Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 10


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The real child mentioned by authors would generally refer to the protagonist of the book.

But Chu Mu Yun wasn’t a general person, nor was he a general author, so his real son wasn’t the protagonist but rather the most important male supporting character in the story.

As he steps up in the word passionately there must always be a super good gay friend who would be hell-bent on supporting the protagonist.

《Demon Realm》 was certainly no exception.

Not to mention that Chu Mu Yun was a gay, the difficulty was no different to let a gay man write a male and female protagonist tussling about than letting a straight man write a boy’s love.


With a stroke of his pen, the great Chu who was unwilling to wrong himself simply had the female lead just passing by for thousands of years to buy soy sauce, and the one who has truly been endowed with the mission of the ‘heroine’ had become this good friend who could advance or retreat at his will.

But of course, the honest readers won’t be able to see it, but the sharp readers were more sensible and they wouldn’t call them out and they would just secretly rub their hands in pleasure.

Now that it was all the rage for a stud male protagonist to do BL fanservice, although Chu Mu Yun had described his friend as a bit over the top in terms of his generosity and kindness, but in reality as long the line was not crossed, it was a pure ‘bromance’ that even the radio and television can recognize!

As for why Chu Mu Yun said that this was his real child in the true sense of its word, it was because he had an infinite partiality towards him.

When his entire family was destroyed, nothing happened to him, he was immediately adopted by the lord of the demon realm.

EzoicHe had a special constitution, not to worry, after being unsealed he will be filled with golden fingers.

He would go into danger from time to time, and even faced death from time to time, he had blocked the blade more than a dozen times for the protagonist, and spat out blood for the sake of the protagonist several hundreds of times, for the protagonist he had broken his arms and his legs countless times……but he is fine, danger would always turn to safety, he would always be able to break free from calamity, and he would always survive.

He wouldn’t die no matter how he was played with, this was the type of luck level E he was talking about, ah ptoey……he was a luck level A!

Zero:”I think he’s quite pitiful.”

Chu Mu Yun had a look of compassion:”My love to him is true.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Don’t worry, I love you a lot too.”


Chu Mu Yun:”^_^”

Chu Mu Yun spoke the truth, in various senses, his lover’s template was applied to Yan Jun Qing’s design.

Beautiful but not weak, gentle but not cowardice, he had assertion and tenacity, after growing up he was a guy who could go into battle and throw out destructive spells, and when retiring from it he was a perfect wife who could cook up a table of good food and wine.

The key point was that he was extremely stubborn, if someone had gained his recognition, then even ten bulls would not be able to hold him back.

His only regret was……he was not a gay, but a proper straight man.

Regarding this point, Chu Mu Yun had his own considerations because he was never able to put himself in the protagonist’s shoes, so he was unwilling to just watch his ‘lover’ be uprooted by that hot blooded brat, and so he forcibly set Yan Jun Qing as a straight man……And he was even the upright type, he was as straight as the flags adorning Tiananmen Square.

Now that he thought about it, this really fucking sucked.

As his thoughts returned, the little substitute Yan Jun Qing in front of widened his pair of bright black eyes and watched him without much expression on his face.

Mo Jiu Shao warmly introduced:”Xiao Qing, this is Chu Mu Yun, you should call him Big Brother Yun in the future.”

Yan Jun Qing was already fourteen, he was way older than the Chu Mu Yun of that day, so he could realize even more profoundly the despair of losing his entire family, and it was even harder for him to step out of the shadows of that sea of blood.

But he was unwilling to go against Mo Jiu Shao, after all this man had pulled him out the deep abyss of despair, so he yelled towards Chu Mu Yun:”Big Brother Yun.”

Chu Mu Yun was stunned, he lifted his head and looked to Mo Jiu Shao. But Mo Jiu Shao’s sights were fixed on the gaunt and frail body of the boy.

Chu Mu Yun couldn’t resist calling out quietly:”Father……”

Only at this time did Mo Jiu Shao move his gaze to look at him.

A faint frown was playing around Chu Mu Yun’s eyebrows.

