Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 8


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Yan Chen! How could it be Yan Chen?!

Under the darkness of the night, the boy’s delicate face had become extremely pale, even his lips seemed to have become transparent, the clear black irises were overflowing with panic and despair……

He did not make a single sound, but what need were words when you are under such a situation?

His thin clothes had already fallen to his waist, on top of his thin shoulders were ambiguous petals of cherry blossoms, a large section of his honeyed chest was bare, the red marks were even shiny with moisture due to being kissed, and below was empty without a single thread covering.

Yan Chen had a single hand clasping on his waist as he kissed him unrestrainingly, but it was him instead who raised his body, and sent his entire being to him as if he were a sacrifice, anticipating the other’s sampling and pampering of him.

This……This is too debauch.

There was no way to explain this situation at all, it didn’t matter who had seen it and they would still think that Chu Mu Yun was the one who took the initiative, because this scene did not seem forced at all, they were in a complete state of mutual affection and intimacy.


And the more frightening part was, this was definitely not the first time, this was definitely not the first time for such a thing to be happening.

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes were already filled completely with despair, he was not a fool and had quickly realized what had happened.

It had never been Mo Jiu Shao, it was Yan Chen from the very start.

He was foolishly thrown into a trap and mistook Yan Chen for Mo Jiu Shao, and now……

What made him even more stunned was that he had mistakenly thought that he had received a reply for his affections, but it actually did not happen.


Mo Jiu Shao did not do anything to him that overpassed his boundaries, he had been treating him as his son as before, but instead he……bore such longing towards his own foster father.

A destructive despair rushed over him, and Chu Mu Yun’s entire being was paralyzed with emotion.

Zero:”I think can make your body tremble a bit, it’s more realistic.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Little children shouldn’t be watching, I’ll have you know I’m not wearing clothes.”


Yan Chen had also seen Mo Jiu Shao as well, for him to be ‘caught in bed’ like this, he was not even flustered in the slightest but rather he had a smile on his face instead, after getting up he earnestly tidied up Chu Mu Yun’s clothes, and after pulling the boy into his embrace with one hand, he turned his head towards the lord standing by the door, Pride:”Martial brother, I like Xiao Yun and he likes me too, please accept our relationship.”

His sentence filled Chu Mu Yun’s eyes with horror, he struggled to get away but Yan Chen held him even tighter instead, he did not make a sound but the sense of threat could not be any clearer than this.

——Do you wish to let Mo Jiu Shao know that you like your own father?

——Do you wish to let Mo Jiu Shao know that you yearned for your father’s kiss, your father’s touch, and your father’s……

Chu Mu Yun did not dare to move any more, he leaned in to Yan Chen’s embrace and bit down hard on his lower lip, his eyes were red but he did not dare to lift his head, he did not dare to look at Mo Jiu Shao.

From the beginning to the end, Mo Jiu Shao stood there quietly, there was not a single change in the expression of his delicate features, he looked at the Chu Mu Yun who had bowed his head and spoke lightly after a moment:”Xiao Yun, look at me.”

Chu Mu Yun did not have a single pinch of courage to look him in the eye.

Mo Jiu Shao sighed softly:”It is your father’s fault, I did not notice your intentions, but you are too young, can you not rush these matters? You were just acting on impulse, but in the future……”

Hearing the voice he liked speak such words made Chu Mu Yun’s complexion turn even paler, his lashes were trembling immensely and even his voice was dyed with despair:”Father, if I really do like Uncle Yan Chen, will you accept us?”

Mo Jiu Shao’s thin lips pursed up slightly, after a flicker of emotion flashed past his eyes, he slowly asked:”Do you wish to leave the Thousand Phoenix Peak?”

Chu Mu Yun’s head perked up, a dense haze spread out within his clear eyes, he looked at Mo Jiu Shao and the words that came out of his mouth were borderline masochistic:”So……father will let us leave right?”

