Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 9


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It was a shame that he could only think about it. In the current situation, Chu Mu Yun instead should be the one to be ‘abused to tears’.

For two whole months, the little white flower Chu Mu Yun passed his days in a dark daze, it was a completely self-evading state.

He did not want to face is own heart, he did not want to face the possible future, and even more so he did not want to verify over and over again the cruel reality that ‘Mo Jiu Shao did not in fact love him’.

Provided that Yan Chen did not interfere, Chu Mu Yun will keep on hiding these thoughts of his, and adore him secretly, loving him without rousing any suspicion. He won’t, and would never have the courage to poke through the paper window.

However……Yan Chen had ruined everything.

With these lingering thoughts for five nights, Chu Mu Yun’s budding love had completely ripened and turned into a mighty tree, rooted into his heart and unfurling its leaves, and eventually spread to all his blood vessels, but under these circumstances it was as if he had just woken up from a beautiful dream, it had all vanished like soap bubbles.

A young boy of age fifteen, how should he be facing this? He had truly gone to the point where his hope were ground to pieces and he had almost collapsed.

Chu Mu Yun:”00, see if my psychoanalysis is correct.”

Zero:”I don’t quite understand.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Alright then, you’re the real pure little white flower between us.”


Chu Mu Yun put some weight on his mood and began his play.

“Father……”His voice was trembling, he had only spoken two words but they had already seemed to be exceptionally difficult, the pain as if something was tugging at his heart made him unable to resist gasping,”Are you really……letting me go?”

Mo Jiu Shao sat beside the bed, but the distance between the two of them were not close because Chu Mu Yun had hidden into a corner, as if he couldn’t resist getting even a bit more closer to him, this gesture made the colour of his eyes darken, and his voice had also contained some loneliness:”I will not interfere with your decisions.”

Chu Mu Yun’s head leapt up, the moonlight was bright but his face seemed to be paler than the bright moon, but his eyes were instead a field of deep darkness, inside them were a pool of hopelessness and resentment, his voice had also become considerably louder:”You just want to drive me away don’t you? You’re just tired of me, you think I’m just a bother! You only wish to get rid of me!”

His ravings made Mo Jiu Shao shrivel his brows, and he pursed up his thin lips slightly, the chilly voice had dropped several degrees due to the hint of anger merged within:”What are you talking about?”

But Chu Mu Yun did not care any longer, he stared at him and clutched at his chest in great loss, the bone rending despair seeped into his blood and made his entire body tremble:”If you didn’t want to raise me, why did you save me? Why did you have to take me back? If you don’t want to take responsibility for me this much, then why don’t you let me die in……”

“Shut your mouth!”Mo Jiu Shao cut his words off, and his voice was cold,”Don’t you dare speak of yourself like that.”

Chu Mu Yun watched his cold demeanor, and seeing his own obsessed look, he could only feel as if his heart was being carved by a knife as he fell apart:”I don’t want you to save me, I’d rather you never adopted me……”

Mo Jiu Shao got up in a sudden, his silvery white robes dragged on the ground and the smooth arc was like the icy water that had been pooling up for a millenia with a coldness that could seep into one’s body:”If you don’t want me to save you……then who did you want? Is it Yan Chen!”He suddenly lowered his tone in his last four words, the might that had suddenly erupted almost felt like the surrounding atmosphere had been pulled taut.

But Chu Mu Yun did not expect that as he heard the name, he could only feel that his crushed heart was once again subjected to a violent impact: Yan Chen ruined everything, but he had also opened his eyes to it all.

To open his eyes to the hopeless love that he could never achieve in his life.

Chu Mu Yun locked eye with him without any fear and suddenly lifted the corner of his mouth, a beautiful smile emerged from his lips:”That’s right, if Uncle Yan Chen was the one who saved me, how great would that have been!”

As his words fell, the atmosphere that had already been pulled taut felt even more as if he had fallen into an ice prison, he could even feel a thin coldness between his breaths.

Mo Jiu Shao stared at him unblinkingly.

Chu Mu Yun lifted his head reluctantly, and didn’t move a single millimeter away as if he were abusing himself.


Chu Mu Yun found some time to respond to him:”What’s wrong?”

Zero:”So abusive……”

Chu Mu Yun:”It will be inappropriate for children in a moment, remember to cover your eyes.”


Chu Mu Yun:”^_^”

The Thousand Phoenix Peak was located in a very high place, from the start it had always been as if it was connected to the sky so the moonlight here was brighter than any other place, just that no matter how bright it was, it could not cause the dark nights that seemed like dense ink to dissipate, but rather it had engulfed this beautiful silvery white, just like a dark and chaotic madness that nibbled at the the reason within his heart.

