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After Xie Qian Lan took the herbs, Shen Shui Yan wanted to go in, but he never would have expected that the barrier that had never affected him would stop him now.

Shen Shui Yan never felt tired even after running around outside for so many days, but now, a trace of sorrow flashed past his eyes after he was stopped.

But since outsiders were still around, these emotions were fleeting. He stood outside the door with a cold demeanor.

Xie Qian Lan said, “The Respected Leader’s condition is less than optimal, and he needs a few days of quiet rest. Please return, Young Palace Master.”

Shen Shui Yan’s deep gaze landed on him.

Even though Xie Qian Lan was born with a flamboyant appearance, he could still appear kind and gentle once he tones it down a little. “The Respected Leader says that the Young Palace Master must have worked hard, so you should return to your quarters for a good rest.”

Shen Shui Yan’s mouth finally opened, and his clear voice came with the cold aggression of a hail. “When did matters between me and Ah Yun required your interference?”

Though his voice was filled with such dense hostility, it did not bother Xie Qian Lan in the slightest. He smiled to him, unable to argue, and only reached out a hand. “Young Palace Master, please.”

Shen Shui Yan moved his gaze away and looked straight ahead. “I will wait right here for him.”

And Xie Qian Lan did not say anything more either. Without even looking at him, he turned around and walked into Chu Mu Yun’s chambers.

The instant that exquisite spell touched the red-robed man, it exuded a green glow, and gradually engulfed him.

Shen Shui Yan looked at him without blinking, and his gaze was frosty.

In the past, that green glow was unique only to him.

In the past, he was the only one allowed in there.

But now, someone else appeared.

His great unease had materialized like a huge black hammer, crashing down onto the center of his heart.

He had clearly mutually confirmed his feelings with Ah Yun, he had clearly obtained him, and possessed him completely, but why…It had only been a few days, but they seemed to have moved so far away from each other.

But what happened?

Shen Shui Yan stared dazedly to the front. He could almost feel that which was held firmly in the control of his own palms turning into fine dust, and constantly pouring out from between his fingers. No matter how much tighter he tried to hold it, or how much force he put into it, he could not stop it, and could only watch it pour down with his own eyes, allowing the huge sense of powerlessness to take control of his chest.

He had no way of seeing through the scene within the chambers through the barrier.

But Chu Mu Yun could see him.

He could see the young boy who had rushed over through so many miles, and he could see the confusion in his dark eyes, the unease in his slightly pursed lips, and the weakness and fragility buried deep beneath his strong demeanor.

This was the person he loved, the one he cared about the most, and the one he wished could stay by his side forever.

But now…being separated by only a single wall, they felt worlds apart.

Chu Mu Yun stared straight outside the window while Xie Qian Lan came over, and held him from behind, placing a hot kiss on his neck.

Chu Mu Yun did not move at all. Xie Qian Lan looked at him, and said in a hoarse whisper, “How about this? Why don’t I fuck you till you cum in front of your precious child?”

Chu Mu Yun’s body suddenly jerked, but he did not resist.

Because it was useless, completely useless.

While things were heating up in the room, the outside was a field of frost.

The pleasures of Chu Mu Yun’s body and the pain of his consciousness tormented him for the entire night, while Shen Shui Yan stood outside for the entire night.

On the second morning, Xie Qian Lan held him. “Do you want to see him?”

Chu Mu Yun was still panting, but his voice came out with exceptional firmness and frost. “No!”

Xie Qian Lan: “The Respected Leader is such a cruel man.”

Chu Mu Yun lowered his eyelids and suppressed the painful emotions churning within the depths of his eyes.

This is exactly what Xie Qian Lan wanted to see. He was so excited that he couldn’t want for anything more than to fuck him to death. So, in the bright early morning, the two were tossing around in bed again.

Chu Mu Yun was “shut in” for a week, whilst Shen Shui Yan waited outside without eating or drinking for the full seven days.

During this period, many servants came to persuade him to rest, but Shen Shui Yan listened to none of them. He stood there persistently and bore with the coldness of early winter, going through the days as they came.

What he burned while standing outside was his physical energy, while the thing being worn down from Chu Mu Yun, watching on from his chambers, was his spirit.

Xie Qian Lan had never stopped stimulating him with his words.

“The Young Palace Master really loves you deeply.”

“Such a cute child, it’s such a pity he can’t satisfy your salacious body.”

“How could the Respected Leader be so sordid?”

“Say…If the Young Palace Master finds out what you’ve been doing these days…do you think he’ll go crazy?”

“He loves you so much, but you can’t even keep your own body in control.”

“My lord…You are lustful by nature, so don’t play around with Shen Shui Yan. He’s still young, he still has a feature…don’t ruin him…”

The last words clearly affected Chu Mu Yun. On the eighth day, he finally came out of his chambers.

Shen Shui Yan had already stayed outside for more than half a month without rest. When he was out looking for herbs, all he wanted was to help Ah Yun with his troubles, so he did not rest in the slightest. But these seven days have exhausted his heart and made him more and more clear that he had not obtained as much as he had imagined.

And he even…might not have obtained it at all.

When Chu Mu Yun walked out, Shen Shui Yan’s eyes lit up. Having not spoken a word for so many continuous days, his voice was hoarse. “Ah Yun, your body…”

Chu Mu Yun interrupted him straight out. “I was fine since three days ago.”

