Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 66


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Chu Mu Yun was being serviced like a king.

He truly knew both Mo Jiu Shao and Yan Chen too well. After all, he had already captured one of them, while the other was coming soon. The fortunate thing about having their portraits lit up was: he had a perfect outline of the two.

So much so that even in this illusion, they never went out of character.

And right now, Chu Mu Yun managed to pinpoint the trick of the illusion; it would get him if he could not stop himself from screwing them.

In the real world, these two would never let him go all the way with them, but they really were willing in the illusion.

Chu Mu Yun was losing patience, it would be a waste not to enjoy what you were served on a platter……


Chu Mu Yun:”……”


Chu Mu Yun:”……”


Chu Mu Yun:”Stop, stop!”


Even though he knew that 00 were sending these images to him for his sake, but……He couldn’t help feeling this little brat was being very naughty!

After suffering the sight of those retina burning images, Chu Mu Yun lost all his impulsiveness that had built up previously, and he had completely calmed down.

Zero:”I didn’t expect those photos to be so efficient.”

Recalling the ‘basketballs’ hanging off those chests……Chu Mu Yun started to feel uncomfortable.

“Where did you get those photos?”It’s not that easy looking up AV with such heavy themes, right?!

Zero:”I searched using keywords.”

Chu Mu Yun had a very bad feeling about this.

Zero:”For example——How to make an excited top calm down.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero continued on angelically:”Don’t worry, I’ve already deleted them all……They were too scary!”

Chu Mu Yun: The other party does not wish to talk, and throws a DOS 3.0 to you.

Zero: The other party has successfully received your DOS 3.0, and quickly downloaded two gigabytes of emoticons.

Chu Mu Yun:”……”As expected, giving the young legend of emoticons some emoticons is……

After being messed with by Baby Zero who has grown up into a naughty child, Chief Chu no longer felt like doing anyone. All he wanted to know now was how he could get that pure and sweet little idiot back……

As long as he did not fall into temptation, he would naturally never be tricked by the illusion.

After a long time of being seduced by these two sluts like a saint, Chu Mu Yun finally put his pants on calmly and left.

Dream beast: Received 10000 crit damage.

After its illusion was broken, the fluffy big guy was left standing there with an innocent look on its face, blinking its big eyes like a pitiful little thing.

Once you manage to break out of its illusion, you would have a long period of resistance towards its abilities. So, even if whitey dreamy over here shakes up all its hairs into the skies, and covered the ground with its silver stars, there was still no way it could trap Chu Mu Yun into another illusion.

Meanwhile, Chu Mu Yun who had been suppressing a bellyful of anger wanted nothing more than to vent right now.

Dream beast: So scawy!

The two-three meter tall guy turned into a ball and ran off in a great huff. Those who knew what it well would know that it was running for its life, otherwise, others would think it was just trying to act cute.

But Chief Chu no longer had any confidence in these counterfeit goods.

Even Baby 00 has learned to snap back at him, are there still any cuties left in this world?

Chop them all up, all of them!

Fortunately, the dream beast still had his good bros around. After his illusion failed, the rapture beast stepped up immediately.

None of the warriors that came before had the wonderful luck to encounter the rapture beast.

They were all stuck in the dream beast’s illusion. WHile half of them had been shocked to death by the illusions, the other half were dragged into their deaths through their delusion, it was estimated that there was nobody else that went through it like Chief Chu did.

After all, any normal human would be in fear when faced with these evil beasts, how could any of them be calmly thinking about wonderful things like ‘fucking my predecessors’? There would only be Chief Chu.

Even though the dream beast was able to create an illusion, it did not actually know what the other party was seeing.

It was just an ability that could motivate a person’s subconscious in certain ways, and not creating anything. So, the only ones who knew what a person saw in the dream beast’s illusion was only the person within the illusion.

Otherwise, that dream beast’s abilities would be going against heaven; as long as it sprinkled its stars around, the entire world’s secrets would belong to it.

The rapture beast was an evil creature that represented lust. It was born with a small and exquisite appearance like a pretty little fox, and its big eyes were alluring like red rubies. Similar to the dream beast, its body was also covered with soft white fur, and if it ever tried to hide itself by snuggling up to the dream beast, nobody might notice.

The rapture beast could inspire the deepest desires of one’s hearts. There was no need to think about it……As long as it comes close to your desires, and if it sets its eyes on you, it could throw you into a mad thirst even if you did not meet its gaze.

Other people would only go into heat after taking an aphrodisiac, but it could offer the same effects just by looking at a person. It was so easy for it to cause a person to sink in deep, and then……sink into their deaths.

That’s right, it had a ridiculous setting.

Once it sets its eyes on a person, they would become excited, and then its good brother the ‘Beast of Charm’ would appear. Be it men or women, the ultimate goal that awaits them is to wallow in their fleshly pleasures until they all die.

Looking at it this way, there did not seem to be any way to settle the matter once these two little vixens appeared together.

After all, you would fall into its trap if it so much as sees you, and the charm beast was also ever-changing in its tricks, being able to use any means possible……as if the fall from your depravity was waving right at you.

However, Chu Mu Yun had some cheats ready. After creating such a setting, it was only natural that he would leave a tiny way out. Even though he never thought that he would be the one using this escape, how could the protagonist ever hope to defeat Lust if the escape did not exist?

It was not difficult; the beasts of charm and rapture may be invincible when they were together, but they were absolutely useless when you could calmly split them apart.