The two remained at a deadlock, as Chu Mu Yun’s eyes started to turn red, Mo Jiu Shao finally gave a faint sigh, he restrained the cool pressure he was exuding and his chilly and indifferent voice was devoured by a dense helplessness as he asked with a hoarse voice:”Why did it have to be Yan Chen?”

Why……couldn’t it be me.

Chu Mu Yun’s lips trembled terribly, after pausing for a long while he spoke:”……I don’t know.”

The colour in Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes slightly darkened:”I guess.”There is never a reason for anyone to fall in love.

In their short conversation, they both had their own thoughts that they did not explain, but it was unfortunate that nobody tried to break through completely.

Mo Jiu Shao regained his cold and frosty look. He turned around slowly and his ink black hair billowed up in the wind, lifting into a fascinating arc……But it was a shame that they were like clouds in the heavens, illusory and unable to be grasped, drifting far away.

Chu Mu Yun watched him with wide eyes, and finally could not hold back the pain in his heart and the drowning despair:”……Father.”

Mo Jiu Shao rounded his back, his voice was low:”Rest assured, if you like Yan Chen I will accept it, if I am here he would not dare to abandon you.”

But his words that were similar to pale winds and light breezes had instead angered Chu Mu Yun. He got off the bed and accidentally stepped on his clothes due to his rushed movements and his entire person staggered for a moment, but he quickly stabilized himself and pulled Mo Jiu Shao’s arm with all his strength.

Mo Jiu Shao stopped.

Chu Mu Yun’s penetrating gaze was covered with a scarlet frenzy:”Why did I have to meet you?”

Mo Jiu Shao stared at him expressionlessly through the corner of his eye.

Chu Mu Yun seemed to be unable to bear it any longer and had completely collapsed:”Mo Jiu Shao, I don’t want you to be my father, I never wanted to……”

“Chu Mu Yun,”Mo Jiu Shao turned his body in a sudden and his slender fingers were squeezed under his chin, within his eyes were a field of dense coldness:”Are you done yet!”

Chu Mu Yun watched him stiffly without moving.

Mo Jiu Shao seemed to really have gotten angry, his voice was as cold as ice:”You like Yan Chen, I can accept that; You want to leave, I’m not stopping you; You can take away anything you’re lacking, you can take whatever you want in the entirety of the Thousand Phoenix Peak! But what right do you have to say that I should not have saved you? What right do you have to say that I’m not worthy to be your father!”

Through the entire evening, even though Chu Mu Yun had been hanging basically by the edge not a single tear dropped from his eyes, but after hearing his words he could no longer suppress his despair.

Since he had decided that he could not see him for the rest of his life, what other qualms did he have? Since this was their last farewell, what else could he be afraid of?

Big droplets of tears fluttered down from his eyes, Chu Mu Yun’s voice was crumbled to the breaking point:”If you didn’t save me, if you didn’t treat me so well, if I didn’t meet you, I……wouldn’t have fallen in love with you.”

As he said those words, Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes were inexplicably stunned.

After a long silence, his voice had started to tremble slightly as well:”What did you say?”

Chu Mu Yun simply could not speak a complete sentence.

Mo Jiu Shao paused, then looked towards Chu Mu Yun and asked almost cautiously:”Xiao Yun, earlier you said……you’ve fallen for who?”

Chu Mu Yun voiced with some difficulty:”I know I’m wrong, I know this isn’t right of me, but I like you……..Father, I like you!”

Mo Jiu Shao’s entire body froze:”But you and Yan Chen……”

“He changed his appearance into yours! I thought it was you, I thought you……”It was too hard to bear in the end, Chu Mu Yun could not say any more.

Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes who had been calm all along was filled with disbelief:”Xiao Yun……”

Chu Mu Yun told him everything, but he was battered out of his wits in between:”YOu don’t have to hate me, I will leave, I know I……Mmph……”Before he had finished speaking, Mo Jiu Shao’s lips were sealed on his.

What followed was a bout of madness and stimulation, as if grass that had withered through an entire winter was suddenly set ablaze, it burned up instantly, his actions that spread boundlessly made him unable to resist him.

Chu Mu Yun:”Oh fuck, I guess this counts as my acting not going to waste, this dull ‘Pride’ really can get pretty exciting when he goes wild!”


Chu Mu Yun:”Close your eyes, quickly.”

Zero: = =

Chu Mu Yun praised:”Now that’s a good baby.”

Too bad the baby had already shut off, the baby couldn’t hear.

Before this with Envy, Chu Mu Yun had to pretend to be inexperienced so he always held back and didn’t return the kiss, but he didn’t have that problem this time with Pride.

