Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 7


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Chu Mu Yun felt that this was truly the moment that would challenge his acting skills.

How can he resist not returning this little slut’s kiss?

This was another century-long conundrum!

Zero kindly reminded him:”It doesn’t matter who came, shouldn’t you show some appropriate resistance?”In order to become a competent system, he was trying very hard to help give his host some advice.

But actually Chu Mu Yun’s timepoints were perfect, at first he was extremely shocked, but only after did he start to struggle with a flushed face:”Fa……Father……”

In the obscure darkness, Mo Jiu Shao straightened his body. His appearance could not be clearly seen as he stood against the light, but the colour in those exquisite pair of eyes seemed to be deeper than they normally were, with his faintly narrowed eyes his seductiveness made people’s heart beat in excitement.

Chu Mu Yun continued his acting while relying on his strong perseverance.

He sat up in a hurry and the figure under the thin inner robe being illuminated by the moonlight seemed to be frail and pitiful, his thin body was faintly trembling, his whole person seemed to appear as if he had received a great shock as the blush on his cheek spread to his neck, flowing towards his white clothes, one could almost imagine how enticing the body would be once it was dyed in the colour of pink.

Mo Jiu Shao asked in a whisper:”Did you not like it?”

Chu Mu Yun did not even dare to raise his head, he hung his head and his fingers clutched the quilt nervously, his voice was stuttering immensely:”I……I don’t understand……what this means.”

Mo Jiu Shao leaned over and nudged his chin up with a pale finger to force him to look directly at him:”Do you not want me to kiss you?”
Chu Mu Yun’s head was lifted up and his clear eyes were glazed with mist, his bewilderment plainly could not be concealed:”But……But this isn’t……”

“Isn’t something a father should be doing with his son?”Chu Mu Yun continued his sentence, but soon his line of sight travelled downwards to the pair of rosy lips, and he silently worded,”But I wish to do this with you.”

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes widened in a moment, in them were insurmountable fear and uncertainty, but within the depths a sense of joy that he could not explain lingered within.

Mo Jiu Shao watched him unblinkingly, and gave a soft chuckle after a quick moment as he once again sealed the pair of clean and beautiful lips.

Chu Mu Yun was trembling very hard, motionlessly his entire person tensed up immensely, Mo Jiu Shao thought that he was feeling afraid and uneasy, but in actuality……

Chu Mu Yun:”Oh come on, if you’re going to kiss me then put some force into it, if you keep this up I’m going to have to push you down instead!”


Soon, Chu Mu Yun had realized that this fellow’s kissing techniques were still very bad.

Probably because at first he did not want to scare him so after giving him a little time to adapt, would he begin to frantically engulf his tongue, and let him feel all sorts of stimulations within his mouth……Chu Mu Yun’s one and only regret was: He had no way to properly enjoy this kiss because he was trying really hard to pretend to be a ‘little white flower who does not know what a kiss is’.

If he did not need to pretend then he would definitely show him what a suffocating French kiss is.

……Although right now his breathing was in bit of a mess.

You can’t stop once you’ve started this, when the two separated, Chu Mu Yun was gasping, Mo Jiu Shao’s pale fingers caressed towards his neck, and asked ambiguously:”Did you like it?”

Chu Mu Yun did not dare to speak too much, only his flickering eyelashes exposed the feeling in his heart.

Mo Jiu Shao curved his lips, the smile lingering on the corner of his mouth exuded a cold aura, but his eyes were as tenderly affectionate as before:”Xiao Yun, I liked it very much, you taste better than I expected.”

Chu Mu Yun’s dense eyelashes trembled even more, he tried to open his mouth and the sound that came out of his mouth was extremely soft:”Fa……Father……”

“Mm.”Mo Jiu Shao responded, and kissed him again, but this time it wasn’t as simple, their lips and tongues were intertwined, and after teasing the young boy into a mess, his slender fingers that brought a light hint of coolness slipped into the thin clothes, and roamed to the boy’s straight back.

Chu Mu Yun’s body trembled slightly as a faint groan escaped his lips.