The rapture beast was able to arouse the sexual desires of a person, and as long as they were affected, would go into a maddening heat; on the other hand, the charm beast could morph itself into anything you desired, sucking you in so that you would end up doing it until your death.

But if you could keep cool even with the rapture beast’s enchantment, keeping your mind clear and control of your body unfaltering, then it would not be a big issue.

Meanwhile, when the charm beast came knocking, doing once or twice was fine, but you had to hold back. After all, if you were to do it until you died, the cause of it would be over-indulgence, and one’s lack of ability to hold themselves back is the root cause of their deaths.

Originally, as an ice spirit beast, Chu Mu Yun’s body was most unlikely to be able to resist temptation.

But there was an ungodly brat in his mind constantly giving him the ice bucket treatment.

As soon as the rapture beast stepped back, Chu Mu Yun’s entire body started to heat up.

The charm beast appears, its appearance sexy unlike anything he had ever seen.


Zero:”Please wait three seconds, the download will be done soon.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Serious face Zero:”It’s a video this time, it’ll definitely be more effective than a picture.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”……There’s even horror movies, so scary qaq! Watch it yourself later, I’ll close my sensors first.”

Chu Mu Yun felt that if these three beasts were not the end of him, then his system will definitely cripple him into an eunuch!

The process was simply horrifying. He managed to get through it, but it had still been tough on our Chief Chu.

Having never encountered someone this hard to affect, the three evil beasts were completely dumbfounded.

Chu Mu Yun took a deep breath; feels like a certain person was finally going to show up soon.

Even though the beasts could not handle Chu Mu Yun, they still managed to delay things for long enough. The gap between worlds had become bigger and bigger, as if it was tearing the sky into two halves.

Back then, even when Dark Night was trying to climb out, the gap was not this huge. It was not hard to imagine how powerful the one who was going to come out of the gap this time was.

It was not that Chu Mu Yun did not feel like closing the gap, but he truly did not have the power to do so.

Even though the dream beast no longer had any power to fight, the rapture and charm beast could still continue their tricks.

Chu Mu Yun had stopped moving, so they were also getting tired, and wanted to rest; but if Chu Mu Yun were to make a move, they would definitely get on their feet.

Chu Mu Yun was not afraid of them messing about either, he was more afraid of dealing with his Baby Zero.

The former would involve a life of two once they start their tricks, but the latter would make you question your life.

So, he could only watch as the crack grew bigger and bigger, whilst the black gas poured out incessantly from the gap as if a black hole had seeped into their world, constantly peeling back the masks of its appearance, releasing onto this world a boundless horror.

Just as the gap had grown into an unimaginable size, the abrupt appearance of something red emerged.

That scarlet red was bright, so intense, dazzling, like a sun tearing through the night sky. The incredible brightness it shone formed a dense red with a tinge of orange as it spread outwards, covering up all the black, turning that horror into nothing, dissipating the gloom, finally emerging as a slender figure.

On his body was a red robe that contrasted his flowing black hair. His five features were so exquisite and heavenly, so much so that those who laid eyes upon him would not hesitate to offer him the very best this world could offer, all so they could admire even just a single fraction of his beauty.

Chu Mu Yun raised his head to look at him, and his eyes were filled with confusion.

Lust and Pride were twins whose appearances were almost the same, and it almost seemed as if their faces were carbon copies of each other, but nobody would ever confuse the two.

If you were to say that Pride was the cool frost laying upon a bright moon, then Lust was the raging hot sun in noon.

Their appearance was almost the same, yet they were easily separated due to the wide difference in their aura.

But still, they had similarities that could not simply be ignored.

They were just as beautiful, just as strong, and as well, they could take the breath of everyone away with just their presence.

One of the seven lords of the demon world: Xie Zhi Wei, bearer of malignant ‘lust’. With long hair that went down to his waist, he was most fond of wearing red, and his appearance was as gorgeous as an incubus, luring in both men and women. A person’s appearance could hold strong power to bewitch a person, and anyone with a weak mind would easily be enslaved. His character was unstable, but extremely strong, easily changing from graceful and charming to wayward and reckless. He would cry at the sight of a small animal dying, but on the other hand, he could also raze an entire town without blinking. His character was so strange and ever-changing, never once had he ever fallen in love with anyone, yet he knew how to make use of it. Others could indulge in his beauty, and he would grant them ‘love’, but in the end, they would be cruelly betrayed. He hated being obsessed over, and loved being hated; the more one hated him, the more excited he got.

Just thinking about this setting, Chu Mu Yun could not help but sigh: He really does get a 10 out of 10 in being a crazy pervert.

Wrath did not know what love was, so you had to tie him with a string of what he wanted if you wanted to date him.

Xie Zhi Wei knew love well, but his concept of love was extremely distorted. If you really wanted to move him, you first had to first remove that string that had been twisted into a thick hem rope, before tying him up with a new one.

So to say……these two were ranked no.2 and no.3 for a reason.

Chu Mu Yun was slightly stunned, but Xie Zhi Wei finally saw him.

He slowly landed on the ground. His red robe was extremely dazzling, yet it could not take away from his even more alluring appearance. The only thing he could keep in his sights was the sight of this man walking forward, accompanied by a charming aroma. His voice was echoed lovingly in his ears, as if he was telling him a beautiful story about romance:”So it’s an ice spirit beast? It’s been a while since I’ve seen one.”

His mouth curled into a smile. Without any words the sight of that was still enough to cause one’s blood to boil with excitement.


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