First off Mo Jiu Shao had done enough foreshadowing, and secondly this type of explosive emotion should actually be burning up a bit more.

He carefully pondered about the mind of a little white flower, to recover something that had been lost and the turning of a dead patch of land back to life, how could anyone suppress this great joy of hearing the heavens sing suddenly while they were in despair?

But of course, Chu Mu Yun still did not dare to open up too much, if he really done it big then Mo Jiu Shao would definitely find it strange.

But this isn’t bad too, Mo Jiu Shao was good at this, he was born with a look that suggested he was abstinent, but his kidding techniques could pull a crowd, his seduction tactics were equally matched with that little whore Envy.

For the sake of pretending to be tender, Chu Mu Yun spared no effort to endure and formally orgasmed.

Chu Mu Yun actually had a few thoughts, Mo Jiu Shao would not go all the way at this moment, after all his child was still too young, this guy was acting as a love saint so how could he not care about this?

And sure enough after Chu Mu Yun had his release, Mo Jiu Shao stopped his movements, only his slender fingers were smoothing behind his back as usual.

Chu Mu Yun sated his thirst, and was willing to continue on this acting with him:”Father……I……”His voice was exceptionally quiet, as if he was still feeling uneasy. The weightless feeling as if he was floating amongst the clouds made him unable to feel at ease.

Mo Jiu Shao’s voice was very light:”I thought you really liked Yan Chen, I thought you didn’t have me in your heart……I’ve been losing sleep these two months thinking about locking you up in the Thousand Phoenix Peak forever, but I couldn’t bear to see you lost and sad……”

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes were filled with surprise:”No, that’s not it, Father you’re the one I like, I……”

“I know now.”As Mo Jiu Shao was kissing him he spoke gently:”Xiao Yun, I like you too.”

This voice sounds god damned great, Chu Mu Yun’s heart was itchy, the place that was resting once again raised its head, sure enough just rubbing one out isn’t enough, he still really wanted to stick it in.

Fortunately Mo Jiu Shao was very understanding, as he kissed him the flavour started to change, his hands were also exceptionally skilled as he once again brought Chu Mu Yun to orgasm.

It must be said that before his illness, ‘Pride’ was truly an unparalleled lover.

Chu Mu Yun didn’t expect that as the days gone by like this another three years passed, he had passed these three years exceptionally comfortably.

His training of the Shao Yue sword arts had gone more and more smoothly and his cultivation increased day by day, within three years the youth of a boy had worn off from his body, and he gradually developed the sexy outline of his past life.

Chu Mu Yun had high expectations of himself, and for things such as his figure, he could basically control it as long as he put his heart to it.

Although from a rational point of view the pale and slim body type was better to attack Mo Jiu Shao with, but Chu Mu Yun was unwilling to grieve himself.

He just had to act out a show, it would be too stupid if he really turned himself into a parasite, and don’t even mention actually dealing with Mo Jiu Shao, just relying on his face and body is not enough.

In these three years, Mo Jiu Shao had really pampered him to the tip of his heart, you could almost say he was obedient to him.

NO need to mention about food, clothes, or basic necessities, they were all the very best; Cultivation techniques even more so, with his personal guidance, Chu Mu Yun who was only eighteen years old could probably take on some of the best elites of the demon realm one on one; And even worse was the dense affection that could not be dispersed, it was truly sweet to the point where it made one’s body go weak, if it was someone else they would’ve fallen deep into the river of love, and they wouldn’t know what they were doing anymore.

However Chu Mu Yun had always been very sensible because he truly understood his own creation too well.

Chu Mu Yun:”I think it’s about time, Mo Jiao Shao should be pulling up the nets soon.”

Zero:”Are you sure that he will fall in love with you?”

Chu Mu Yun:”We’ve gotta see what trick he’s going to pull.”

Zero watched their affections for three years, and was almost starting to doubt himself:”If not for the fact that his portrait wasn’t lit up, I would’ve really thought he had fallen in love with you.”

After all if he didn’t like him, how could he be so caring to such a degree? It was hard to imagine.

Chu Mu Yun laughed:”Just you wait.”

Just as Chu Mu Yun guessed, an unforeseen event happened three days later.

Mo Jiu Shao brought back an abjected boy.

Why does this scene seem so familiar?

Six years prior, Chu Mu Yun was also brought back in such a way.

It wasn’t as if Chu Mu Yun had not thought about this trick, but as he saw the boy’s appearance, his heart creaked.

Oh fuck why did this guy appear!

Zero:”This is……”

Chu Mu Yun started to feel things getting tricky:”In a sense, you could say that this is my real son.”


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