Pampered Fei Chapter 226

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Chapter 226 – My birthday 

“Eat slowly. How come you are acting like a ghost who starved to death and is about to re-enter someone’s tomb? You don’t care about your image at all.” Long YuTian scrunched his eyebrows. Although he exclaimed this, he subconsciously moved the dishes that Qian DuoDuo like to her side, being considerate.

Qian DuoDuo shoved a mouthful of rice in her mouth and torn a piece of the chicken leg in her hand, mumbling: “Oh…If I don’t keep eating, I will really become a starving ghost.”

Now, she just understood the real meaning of “Look at the food on our plate, every grain of which is from hard work.” (T/N: This is from the poem – 悯农. It talks about the hardship of labor and bringing food on the plates)

Did people know how difficult it was to earn silvers? She definitely can’t waste it!

Long YuTian was confused: “Duo Er, where did you run off to this whole day? When this Wang returned, I heard the housekeeper that you took Xiao Rou out early in the morning. Did you not eat anything in the afternoon?”

“I eat feather! You already confiscated all the banknotes. I already had to beg on the streets…” Qian DuoDuo felt miserable when she thought of her 200,000 banknotes that had skimmed the stones. Once she was miserable, her tone became resentful.

Long YuTian knew that this girl was holding a grudge against him because of the silvers. Although she exaggerated her words, her pitiful look led Long YuTian to feel distressed.

He tried to coax: “In the future if you don’t have silvers, go to the accountant’s office to grab some. I will notify the housekeeper in a bit. This Wang will give you the 200,000 banknotes back still under the condition that you won’t mention getting a divorce in the future. Do you understand?”

Originally, Qian DuoDuo was thinking about why this stingy and cheapskate person suddenly became generous with his money?

She was still shocked and didn’t expect him to propose this condition.

In the past, he used 200,000 banknotes to drive her out the WangFu and she agreed. Now, he wanted to use 200,000 banknotes to keep her within the WangFu.

If she agreed to this, wouldn’t be 400,000 banknotes in total?!

And he called himself a Wangye. Did he know how to compute the bill?

Long YuTian watched as Qian DuoDuo didn’t retort back like usual and felt comforted in his heart. He casually chatted with her, relieving their relationship.

“Duo Er, where did you go today? Are you happy?”

Qian DuoDuo lowered her head to shove another mouthful of rice in her mouth. With a mouthful of meat in her mouth, she murmured: “I went to find a public venue. A while from now, it will be my eighteenth birthday. I need to have a great coming of age ceremony!”

Actually, she didn’t even know when this body was born. However, in order to lure Long YuTian out successfully, she had to make something up.

Long YuTian looked meaningfully at her: “Duo Er, how do you want to do it? Do you want this Wang to set up a huge banquet for you?”

Qian DuoDuo was stunned. Who knew that she was just casually saying this but ended up getting an unexpected reward!

“Sure. But when the officials come over to offer congratulations, they would end up preparing birthday gifts for me because of you, the third Wangye…I actually don’t want to accept gifts…”

Qian DuoDuo replied reluctantly, shaking her head like this was making things difficult for her.

However, in the next second, she snapped her fingers. Her eyes brightened: “Right, how about this? Tell the officials who are planning to celebrate my birthday with me that they don’t need to prepare such extravagant gifts for me. I like to be simple and environment-friendly. If they want to celebrate it for me, just bring a few boxes of gold ingots! It’s not the gift that counts but the thought!”

Since she already lied, why doesn’t she kill two birds with one stone? The time that passed will never come back.

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