In his mine he said:”00, close your eyes, children should not see this.”


Chu Mu Yun:”If you don’t have eyes you can try to close off a part of your senses, don’t worry I’ll be fine.”

Zero:”……”Of course you’ll be fine, you even got hard!

As a simple electronic voice, Zero decided that he shall see no evil.

Chu Mu Yun had never experienced such a feeling before, he did not have to take the initiative or foreplay, although he was quite regretful that he couldn’t dominate fully, simply enjoying it was pretty good too.

But the main point was that he hasn’t vented for a long time now, even if his body was that of a minor his soul had already had a taste of things a long time ago, he hadn’t received any relief for three entire years and a half, after being teased like this he didn’t want to endure at all.

Thankfully boys at this age didn’t have much endurance anyway, Mo Jiu Shao’s technique was top-notch and under multiple stimulations, Chu Mu Yun reached his peak.

A thread of charm was mixed into the refreshing colour of the night, the boy leaned half-naked in the embrace of the young man with his face was flushed red, his eyes were in a daze due to his climax, with his healthy honey-coloured skin, the beautiful lines of his figure, and the slim curves of his buttocks, it was truly teasing to the point where it would make one drool.

Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes hung down to observe the white fluid that still covered his pale fingers, and suddenly had an enchanting smile as he put his fingers to his lips and vaguely licked them.

Chu Mu Yun’s slightly narrowed eyes suddenly deepened, only with a great deal of restraint did he resist from turning over and pushing this guy down……

This is not Mo Jiu Shao, Chu Mu Yun knew very well.

This is Yan Chen, that paranoid guy can’t see the beauty in anything, he’s a madman that hated how he couldn’t turn all the good in human nature into shame.

——Envy, truly was a terrible attribute

But I have to say this little slut is way more direct than Pride.

Chu Mu Yun who had his fun was pondering lazily, if he followed down this path what would happen?

Chu Mu Yun waited, but did not expect that the ‘Mo Jiu Shao’ who teased him would get up, and after landing a gentle kiss on him he spoke in a low voice:”Rest early.”

Chu Mu Yun was stunned for a moment.

Mo Jiu Shao blinked his eyes at him:”You can’t tell anyone what happened earlier, alright?”

Chu Mu Yun unleashed his godlike acting skills, a flash of franticness crept past his eyes and his fingers curled up before he replied in a quiet voice:”Yun’er knows……that this is wrong, Yun’er, with father…..we shouldn’t……”He choked on his words as he spoke.

‘Mo Jiu Shao’ sighed, and gave his cheek a gentle stroke:”Don’t be ridiculous, it’s just that you are too young right now, so there’s a lot of things you don’t understand, I can’t just keep you by my side on my whims.”

Chu Mu Yun lifted his eyes, his eyes were glazed with mist:”Father, I……I……”

‘Mo Jiu Shao’ pressed a finger to his lips, the beautiful eyes were filled with affection and indulgence:”I will wait for you to grow up.”

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes brightened up slightly, then he nodded his head solemnly.

‘Mo Jiu Shao’ couldn’t resist giving him another kiss on the forehead:”Rest early, in the morning I will still be your father, do you understand?”

Chu Mu Yun’s face was flushed red again as he heard his words, but he understood:”……Yun’er understands.”

Yan Chen left, Chu Mu Yun got up to wash himself and changed into a new set of clothes before getting back into bed.

“Refreshing, even though it’s quite regretful I didn’t get to fuck this little slut to tears.”

Nobody acknowledged him.

Chu Mu Yun:”00?”

Not even an ellipsis was given to him.

Chu Mu Yun pondered about it and couldn’t help but laugh, so he really did close his senses……

It’s a shame that there was nobody there to appreciate his acting, alright then, 00 is still a child so he shouldn’t be seeing what he shouldn’t be seeing.

Chu Mu Yun who had been pleasured by Yan Chen got a good night’s sleep.

On the next day everything was as usual, Mo Jiu Shao sent people over to fetch him for dinner as per usual.

But of course, Yan Chen was also present.