Mo Jiu Shao continued speaking as if he did not notice anything:”This is the son of the Yan family from the city of Lin, his name is Yan Jun Qing and he will be staying in the Thousand Phoenix Peak from today. Xiao Yun, you are four years older than him, you should come take care of him when you’re free.”

A glimmer appeared in Chu Mu Yun’s eyes, but that shred of displeasure dispersed in a flash, he looked towards Yan Jun Qing and warmly spoke:”Xiao Qing, you don’t have to worry, the Thousand Phoenix Peak is very good, father is also very good, you’ll be staying here in the future and we’ll be your family now.”

EzoicHe was intimate but Yan Jun Qing seemed as if he had gotten a fright as he shrunk backwards and hid behind Mo Jiu Shao’s body.

Chu Mu Yun was slightly stiff.

Mo Jiu Shao held Yan Jun Qing’s hand and comforted him gently:”Don’t be afraid, Xiao Yun is not an outsider.”

But Yan Jun Qing still hid behind him and refused to take even a step forward.

Chu Mu Yun’s thin lips were slightly pursed, he straightened his back with a bit of stiffness and said in a light voice:”He has just arrived so it’s normal for him to be so wary of people, we’ll get more familiar with time.”

Mo Jiu Shao responded:”I suppose.”As his words fell, his eyes hung down slightly, his gaze that was even gentler than the moonlight once again landed atop the boy behind him.

The fingers by the side of Chu Mu Yun’s body faintly clenched into fists and the stiffness in his voice could be concealed no longer:”Father, you take care of Xiao Qing, I’m going to go practice my sword.”

Mo Jiu Shao did not look up:”Alright.”

Chu Mu Yun bit his lower lip, he seemed as if there was something else he wanted to say but he pressed it down, and in the end he did not open his mouth, only the movements of him turning his body to leave were slightly larger, the curve of his billowing clothes revealed the emotions of its owner.

He had just turned his back when Chu Mu Yun said:”00, quickly report Mo Jiu Shao’s reaction.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Baby, give me some cooperation, I have to see how good the results are.”

Only after hesitating for a long time did Zero speak:”He was watching you all along.”

Chu Mu Yun:”What about his expression, did he look happy?”

Zero stared at the outrageously good looking face of ‘Pride’ for a good half day before he spoke:”……I can’t really make it out.”

Chu Mu Yun thought for a moment:”LOok at his eyes, when he gets excited the colour of his eyes will become more profound, just like when I jerked off for him.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Alright, you weren’t watching that.”

He sighed, although it was quite regretful that he wasn’t able to receive feedback, but actually it did not matter, Mo Jiu Shao was just trying to make him jealous and his performance earlier was enough.

Chu Mu Yun hung around in the martial arts field for four hours, when he came out he was dripping with sweat and he felt refreshed.

He looked at the time, it should be about time for dinner, but Mo Jiu Shao had a ‘new favourite’ now, he probably has no time to pay attention to him.

He went leisurely to the spiritual hot spring to have a soak, when he came out he casually put on a long dark blue robe, he had just tied a simple knot around his waist and a large section of his honeyed chest and his long legs were exposed, the partially covered body was particularly sexy. He did not return to his palace but rather he sat on top of the bench by the spiritual hot springs and called a servant to send some fresh fruits over, and he ate them pleasantly.

Zero:”Is there something wrong with that little boy, he keeps watching you secretly.”

Chu Mu Yun did not even turn to look:”No worries, he’s just sprouting from the sultriness.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Don’t worry, I won’t do anything reckless.”


Chu Mu Yun sighed:”Ah little Jun Qing what a shame, he’s such a cute little brat.”


Zero:”……He doesn’t seem to like you, he keeps hiding from you.”

Chu Mu Yun:”He’s not hiding, he’s afraid of hurting me.”

With his reminder, Zero suddenly recalled that Yan Jun Qing had a very special constitution.

After hanging around leisurely at the spiritual hot springs for a while, Chu Mu Yun felt that Mo Jiu Shao would not have time tonight to come looking for him, he got up and returned to his palace leisurely.

