Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 68


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Since they were on a sortie outside, communication was not very convenient, especially with how they were hunting beasts day and night. The result of not stopping was that the whole army was now wandering around without even a fixed base.

Shen Shui Yan’s letter had been sent long ago, but the messenger was slightly slow, so it was only then did the letter get delivered.

Chu Mu Yun got up and went over to receive the letter personally.

Shen Shui Yan used the very best of everything, so even the paper he used was precious. The tactile feel of its surface was very good, and also carried with it a light fragrance that had yet to disperse even after such a long journey, that alone was enough to show how exquisite this paper was.

But this was not important. Chu Mu Yun opened the letter and saw the familiar handwriting within.

Shen Shui Yan had a delicate appearance, but his handwriting was majestic. Even at such a young age, his strokes were strong; the ink swayed and flowed like a swimming dragon, it almost looked as if it could sweep an entire army away!

They say that a person’s handwriting was a glimpse of their own person.

This did not mean their outer appearance, but rather their character.

The first time Chu Mu Yun saw these words, he understood that this was indeed the lord of greed who had climbed up to the very peak of the world.

Much was written in the letter. The first part explained of some government affairs that took place in the Heaven’s Rain palace, as well as how Shen Shui Yan had chosen to take care of them. Chu Mu Yun skimmed past those, and saw no issues at all. In this respect, Greed was extremely talented. Perhaps, even though he had lost his memories and experiences, the things that had been carved into your soul would never disappear, they would rise up again as long as you came in contact with the subject, just like an instinct.

The latter half consisted completely of his letter for him.

Shen Shui Yan spoke much of himself, and the more he went on, the more he started to reveal himself; so much he missed him as written in his thoughts, that a sense of indescribable ambiguity could also be detected between the lines of characters.

Chu Mu Yun read over the letter very slowly, almost as if he was going through each words one by one in utmost earnesty.

Xie Qian Lan observed him at the side, and the humour in his eyes grew deeper and deeper.

So it turns out he has someone in his heart, no wonder he was that hard to control.

The young palace master? Xie Qian Lan savoured the thought as a meaningful arc curved up his lips.

Chu Mu Yun spent about a quarter of an hour reading the letter before putting it away with reluctance, keeping it on his person.

Xie Qian Lan asked casually:”Are you raising a child?”

Chu Mu Yun immediately resumed his serious and indifferent look:”None of your business.”

“Why does the respected leader hate me so much?”Xie Qian Lan called him that, but he had no respect for him at all.

And to that question, Chu Mu Yun wished he could throw him a: you damned shaking masochist, doesn’t it excite you the more someone hates you?!

But he could not say that. Thus, Chu Mu Yun turned around and locked his sharp, black eyes with Xie Qian Lan’s:”I do not know where you come from, and your heart is full of plots, even to the point of threatening me with baseless facts…Could it end at hate? I should really just——kill you!”

When he said those last two words, a violent pressure suddenly erupted from Chu Mu Yun’s body with enough momentum to freeze the entire space. Even the surface of the smooth tabletop seemed to have frosted over.

With power like his, don’t even mention contending against every single person in this world, he could even shake the earth just by kneeling down.

There was not a single change in Xie Qian Lan’s expression, he still had on an appearance of a low-levelled cultivator. But he was not shaken, on the contrary, the smile widened even further on his lips:”You can’t bear to kill me.”

Chu Mu Yun glared at him coldly.

Xie Qian Lan reached out to touch his handsome face:”Is it because the respected leader is too powerful, that you can’t resign yourself to be beneath another man?”

These words had clearly shaken Chu Mu Yun. He narrowed his eyes, and the killing intent in his eyes quickly condensed like a violent hurricane:”Do not anger me.”

Xie Qian Lan met his gaze, and his carried himself enchantingly:”You can’t keep this up for too long.”

Chu Mu Yun suddenly raised his hands, and a sharp icy arrow was shot out from the tip of his fingers, aimed straight towards Xie Qian Lan’s throat.

