” Long YuTian was shocked. He knew right away that this huge figure wasn’t Qian DuoDuo.

He subconsciously cursed and the body of cells jumped within him. He suddenly broke free from the rope and pushed the unknown figure who was on his body.

He did it with such a huge strength that he directly pushed the chimpanzee-like woman onto the ground. This was accompanied along with a table of crackling and rattling as well as a shriek.

Long YuTian just understood that this unknown figure was actually a person.

He took out the flint on him and groped in the dark, looking for the candle and light it up.

When the light slowly was brightened, everything became clear to Long YuTian’s eyes.

Right then, he was shocked by the fright!

Where in the forest did this chimpanzee come from?

The entire body was so dark as if they had rolled in the charcoal briquette. Speaking of the hair, it was all over the place like a layer of fur. She was a fat person.

Especially with this look, she dared to wear a light pink muslin. The back of a tiger and waist of a bear were all exposed. This was a rare sight.

Did Qian DuoDuo want him to be a master in taming animals?

“Wangye…you are hurting this servant…” The chimpanzee-like woman laid on the cold floor, not forgetting to show off an enchanting pose.

Qian DuoDuo already reminded herself of Wangye’s fiery temper. That was why she had created the level before so that he can be exhausted. She even tied both of his hands.

Who knew that after experiencing such intensive exercises that Wangye was still so brave and fierce?

This led the chimpanzee-like woman to become restless.

Damn! She was a person! And a woman!

And she was a woman who had hugged, touched, and kissed him!

He felt the sticky drool on the side of his face. Long YuTian was disgusted.

The two hands tightened to fists. He glared at the chimpanzee-like woman on the ground who stroked her hair coquettishly.

After overcoming three levels, seventy-two different tortures, and all sorts of obstacles, Long YuTian could clearly tell that he was played with!

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