According to his speculations, Chu Mu Yun felt that Mo Jiu Shao will continue to cool them off for a few days, only in this way can he deepen the taste of ‘vinegar’, so he won’t have to pretend to be sad tonight, just sleeping honestly is fine.

He tossed about in the martial arts field for a good half day and soaked in the spiritual hot springs again, his mind and body felt only peace, and he fell into a deep sleep not long after getting in bed.

After about an hour or so, Zero’s voice suddenly sounded out:”Pride is coming!”

Chu Mu Yun’s opened his eyes in a sudden, almost in an instant he could feel the door to his room moving slightly.

He really came? Chu Mu Yun raised his brows, he was a little surprised.

According to the script, shouldn’t Mo Jiu Shao be accompanying that pitiful little Jun Qing? How has he come over here instead?

This is not good. ‘Chu Mu Yun’ was a sensitive little white flower, he had to see such a scene during the day so how could he be able to sleep at night? In Chu Mu Yun’s plans, he would sit alone from tomorrow night until the sun rises, but he really did not expect that Mo Jiu Shao would come right this evening.

Baby Zero was a bit panicked:”Will he notice anything?”

Chu Mu Yun was very calm:”Don’t worry, just watch.”

Mo Jiu Shao stepped in through the moonlight and saw the boy who was sleeping on his side, his eyebrows were raised slightly but quickly he discovered the slight trembling of the boy that he was unable to suppress.

His shoulders were shaking and the ink black hair scattered on top of the futon created a distinct contrast with the thin white cover, it made the loneliness and desolateness even more profound.

Mo Jiu Shao sighed and called out:”Xiao Yun?”

Only now did he discover his arrival, Chu Mu Yun’s whole body turned stiff, and then he quickly raised his hand and hurried to wipe his face, unfortunately it was a bit too late, his red and swollen eyes as well as his hoarse voice revealed his discomposure:”Father, why……why have you come?”

“Should I not have come?”

“No, that’s not it.”Chu Mu Yun was a bit flustered, but the loneliness in his eyes could not be concealed:”I thought tonight you would……”

“I am only treating Xiao Qing as my child, don’t over think it.”

Chu Mu Yun evaded his gaze, and his fingers clutched the futon nervously:”In the past, father……also treated me like his child.”

Mo Jiu Shao was slightly startled, then he reached a hand out and brought Chu Mu Yun into his arms, and gently landed a kiss between his brows, his voice was as intoxicating as vintage wine:”You’re not the same, different from everyone else.”

Chu Mu Yun’s stiff body slightly relaxed from his words, he raised his head, and his eyes were filled with dependence and obsession:”Father……”

“Mm.”Mo Jiu Shao kissed him on his lips as his fingers stretched over inside his thin sleeping robes and stroked the boy’s smooth back……

Chu Mu Yun:”Feels like he came over in the middle of the night to have a jerk?”

Zero:” = =

After an hour, Chu Mu Yun leaned in Mo Jiu Shao’s embrace as he gasped slightly, Mo Jiu Shao waited until he had calmed down slightly before speaking:”Yan Jun Qing is a pitiful child, he wasn’t hiding from you intentionally during the day, he just has a special constitution and he was afraid that he would hurt you if he got too close.”

Chu Mu Yun was blank, why would Mo Jiu Shao tell him this? Could this guy not actually be using this point to instigate something between him and Yan Jun Qing? What did it mean for him to tell him this?

But what made Chu Mu Yun even more surprised was what came after.

Mo Jiu Shao spoke in a warm voice, and the affection within his words were simply about to spill out:”If you mind, I will send him off tomorrow, there will be nothing better than just the two of us in the Thousand Phoenix Peak.”



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Tler’s notes:
Buying soy sauce means to casually pass by without doing anything

Luck level E is a fate reference, all heroes have stats and one of them is luck, there’s a joke where Lancer type heroes with terrible luck stats hurt themselves or get into bad situations because of this terrible luck stat, notably when Lancer stabbed himself in Fate/Zero.

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