Lust did not even move. He stood straight, as if the thing that flew towards him was not a weapon that could end his life, but just a gentle touch of his finger.

A charming glimmer emerged within his eyes. The seductive appearance he had at the start appeared again, and without even speaking, the air around him was enough to cause a man’s blood to boil.

Chu Mu Yun could clearly sense the strange changes in his own body. That feeling of agitation had been pulled out from the depths by someone else, and there was so much of it that was densely packed that it was almost like boiling hot water, causing his blood to become hot.

Chu Mu Yun used great power to keep his mind clear.

But Xie Qian Lan would not let him go with just this. He raised his hand to push the sharp ice arrow away before coming even closer to him. Seemingly without any guard, he kissed Chu Mu Yun.

Those slightly hot lips, a taste so sweet that it count confuse a person’s mind, it tempted people, and made them long for more……even more……

Chu Mu Yun was trying so hard to endure it that the veins on his forehead were visible, but he still did not respond in the slightest. Instead, he pushed Xie Qian Lan away strongly.

Xie Qian Lan did not mind, he only gave him a smile like that of an incubus:”How delicious.”

Chu Mu Yun ignored him. He put on his outer robe and left the tent in a big stride.

From this day on, Xie Qian Lan began to provoke Chu Mu Yun without rest.

To be honest, Chu Mu Yun felt terrible. He had already done the best he could with his acting ability, he only wanted to either fuck or hack that damn lecherous demon to death.

But unfortunately, the plot that had been laid out before him had yet to fully unfurl.

Indeed, his ice spirit beast body was already at its limit. His body enters its estrus period after reaching adulthood, and the ice spirit essence produced during this time is the most valuable. But for the sake of keeping his ice spirit essence pure, there was no way for an ice spirit beast to vent with their own abilities.

Even……Even if someone were to help, there was no way to receive comfort with just foreplay.

Only by being screwed would he achieve orgasm.

This damned setting.

It had been many days since Chu Mu Yun last slept. Zero Baby had been trying his best to ease his host’s desires, and he had also tried his very best; this pure little child was quickly becoming an expert at pouring acid in one’s eye……

Chu Mu Yun felt tired in all sorts of ways. But besides Lust, nobody could hold this burden.

So, if he didn’t abuse that guy, how could he be happy?

After a month past, during the sealing of another crack, Chu Mu Yun could hold himself no longer.

It felt like his entire body was burning up, and the yearning of his physiological needs was not something his spirit could suppress. Just like what Xie Qian Lan said, he could not endure it any longer.

One’s spirit originates from their body, after being tormented each and every day in such a way, nobody could hold on forever.

When only half of the crack was sealed, Chu Mu Yun could not bring out even an ounce of power more from his body. As his body went soft, he fell over directly.

The human cultivators did not notice anything, but Xie Qian Lan had realized it at first glance.

He went over to catch him, and after helping him up, a fiery light flowed out from his fingertips, completing the seal that Chu Mu Yun had yet to complete.

After following him for so many days, Xie Qian Lan had long understood the technique to that seal. His cultivation was even higher than Chu Mu Yun’s, so continuing the seal was simple business.

The humans came up to guard the area:”What happened to the respected leader?”

Xie Qian Lan smiled:”He’s tired, I’ll send the leader back.”

That man did not doubt him. After all, Chu Mu Yun had been trusting Xie Qian Lan very much these days.

After bringing him back to the camp, Chu Mu Yun opened his eyes just as Xie Qian Lan entered the tent, and an absent red glow could be seen in his eyes.

Xie Qian Lan had just wanted to speak, but Chu Mu Yun suddenly kissed him.

What invaded his mouth was a burning hot French kiss. As if it was no longer possible for him to suppress his urges any longer. The burning impulsion was nearly pushing him to the brink of madness. Chu Mu Yun invaded deeply into his mouth, and curled his tongue with his, sending a numb tingle through his whole mind.

