Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 67


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If not for Baby Zero’s disturbing and inhumane photos and videos, Chu Mu Yun would most likely be thrown into a whirlwind of feelings, unable to control himself, and with such a beauty before him now, he definitely would not hesitate to do a thing or two.

But if he did do it, or should he say, if he did get addicted to it, then the only thing left for him would be death.

Even with these three beasts with no moral integrity, Lust himself actually had little to do with matters of fornication.

For him, achieving enjoyment of body alone was simply too easy. With him being born with such an appearance, and the help of both the beasts of rapture and charm, there was simply no challenge to just play around with a person who had been baited in like a fish.

But a person’s heart is unpredictable.

And love was much more something that inspired awe. It could be related to one’s appearance, status, and power, but could also be completely irrelevant to them. You may even stay with a person for a thousand years and achieve not a single thread of love for them, yet sometimes love would plant itself deep into your heart with just the meeting of a gaze.

It had no rules, no principles, and no way to predict; love was full of surprises, and to overcome the unknown was a great challenge.

So, he was very interested in the act of charming another person.

And because of that, Xie Zhi Wei hated those with weak minds, the ones who would come to his arms after submitting to their desires.

He also hated those who would lose their reason after seeing his face, and stumbling over into a state of reverie; even more, he hated those who could lose their sights with only a few sweet words, unable to even differentiate between the poisonous fruits and the edible ones.

Do these trash truly believe they deserve love? They might as well die.

Chu Mu Yun was staring at him, but there was nothing resembling intoxication within his dark eyes. An image of complication could even be seen within his clear eyes, as if he……had known him for a long time.

Have we met, ice spirit beast? Xie Zhi Wei was very sure that he had never known him. After living to such an age, he had only ever heard of the existence of the ice spirit beasts, and not ever laying eyes on a single one of them.

Therefore……was it an illusion?

Chu Mu Yun frowned and dispersed the emotions in his eyes. His body suddenly straightened up as he put on his guard: “Who are you?”

Xie Zhi Wei stared at him, and avoided his question: “Your body is in bad shape.”

Chu Mu Yun narrowed his eyes: “That’s none of your business.”

Xie Zhi Wei laughed, and that air of seduction about him had actually been reduced to half. He had delicate eyes, and after glaze of charm had been wiped off, they looked even better. They were filled with affection, as if he could fall in love just by looking at him.

“The body of an ice spirit beast will go in heat once they reach adulthood, you can’t endure it forever, can you?”

Chu Mu Yun’s body had clearly turned stiff, but the solemn look in his eyes still remained: “I do not know who you are, and so I have no obligations to tell you that!”

He stood to him with hostility from beginning to end, clearly not at all affected by Xie Zhi Wei’s charm. However, the reason why he never made a move was only because he could not tell whether this person who looked human, was actually a human or just another evil spirit.

Xie Zhi Wei’s excitement grew even more. With gentle motions, he came close to Chu Mu Yun and said: “You’re amazing, to think you could actually destroy that illusion with a body like yours, but doesn’t it feel……bad, to struggle against the beast of charm? How about I lend you a hand? It will not hurt you in any way, nor will anyone have to know. I just……want to help you relieve yourself.”

Zero: “Asking to go to bed on the first meeting! Very good, very lustful!”

Chu Mu Yun did not wish to remind his naive and romantic little baby system about what was truly going on. After all, he wished he could remain as naive as he was for the rest of his life! Even if it will take ten years, just thinking about those ungodly images and videos he had to see, he was willing to pray for his purity back with ten years ==!

Of course, Chu Mu Yun would never fall into Xie Zhi Wei’s temptations. He took a step back and the icy blue glow that surrounded his body became even stronger: “Are you man or monster?!”

After that question, the chaotic sounds of footsteps could be heard coming from behind him, and at the same time, the appearance of countless cultivators.

With both Chu Mu Yun and Xie Zhi Wei’s cultivation levels, they were easily detected even from a mile away.

Xie Zhi Wei raised his hand to retrieve his three pets, and stood there with a smile.

But Chu Mu Yun was even more alert. Those who rushed over were all human warriors, and his subordinates, and of course, their speed could not be matched with Chu Mu Yun with his level of cultivation, so they arrived late.