Mo Jiu Shao looked at him and a thread of pain swept past his light grey eyes, but as usual he opened his mouth, and the beautiful lips spat out words so cruel that it could destroy this young boy:”I have not confined you, as long as you wish it, at anytime you could……”

“Enough!”Chu Mu Yun suddenly screamed and cut off his words.

Yan Chen who was watching by the side was met with great satisfaction as he watched the look of the boy who was falling apart, and the desire to destroy in his heart was filled up to the brim, the excitement made him want very much to take away this little guy, press him down on the bed, and give him a good loving.

But it’s a shame……because the rice has yet to cook.

Yan Chen’s fickle lips lifted slightly, but within his eyes were a sea of affection, he looked at Chu Mu Yun and whispered:”Don’t argue with martial brother, his words are right, you are young, I’m afraid of hurting you if I take you away now, but no matter, I’ll wait till you’ve grown up and I will come to pick you up, alright?”He propped himself against his forehead and said affectionately,”I like you, Xiao Yun.”

Chu Mu Yun looked at him with eyes full of anger and hatred that seeped into the bones, but he could not say it out, he couldn’t say anything, because it all seemed like he himself had asked for it, and that they were all ‘willingly’ done by him, he could not speak his heart out to Mo Jiu Shao because Mo Jiu Shao himself had never thought of him in such a way, he would just be incriminating himself if he were to say it out, and make everything worse.

But, Yan Chen……

It was all this man’s fault, he was the one who ruined everything!

Yan Chen looked at the hatred within his eyes but the smile on his lips became even more profound, he knew that Chu Mu Yun would not dare to resist him, so he leaned forward and landed a kiss on his lips:”Be good, I will come to get you.”

EzoicHowever sincere the affection was, Chu Mu Yun’s body still shook with anger, but this look could also be misunderstood as him shaking due to his heart breaking from having to separate from his lover……

Chu Mu Yun:”I think I’m not suited to write books”

Zero:”Me too, if you were to enter the entertainment industry, I reckon you could even get Oscars till your hands fall off.”

Chu Mu Yun was in a wonderful mood:”00, you’re so sweet.”


‘Envy’ has left, but the play has yet to end, Chu Mu Yun had to continue acting as the little white flower as he gradually turned black.

The magnificent palace had become empty like the lonely wilds at this moment.

Chu Mu Yun stood opposite to Mo Jiu Shao and neither of them took the initiative to speak.

The cool breeze of the night blew in from the half-open window picking up the misty cloud-like muslin, and let the moonlight shine in through the crevice, pulling the shadows of the two into an interlock, as if they were embracing each other.

How ironic.

Chu Mu Yun looked at the interlocked shadows, and only felt that it was a hard sight to look at.

He finally could not resist any longer and said in a quiet voice:”Father, I wish to rest now.”

Only now did Mo Jiu Shao regain his senses, there was no change in his demeanor but the look of his gaze towards Chu Mu Yun was filled with worry:”Xiao Yun……”

“Father, if you have anything to say we can leave it for tomorrow!”Chu Mu Yun hardened his voice and bid his visitor out.

Mo Jiu Shao restrained the look in his eyes as he spoke with suppressed disappointment:”Alright, rest early.”

‘Pride’ left, only after did Chu Mu Yun relax his body and sighed with his hand supporting his chin:”Mo Jiu Shao really is good at playing with people.”

Zero answered him honestly:”I don’t understand.”

Chu Mu Yun freely untied his long hair and laid down lazily on top of the futon, he said with interest:”Such is love, how could it be engraved in your heart and carved in your bones without experiencing any ups and downs? Especially for a young boy at around the age of fifteen or sixteen.”

Zero listened with his head in the clouds, and still could not understand, but he didn’t plan to figure it out, since it was fine as long as the host understood.

The next day.

As if Chu Mu Yun and Mo Jiu Shao were separated by a layer of film, they no longer shared their familiarity from before.