It’s a shame that Chu Mu Yun at this time had his gaze fixated on Mo Jiu Shao, after bowing to Yan Chen in a hurry, he stayed around by Mo Jiu Shao’s side earnestly.

After what happened last night, the look on Chu Mu Yun’s eyes as he looked towards Mo Jiu Shao was more and more unconcealed, that attachment had become an obsession, although he had been concealing it to hide their shameful night together, it’s a shame that his skill was too low, it was littered with flaws.

Mo Jiu Shao took care of him as usual, but in Chu Mu Yun’s eyes it had changed to a different flavour, everything had become ambiguous, but he pretended not to notice, on one side he was happy but on the other he felt worried as the boy’s appearance of going through puberty started to look even more lovable.

Yan Chen who was watching at the side had a faint smile on his face, and within the depths of his eyes were excitement and anticipation.

After the meal, Chu Mu Yun gave a well-disciplined salute and returned to his own residence.

Chu Mu Yun said in a good mood:”I wonder how much longer Mo Jiu Shao can endure.”

During the morning, Zero had already regained his senses, he asked:”Will Yan Chen come again tonight?”

Chu Mu Yun gave it a thought:”It’s likely.”

Zero:”……”Alright then, time to shut off again.

But what was most surprising for Chu Mu Yun was, Zero had sealed off his sensors for five entire nights.

That’s right, Yan Chen continually visited for five times, Chu Mu Yun was extremely pleased that such a situation could come knocking every night. Although he was just slightly exposed, but ‘Mo Jiu Shao’ truly was born exceptionally beautiful, his fingers were pale and slender, naturally born suited for playing the piano, it was a strong contrast for such a pair of fingers to be doing such things, just like a celibate beauty turning into a debauch bottom, there’s no need to mention how wonderful the sight would be when he lifts his ass high and begs for a fuck.

Either way Chu Mu Yun was in a pretty good mood, he very much would not mind going for several more rounds.

But unfortunately these wonderful days only lasted to the sixth day.

The enjoyment he had received in those few days made Chu Mu Yun’s love for Mo Jiu Shao surge violently, he could simply suppress it no longer.

Even when Yan Chen was the one who just entered, Chu Mu Yun happily welcomed him:”Father!”

Yan Chen’s eyelids were drooped down, within his sights was a young boy wearing a large outer garment, with his black hair hanging over his shoulders tied up by a piece of green thread, his cheeks appeared very delicate and beautiful, and although he had a thin body he was well-postured like an erect stalk of bamboo, so beautiful that it made it hard for one to resist breaking him in half.

Yan Chen’s eyes moved up to meet his eyes, he saw a field of love and obsession within his clear eyes as his fingers curled up once more, his urge to destroy him was burning up more and more intensely.

He stepped forth and held his neck with his palms, and pressed down a kidd that was hotter than usual.

After so many days Chu Mu Yun had already abandoned his shyness, he tipped up his toes to return his kiss ‘clumsily’, his wrists couldn’t resist circling around his neck, due to how thin his clothes were a large section of his arms were exposed, the contrast was even more alluring.

The ‘Mo Jiu Shao’ of today was more impetuous than before, he directly pulled open his thin sleeping clothes and exposed the smooth body of the teen.

Chu Mu Yun was a bit embarrassed and wanted to cover himself up but as ‘Mo Jiu Shao’ lowered his head, his lips were already caressing his chest.

Chu Mu Yun moaned softly, and right at that moment the door opened.

‘Mo Jiu Shao’ did not stop his movements but Chu Mu Yun became flustered, he was afraid of being seen.

But this time, the person who entered revealed his figure.

Because of the angle, Chu Mu Yun saw it very clearly, and he immediately froze up after, his eyes were filled with unconcealable fright and confusion.

Under the moonlight, Mo Jiu Shao in his white robes looked as cool and noble as an immortal.

Chu Mu Yun was completely dumbfounded, and at this time he finally got a clear look of the person who kissed him……

Black hair and purple irises, on the excessively pale face was a cold-blooded smile.


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