However, just because they were here did not mean that Chu Mu Yun would put down his guard. He had already determined that Xie Zhi Wei was up to no good, especially with how those three beasts belonged to him, how could he possibly be a normal human?!

Even so, those who stood behind Chu Mu Yun could not be much help to him either, instead, he would even require much effort to be spent just to protect them. After all, these cultivators could not even match those of the three beasts, much less Xie Zhi Wei whose level of cultivation was unfathomable.

At this time, someone saw the handsome man in read and could not help but ask: “Respected leader……Where are the beasts? This is……”

Before Chu Mu Yun had even replied, Xie Zhi Wei cut in a step earlier: “The beasts that came from the crack have already been eliminated by your leader.”

His voice was extremely pleasant, and even though it was the deep voice of a sexy man, both men and women could still be instantly captured by its charm.

Chu Mu Yun could feel that Xie Zhi Wei was concealing his cultivation, so he did not raise the suspicions of those who came late.

The man who heard from him that the beasts have been disposed of gave a clear sigh of relief, but he then asked: “May I know who this young prince is?”

With his voice deep, Xie Zhi Wei responded in embarrassment: “My surname is Xie and my name is Zhi Wei, I am a lone cultivator who has come in hopes to help the respected leader after hearing of his tales, but I was too rash to prove myself and nearly died under the hands of those beasts, it was the respected leader who then disposed of those beasts, and saved me from them!”

His ability to tell lies without even blinking was truly great, as expected of his son.

Based on the setting, Chu Mu Yun should be trying to refute him, but Xie Zhi Wei must definitely have been prepared if he dared to say such things.

Telepathic conversation.

Xie Zhi Wei: “If you do not wish for them to know your identity as an ice spirit beast, then do not make a sound.”

Chu Mu Yun: “I am not from a species of ferocious evil beasts!”

Xie Zhi Wei: “But you are still a beast.”

Chu Mu Yun: “So what if I am? We are spiritual beasts, we are guardians……”

Xie Zhi Wei: “The humans don’t know that……With the walls tearing apart and the beasts pouring out, those humans have long forgotten the ancient past, how would they be able to differentiate between an evil beast and a spirit beast?”

Chu Mu Yun was speechless.

Xie Zhi Wei: “They admire you as their respected leader, but if they knew that the respected leader that everyone had trusted was actually a beast……Heh.”

Truly a strong threat, expresses Chu Mu Yun, it had enough force to push a boat into sea.

Chu Mu Yun: “What are you trying to do?”

Xie Zhi Wei: “I’m helping you. The estrus period for ice spirit beasts are very difficult, I can give you comfort.”

Chu Mu Yun: “I said I don’t need it!”

Xie Zhi Wei: “And how would you know if you didn’t even try?”

Chu Mu Yun did not continue talking to him, but he still could not brush this man away.

Faced with the suspicious gazes of the warriors behind him, he frowned, and could only follow Xie Zhi Wei’s desires: “Indeed, he came to help, and he has good skills as well, you can stay by my side in the future.”

With his voice, nobody dared to object. After all, Chu Mu Yun had such an abundance of majesty that nobody has ever tried to talk back at him.

But it still could not stop the rampaging thoughts of the people beneath them. But they could not be blamed, Xie Zhi Wei’s appearance was truly too wonderful; even the most beautiful woman in the Heaven’s Rain Palace may not be a match for him. To be so good-looking, and to have such respect for their leader……And the respected leader had also specifically voiced out his intentions to keep him by his side. With this……how could they not overthink things?

Even though the beasts have already been ‘dealt with’, they still had to repair the crack in space. And with such a huge crack, even Chu Mu Yun would need to rest for some time before he could seal it.

Not to mention that this was never-ending business. After fixing one up, another one appears right after, and after Chu Mu Yun brought his the warriors on an expedition to close them all, more than half a month had already passed in the blink of an eye.

Xie Zhi Wei had always had always been a dutiful man, so nobody ever complained about him staying beside Chu Mu Yun.

But Chu Mu Yun was always been very alert around him, and he never liked him from beginning to end.

And today, when things started to quiet down, a messenger suddenly entered the camp: “Respected leader! A letter from the young palace master arrived!”

Chu Mu Yun suddenly straightened up, and a hint of joy that he tried to suppress could be seen beaming from his eyes.


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