Xie Qian Lan was the bearer of malignant ‘lust’, but he had practically never felt as thirsty as he did now.

He thirsted to drive this powerful and forbearing figure that was respected by the humans to a state of ruin.

He had lost all sense of reason, and their lips had been locked practically since the first moment they entered the tent. Of course, their clothes that were in the way had been brutally torn off and they headed straight for the bed.

When they reached the bed, the bodies of the two were already bare. They stopped their kiss, and with piercing eyes, they watched each other.

Both of them had bodies that were similar in sexiness, and every curve could tempt a person to come closer for a touch. Perfect muscles that were not overly big, but still showed the power of a man’s sex. There was a great difference between the tones of their skin, but they were alluring just the same; that smooth texture almost felt as if it was sucking in a person’s palm with reluctance to ever part.

Xie Qian Lan lowered his head, and chose to first suck on his seductive nipples.

Chu Mu Yun’s body stiffened; his overly sensitive body had practically zero resistance against this stimulation.

But Xie Qian Lan had excellent technique. With every bite and nibble, he pushed him closer to his desperate end.

In a short time, the last bit of discomfort vanished from Chu Mu Yun’s mind as he sank into the fragrant haze.

Xie Qian Lan enveloped his erection with his mouth, and the combined efforts of his hot mouth as well as that debauch posture satisfied Chu Mu Yun completely. He grabbed Lust’s smooth long hair, and pressed him roughly against himself.

Xie Qian Lan took him in deeper just as he wished, giving him great pleasure that intensified as each wave came.

But it was not enough, not enough at all.

After Xie Qian Lan made him even harder, he got up to look at him, chuckling:”There’s no way for you to feel satisfied this way, you need something big to fill you up from behind.”

Chu Mu Yun scrunched his eyebrows into a very light frown.

But Xie Qian Lan was already peeling his legs apart to expose the little secret between them.

A handsome man so strong, so sexy, but he had such a slutty body.

Truly……too delicious.

Xie Qian Lan licked his lips. His huge meaty rod was already pushing against that lustful opening that was already wet with the fluids it had secreted.

A tremble could be seen running through Chu Mu Yun’s body.

Xie Qian Lan stared right into his black eyes:”I’m going in……”

As soon as he said that, he raised his hips abruptly, and entered straight into his depths in one thrust.

Chu Mu Yun bit down on his lower lip, but a soft groan escaped.

The colour of Xie Qian Lan’s eyes deepened. He bent down to lay a kiss on his lips:”My lord, your body is so hot, I’m almost melting.”

Chu Mu Yun seemed as if he wanted to escape from his kiss, but Xie Qian Lan bit down on them:”Don’t move away, it’s still early, I’ll fuck you so good you’ll cum with tears in your eyes.”

Following his words, Xie Qian Lan began to thrust in with the intensity of a pile driver. Every single thrust went in deep and heavy, stretching open the wall of his intestines as they were stimulated by the rough friction, the great pleasure had captured the two of them in the greatest indulgence. The ice spirit beast’s body was very good at taking him, while Lust was also very good at grasping the rhythm.

Truly, they screwed without a care in the world, even though they were both covered in sweat, they were in so much pleasure that neither of them could remember what year it was. Under the incessantly accumulating pleasure, Chu Mu Yun who had been holding back for far too long finally could bear it no longer; the instant he reached climax, the illusion of his mind turning into mush washed through him.

Just as he came, his hole clenched tight. Xie Qian Lan had wanted to continue moving for a while longer, but the essence that spread out from the depths of his canal had covered the tip of his member completely. There was no way he could resist it, and after he rammed in strongly for a dozen more times, Xie Qian Lan drove himself straight into the deepest part, and released his desire within.

“My lord, your little hole……truly is the best.”

Saying that, Xie Qian Lan’s hot member began to rub his walls again……


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