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Since the day Xie Qian Lan left, Chu Mu Yun knew this day would come.

For his three-year estrus, he needed to vent once every seven days.

When Xie Qian Lan was around, they did it every night. So naturally, there was no need to care about the ‘required’ seventh day.

But right now, after six days of peace, the unbearable seventh day had finally ushered in.

It truly was unbearable.

More than a year ago, Chu Mu Yun would also experience that surging in his blood all the time, but he could still bear with it before his body had a taste of things. As long as he calmed his spirits, that pesky flame would be suppressed sooner or later.

But right now, after being given release so many times by Xie Qian Lan, this body seemed as if it did not belong to him at all.

It had been constantly bothering him since early in the morning, causing an incessant racket. The lust crawling in his flesh and bones were tossing around madly, forcefully crushing his reason, trying to break through his skin and to get above all else.

For the entire day, Chu Mu Yun was out of it. Shen Shui Yan spent the whole time beside him, and couldn’t help but ask, “Ah Yun, has the toxins not been eradicated?”

Chu Mu Yun could no longer understand the words he was speaking; he could only see his beautiful lips opening and closing, and could only think about his kiss that seemed hot enough as if it wanted to plunder everything…His throat felt parched, and he couldn’t help but sway.

Shen Shui Yan turned to meet his gaze, and his heart was beating madly.

The beauty of the man before him was divine, but his wise eyes were misty, and his smooth cheeks were also growing red. His beautifully curved lips were faintly trembling, as if they were eager to…

Shen Shui Yan kissed him without even thinking twice.

At the moment their lips met, Chu Mu Yun could hear the sound of pleasure emanating through his entire body and consciousness. He liked this kiss, liked it so much that he wanted it to go on forever.

Chu Mu Yun sat there for a while. Shen Shui Yan stood up, and the distances between their heights suddenly widened.

But to lean down in such a kiss gave him a deeper feeling of invasion, and possession.

Shen Shui Yan liked this angle. He liked forcing Ah Yun to look up, liked to force him into accepting him, and he liked to see how Ah Yun looked while submitting to him.

After kissing for a long time, even their breathing was starting to get rushed, but Chu Mu Yun still didn’t want to stop.

And since the pleasure he got at the very start, it got more and more intense, straightforward, and more unscrupulous.

This isn’t enough, not enough at all…

After thirsting for so long, and only being able to bear with it, how could he let go after having a drop of sweet water?

Even though he knew it was still a little early, Chu Mu Yun still pulled the child he raised in bed with him.

For Shen Shui Yan, this night truly was too joyful, exciting, and stimulating; it was simply unforgettable.

The more eager he felt, the more crazy he got.

He had imagined countless times how he should fill up that suffocating and painfully strong possessiveness of his heart, but now, he knew how.

When he was in complete harmony with Ah Yun, Shen Shui Yan experienced a great pleasure.

It wasn’t physical, but something more spiritual. It was the kind of feeling like having something in the palm of your hands, to completely own that precious thing. The feeling of having total ownership of something gave him a great sense of satisfaction.

Even though he was young, he had still given a lot over the years for the sake of obtaining Shen Yun.

Whether it was towards the Heaven’s Rain Palace or himself, they were strict to an unimaginable stage.

His cultivation rose very quickly, and his physical strength was exceptional. Even though there was still a gap between him and Chu Mu Yun, don’t even talk about having his cultivation at his age in the human world, it was rare all throughout the three realms.

But of course…Shen Shui Yan wasn’t really a young child. He was just about as old as Xie Qian Lan, and his cultivation was also just about the same with him, it was just reduced because of his physical state.

But as the time came closer to when his memories would finally be unsealed, his cultivation would also keep on awakening. Even if he had yet to fully grow up, you could already predict how peerless his skills would become at adulthood.

Shen Shui Yan’s reason told him to resist, that he should be lighter to him, to hold back and to give the person beneath him the chance to adapt and rest, he was completely unable to do it. To have his first taste of what he had been longing for, Shen Shui Yan could not stop himself at all. And after Chu Mu Yun’s initial discomfort, he was constantly hooking him in after that.

It really seemed as if nothing would be enough.

He had already wanted him so much that the feeling was etched deep into his bones, and he thought about him so much that it ached everywhere, so how could Shen Shui Yan not fall in? The only thing he wanted now was to go on like this forever.

After a sleepless night, both of them were tired when the sun came up. Shen Shui Yan’s eyes were filled with love. “Ah Yun, are you hungry? I’ll get someone to make you some food.”

Chu Mu Yun was still a little dazed. He opened his mouth, and the voice that came from his lips were hoarse from last night’s indulgence. “All right…”

Shen Shui Yan kissed him sweetly and helped him lean at the bed to rest. Then, he put on his coat and went off himself to get someone to prepare food.

Only after he left did Chu Mu Yun take a deep breath, and shut his eyes tight.

Zero: “Are you okay?”

Chu Mu Yun: “Not okay.”

Zero: “Do…do you need help?” He already had a bunch of videos on standby!

Chu Mu Yun: “No need, Xie Qian Lan won’t be gone for long.”

Baby Zero’s voice seemed to be filled with pity. “The ice spirit beast’s body really is…”

Chu Mu Yun: “It’s nothing, this body suits the two of them.”

One of them had the greed to fully possess, while the other capricious one wanted to conquer by lust instead.

However, the ice spirit beast’s body was destined to a life on infidelity, and destined for immodesty.

So, they will never get what they want.

And only when they are unable to obtain him will they understand where their faults lay.

For the countless days after that, Chu Mu Yun and Shen Shui Yan practically never walked out of that room.

But even in that case, Shen Shui Yan satisfied him countless times, and he had also been relieved countless times. But…it was not enough, it couldn’t get enough at all…

That desire deep within the marrow of his bones made him crazy, and he quickly lost all reason.

His lover was right beside him, and they entangled with each other each and every night, but he was missing Xie Qian Lan more and more. He missed those countless nights with him, those nights where he could obtain his truest moments of liberation…

Even if he hated that man, even if it pained him, and even if he wanted to kill him, the sad truth for Shen Yun was that he really…needed him.

Several days passed again, while Chu Mu Yun’s mind start to sway more and more out of it. He couldn’t see Xie Qian Lan, but it almost seemed like he was surrounded by him.

He could hear his voice, see his silhouette, and even recalled the joy he gave him. That scalp tingling sense of ease came washing over his skin again.

He wanted him…

No. It was this body that wanted him…

He missed him so much he was about to give up everything.

And three days later, Xie Qian Lan returned. He was still dressed in red with his unparalleled appearance, with that vague smile playing at his gaze still present as he looked at Chu Mu Yun.

Shen Shui Yan was right beside him. Chu mu Yun had to expend a lot of energy before he could calm himself down.

Xie Qian Lan bowed to him. Shen Shui Yan looked coldly at him, “Though Physician Xie does not belong to the Heaven’s Rain Palace, this is still not a place for you to…”

“Yan’er.” Chu Mu Yun cut him off.

Shen Shui Yan was slightly stunned as he turned to look at him.

Chu Mu Yun’s body stiffened, and he tried his best to calm the voice from his throat. “Could you do me a favour?”


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