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At this moment, Shen Shui Yan was completely smitten by him, turning completely into his slave. Don’t even mention him asking for help, he would do anything he wanted even if he never said a single thing.

Chu Mu Yun calmed down his heart before continuing, “Xie Qian Lan went out to find some detoxification herbs for me, and I finally got news of him today. Only, that herb is located in a very dangerous place, so there’s no way for Xie Qian Lan to retrieve it with his cultivation, and I’m not fit to go out right now, so I hoped you could…”

Saying up to that point, there was no way Shen Shui Yan didn’t understand what he wanted to say. “You should’ve told me earlier.”

Chu Mu Yun tried his best to control his emotions. “I didn’t want to worry you.”

Shen Shui Yan was a little dissatisfied, but after hearing that, his heart started to warm again. The most urgent task right now is to find that herb, so he stopped caring about that.

He turned to look at Xie Qian Lan, and though he was still alert, he was not as hostile as before. “Physician Xie, may I request to speak with you? I will find the herb as soon as possible.”

As soon as he heard that Xie Qian Lan was leaving, Chu Mu Yun’s fingers trembled subconsciously.

Shen Shui Yan did not notice it, but Xie Qian Lan did, and a small trace of a profound look emerged within his eyes.

Clear panic flashed past Chu mu Yun’s face, but he still held on and didn’t say anything.

After a while, Xie Qian Lan said, “I have a map with me, so the young palace master can follow it.” As soon as he said that, he took out a cowhide scroll from his sleeves as if he were doing a magic trick.

But Shen Shui Yan eyed over it suspiciously. He unfurled it to see, and turned to Chu Mu Yun before speaking solemnly, “I will head out now, and will return as soon as possible.”

According to reason, Chu Mu Yun should try to make him stay a little longer, but he really couldn’t bear it any longer, and could only make out with a hoarse voice, “I’ll wait for you.”

Shen Shui Yan thought that he was worried about him, and couldn’t help landing a kiss on his forehead. “Don’t worry.”

Shen Shui Yan left, and with the excuse of checking Chu Mu Yun’s pulse, Xie Qian Lan stayed behind.

Right after Greed’s presence disappeared, Chu Mu Yun instantly stood up with impatience.

Xie Qian Lan’s eyes were narrowed into a smile. “What’s wrong? Can’t your sweetheart satisfy you?”

A look of struggling flashed past Chu Mu Yun’s eyes, but the torment his body felt made him powerless to refute him.

Without a single word, he took the initiative to undo his long robe, and said in a hoarse, sexy voice, “Come in.”

Xie Qian Lan’s blood instantly started pumping. He watched him, “Beg me.”

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes gradually hollowed out, but he finally compromised to him completely. “Please…fuck me.”

Xie Qian Lan finally did as he pleased.

Shen Shui Yan left for three days, and both Chu Mu Yun and Xie Qian Lan spent their days wildly in that room for three days.

The more he endured, the more powerful the thrill was for him.

Chu Mu Yun spent his days in a muddled state. Besides making love, he practically did nothing else.

Xie Qian Lan was in on this madness with him too and constantly deepened the memories in his mind with his body, allowing this lewd ice spirit beast to turn completely into a being that could not do without him.

After passing through these rowdy day and nights, Chu Mu Yun finally managed to suppress the flames of his desire. However, he could no longer look Xie Qian Lan straight in the eyes.

Because what he did was wrong.

It was him who took the initiative to lie to Shen Shui Yan and tricked him to leave. It was him who put his arms around Xie Qian Lan, again and again, never able to get enough.

On one hand, he knew very clearly who he loved; but on the other hand, he also knew how much he needed Xie Qian Lan.

He could not even dare to remember these painful days that kept grinding at him.

While his estrus period was temporarily eased, Chu Mu Yun could finally head to the main hall to deal with some piled up work. Xie Qian Lan obeyed their agreement, and no longer touched him after leaving that room, staying completely obedient.

But Chu Mu Yun couldn’t concentrate. As long as Xie Qian Lan was in the same room as him, whether he could see him, or could just feel his presence, it would still confuse his mind, and he couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

But he couldn’t kick Xie Qian Lan out. After all, he hadn’t done anything yet.

Did he really had to admit that he felt excited even just being watched by him?

With Chu Mu Yun’s dignity…he would not allow it.

He could only grit his teeth and deal with the work at hand.

Zero: “I have a question!”

Chu Mu Yun’s mood had been pretty good these past two days. “What is it?”

Zero: “Why did the ice spirit beast’s body become so lustful?”

Chu Mu Yun: “These aren’t questions little children should bother themselves about.”

Zero:” I just wanted to know if the great host is acting, or if it’s real…”

Chu Mu Yun: “It’s not an act, I don’t have to act for these few days.”

Zero: “So it really only works if it’s with Lust? Cough…could it be that Greed is still underage, so he can’t satisfy you? shy.jpg”

Chu Mu Yun made a pertinent evaluation, “Shen Shui Yan is already very talented.”

Zero: “But he’s still not as good as Xie Qian Lan?”

Chu Mu Yun: “That’s not exactly it…”

Zero: “qaq! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!”

Chu Mu Yun: “pat.jpg. Xie Qian Lan used some tricks. He placed the Beast of Charm inside of the ice spirit beast’s body, and he deliberately synchronized the frequency of stimulation with the estrus period of the ice spirit beast, creating the illusion of a heat. But in truth, it’s more than just the Beast of Charm at work. Since it was created by him, nobody can appease it as long as it’s not him.”

Zero: dumbfounded.jpg

Chu Mu Yun: “Don’t worry, I’m fine. The only reason I left it is because it works with the developments in the future. When it’s just about ready, I’ll make sure it’s dead.”

Zero: “…” As expected, his great host is the most amazing in the world! Worshipping blindly!

As the person who created Lust’s setting, of course, the old veteran was very clear on the tricks he had. But unfortunately, the Great Leader Shen Yun doesn’t know.

Much less Xie Qian Lan’s clever execution. In the entire demon world, besides Chu Mu Yun, there was perhaps nobody else here who could see the truth.

And if you couldn’t see through it, then you will start to doubt yourself. The endless stimulation will start to affect your mind. Even if Shen Yun was strong, and even if he could tough it out with his cold personality, he would still sink completely into Xie Qian Lan’s trap in the end, and never being able to free himself.

It’s just a pity…Shen Yun was Chu Mu Yun, and Chu Mu Yun…created all of this.

After dealing with half of the official work, Chu Mu Yun finally couldn’t bear it any longer. He excused all of the servants…

With a smile, Xie Qian Lan pressed him down on the table carved in black jade.

At the very end, Xie Qian Lan nibbled on his earlobe, and said in a flirty tone, “Shen Shui Yan is returning tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Chu Mu Yun’s pupils constricted. In the very peak of exhilaration, he experienced a sense of despair he could never describe.

Xie Qian Lan watched his face. He loved those eyes of his that were filled with so much joy and pain.

It was too wonderful.

This ice spirit beast truly was too fascinating.

Xie Qian Lan was becoming more and more eager to have him fall in love with him.

The next day, Shen Shui Yan practically rushed back without a single rest after finding the herb.

It was an extremely long trip, and for the sake of being able to get back early, he didn’t rest at all. Shen Shui Yan had high cultivation, so he didn’t even bring any guards, toughing out the entire trip by himself. For the Greed who had been ‘pampered’ since a young age, this was simply unimaginable.

But for Ah Yun’s sake, he was willing.

But he would never expect after coming back, that Chu Mu Yun would refuse to see him.


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