There were clearly deeper meanings within those words. Shen Shui Yan’s face that had been fair to begin with was drained of any bit of colour, making his deep irises appear even darker as if it had the ability to swallow the light. “What are you saying?”

“I didn’t see you on purpose.” Chu Mu Yun forced down the pain of his tearing heart and tried his best to say with a straight face, “I’ve thought about it seriously, we’re not suitable with each other. You’re still young…”

“Shen Yun!” The voice Shen Shui Yan had tried to hold back was overflowing with unconcealed murder. “What the hell are you talking about!”

Chu Mu Yun took a deep breath and continued, “Let’s return to being father and son.”

As soon as he said that, Shen Shui Yan could clearly feel the hammer beating down heavily in his heart. Instantly, the grinding in his flesh and blood caused his eyes to turn red. “Ah Yun…”

He whispered his name, and his voice was trembling uncontrollably as if he was trying his all to suppress the madness within him. “Don’t joke with me, this…this isn’t…”

Chu Mu Yun did not even look at him, and simply said through gritted teeth, “I’m already thousands of years old. What about you? You aren’t even of age yet. Do you really think it’s possible between us? Did you really think I liked you? Wake up a little, we…ngh…”

Shen Shui Yan suddenly came forward and caught his throat with his palm. His lips joined with his, but blood emerged in the next second.

In this instant, he really wanted to kill him! So he could turn into a cold corpse, an unconscious shell of a body, a dead object that could only stay obediently by his side!

Chu Mu Yun was caught off guard by him, but his cultivation was still much higher than Shen Shui Yan.

He couldn’t bear to hurt him, but when it came to this, it was really impossible for him and Shen Shui Yan. Instead of being in much more pain in the future, he might as well cut them off now, when he was still young.

Time would whittle anything down. Even feelings carved deep down into your bones was no match for the long hours of time.

Shen Shui Yan will come out of this, he’ll forget about him and find a new life…

He deserved the best, and he deserved to have real love, not wasting his time on a sordid thing like him that could not even control his own body.

Before he met Xie Qian Lan, Chu Mu Yun thought he could give Shen Shui Yan the best, the very best there was in this world.

But now, he was finally clear that he was the very worst.


Chu Mu Yun raised his hand. An icy blue light gathered at his palms, and he threw it down, causing Shen Shui Yan to lose his consciousness.

Chu Mu Yun watched the unconscious boy with an extremely complicated expression. The deep emotions within his eyes were filled with both pain and despair. Even the glow of the morning light was dyed with despair. It carried with it a dense feeling of sorrow, just like the cold moonlight of a winter night.

Chu Mu Yun personally brought Shen Shui Yan back to his chambers. After putting him down on his bed, his lips trembled as if he wanted to give him one last kiss. But quickly, those dirty and unbearable memories came surfacing, and he finally resisted that urge.

Turning to leave, Chu Mu Yun looked like he had lost his spirit.

Xie Qian Lan was watching the entire scene. He understood how Chu Mu Yun felt. Only…he had been preparing for so long, how could he stop now?

He had to pull out every bit of Shen Shui Yan from the depths of his heart. How could he bear to have anyone in the way?

Chu Mu Yun returned to his chambers, and he seemed absentminded that entire night.

It was quite rare, but Xie Qian Lan did not ask for his body tonight, and just quietly stayed with him.

Shen Shui Yan had been woken up by someone. It was an unfamiliar aura and an unfamiliar voice. With an exceptionally sweet voice, it called out to him. “Young Palace Master, have you awoken?”

Shen Shui Yan opened his eyes and saw a very delicate boy. His skin was very fair and he had a beautiful face. He was about the same age as him but was much thinner. He had glistening eyes and was both shy, but expectant.

His head was slightly lowered. With his long hair flowing down, his slender and fair neck was exposed. “This one is here to serve the Young Palace Master.”

Shen Shui Yan sat up and narrowed his eyes dangerously. “Get out!”

The young boy was slightly dumbfounded, but that was quickly turned into a shy smile. He was dressed in a very thin robe. With just a slight movement of his fingers, the loose belt by his waist easily turned loose. His clothes slid down, exposing that he wore nothing underneath.

Having been undressed so easily, the young boy’s face flushed red and he said in a soft voice, “Ying’er has always admired the Young Palace Master. Being sent here to serve you has been very joyous for me. But this is Ying’er’s first time, so please…please…” He was so embarrassed that he could not continue.

Hearing this, the aura around Shen Shui Yan cooled instantly. “You said…you were sent here to serve me?”

The boy nodded his head.

Before he could finish saying his words, Shen Shui Yan suddenly got up and looked at him with eyes filled with murder. “…Who send you here?”

The boy was shocked, so much so that he began to stutter. “Please do not be angry, Young Palace Master…Did Ying’er do something wrong? Or…”

Shen Shui Yan stared at him and enunciated each word, “Don’t make me repeat myself!”

The boy’s eyes were filled with fear. “It was the lord, the Respected Leader has sent me here to serve the Young Palace Master.”

Shen Shui Yan’s hands jerked up, and a blazing light ran straight towards the boy’s throat.

There was no way the boy could bear such a deadly move. He could only watch as death came, but a sudden glow of light actually blocked the deadly scarlet beam.

Shen Shui Yan turned his head just to see that hateful man dressed in red.

Xie Qian Lan smiled. “Please do not be impulsive, Young Palace Master. This is one of the Respected Leader’s people, how could you kill him just like that?”


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