Pampered Fei Chapter 225

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Chapter 225 — Respecting the Elderly and Loving the Young

The old lady’s words led those behind her in line to laugh out loud. The situation was almost out of control.

“Old lady, your age…I’m scared that you might become too excited when you see Cheng Wang and your body can’t handle it…” Qian DuoDuo was worried for her life right now.

The old lady rolled up her sleeves, a look as though she was about to fight. She threw a banknote of 100,000 onto the table: “I’ll add another 4 thousand!”

Qian DuoDuo’s eyes saw stars. After her inner heart’s constant struggles, she finally made a decision!

“Deal! This lady follows the principle of respecting the elderly and loving the young so I will help you accomplish your efforts!”

At most, he can hug her, thinking that she is his paternal grandmother! In that time period, it’s very normal!

Qian DuoDuo comforted herself like this.

After she sent off the exotic flower, Qian DuoDuo thought about how she could create a scene where they ‘met accidentally.’ Suddenly, a huge figure enveloped her and darkness surrounded her.

What a great…common chimpanzee-like woman!

This figure, hair, and the cruel face…Sister King Kong, one of the rare qualities within human earth!

“Young miss, what service would you like?” Based on the principle that the customers are God, Qian DuoDuo smiled while greeting her.

“I fancy the third Wangye…” A certain woman opened her mouth and the ground shook too.

Qian DuoDuo held a heartbroken expression: “The third Wangye, he doesn’t have a nice attitude and holds a fiery temper. I am afraid he might harmful to you.”

“This is your problem. Anyway, I already gave you the money.” She exclaimed a few simple sentences before the chimpanzee-like woman left.

Qian DuoDuo watched as the fat on the tough and stocky body of hers started to jiggle. She started to rub her fist and wipe her palms.

The more thrilling and exciting it is, the more it aroused her desire to battle. Plus, after Long YuTian had met such an exotic girl, he would never think that there was something wrong with his mistresses.

Maybe, he might even divorce herself out of anger.

When Qian DuoDuo finished putting away her stall, it was already dusk.

In the front hall, the servants already prepared a table filled with delicious food for their Wangye to enjoy.

It’s still based on the old rules. The master would eat while the servants would wait on the side.

What was different from usual was that on the huge dining table, there was only Long YuTian. Unlike before, whenever he ate dinner, he would call a mistress over to sing some songs and drink with him.

The rich smell of cuisine hits Qian DuoDuo’s face. Her stomach already grumbled in hunger and she drooled. She thought about pulling the strings and building a bridge for a few of her big clients. Why doesn’t she take this chance to discuss this with Long YuTian ‘in secret?’

When she thought to this point, Qian DuoDuo strutted in. Before she even walked through the door, she hollered out loud: “I am back!”

Long YuTian who was thinking of something didn’t even notice Qian DuoDuo’s presence until her high-pitched voice rang. He panicked and almost threw the wine cup in his hand out.

So what if she is back? Did she need to announce this out loud?

Long YuTian spoke against this in his heart. Once he saw that Qian DuoDuo sat by his side, his expression turned gentle.

He immediately ordered for the housekeeper to add another pair of utensils and fill rice in her bowl.

Right now, Qian DuoDuo’s five viscera and six bowels were all protesting. Once the bowl of rice was brought over, without further due, she buried her head in handling the plates of delicious food in front of her. While she ate, she murmured about how tasty or not tasty each dish was.

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5 thoughts on “Pampered Fei Chapter 225

  1. Warning to potential new readers; It’s chapter 225 and so far, there’s zero advancement in the plot. Not even a clear set ML. Just a lot of the MC acting nonsensical and extremely immature and the potential MLs acting like no men in any universe would, if faced with such a selfish, immature, reckless twit. Everyone’s behaviour is so unrealistic. It’s like a 12 year old’s imagination. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT….I got sucked in before I realized how awful the story is, but I’m already invested… I’m half hate-reading, half praying it gets better.

  2. What’ a girl to do???? She’s got to make that “green”? How Duo Duo will assist these paying customers I can’t even imagine

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