From this day on, Chu Mu Yun avoided Mo Jiu Shao everywhere he went, Mo Jiu Shao had wanted to have a talk with him but every time Chu Mu Yun would escape with an excuse.

He no longer stuck to Mo Jiu Shao, and no longer filled his heart with his father, as if trying to numb himself he immersed himself in sword training as if he had gone mad. He seemed to be deliberately exhausting himself to the breaking point: Only in this way could he stop thinking, and stop considering, only this way can he suppress the painful feeling that churned within him; Only when he was so tired that he had to drag himself could he stop himself from missing Mo Jiu Shao, to stop himself from considering this innocent love that could not be requited, and to keep himself from stepping past the border and doing things that could not be reversed.

But in fact……

Zero:”You’re really going all out.”

Chu Mu Yun:”It sort of feels like the days when I had to review for my college entrance exams are coming back to me.”


Chu Mu Yun said in a serious tone:”As someone who has the experience of being the top scorer in science, let me tell you that without going all out you’ll never receive results.”

In a curious coincidence Zero asked:”Were you also jilted then?”

Chu Mu Yun had a start, before replying with a smile:”00, do you really think I would see such a day?”

Zero paused for a moment, and made no further sounds.

But Chu Mu Yun did not take it to heart, he had gotten addicted to training the sword, such was his personality, no matter what he does he will do it to the limits.

He always came first in his studies, and everything he did at work was outstanding, the speed of his promotions surprised everyone, even when he wrote a book on a whim he had also topped all the lists from the start to the end and easily reached the peak.

It seemed that he truly has not experienced the taste of failure at all.

However……what meaning was there to be had in such a life?



He had continued on with this life for nearly two months but finally he was still broken.

Actually, within the Thousand Phoenix Peak, no matter how Chu Mu Yun tried to hide he could not hide from Mo Jiu Shao.

Only Mo Jiu Shao knew that he did not want to see him, thus he gave him the chance to ‘hide’ himself.

In these two months, the two of them had calmed down, what should be thought over had also been thought over, it was time to spread things out and talk them through.

Chu Mu Yun had just slept when the door to his room opened, that unique and refreshing fragrance hovered over, there was no change on Chu Mu Yun’s face but his heart could not help but feel a sense of anticipation.

He had not seen Mo Jiu Shao for a long time, he was forced to hide from such a beauty in order to act, but Chu Mu Yun actually felt his heart getting stuffy as well.

Mo Jiu Shao did not hide his aura deliberately, so Chu Mu Yun could definitely detect it.

At the moment when he came to the window, Chu Mu Yun’s eyes were blinking as fast as the wind as he sat up in a panic, under the moonlight his face was pale and he evaded his gaze, his voice was extremely stiff:”Father……it is so late now, is there anything you need?”

Mo Jiu Shao sat down outside of the futon, a hint of fatigue and worry that would tug at one’s heart strings played around his exquisite eyebrows:”Xiao Yun, I brought you back three years ago, and I thought that I had to raise you up well, to let you grow up healthy……However, I did not do my part well enough.”

Chu Mu Yun pursed his lips tightly, the look on his face revealed the bitter suffering in his heart.

Mo Jiu Shao looked at him with pain in his heart, after he had hesitated for a seemingly long time, he sighed softly and spoke in an unhurried voice:”You don’t have to torture yourself like this, not do you have to evade me, if you like Yan Chen then just go with him, I……will not stop you.”

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes widened.

Mo Jiu Shao watched that look of his, and a thread of indescribable pain swept past his pale grey eyes, he kept his face calm as he continued on:”Don’t worry, this will always be your home, as long as you return, I……”

He hesitated for a moment, as if he could no longer continue from his reluctance to let him go.

Chu Mu Yun:”00, I’m so moved.”

Zero:”……He is just acting.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Yeah, his acting skills have incited me.”


Chu Mu Yun sighed faintly:”I really want to abuse him till he cries.”

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