Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 65


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The warriors who came before to fend off the beasts were mostly caught by the dream beast.

It actually had a very cute appearance and a very large build like a ball, while white fur almost akin to snow covered its body. When it moved, there would even be a lot of starry particles falling from its body, and moving forward was just like a shooting star, filling the ground with a silvery light.

At first glance, it looked more like a spirit beast than an evil beast.

After all, it was so harmless, so adorable, and so dreamy.

If a young girl saw it, she might even be inclined to bring it home as a pet.

But unfortunately, this was a genuine evil beast that did not mind bringing harm to both old and young.

Though the dream beast had an adorable appearance, it had a violent nature; those who had come in contact with his silvery particles would instantly fall into an illusion if their minds were not strong enough to resist.

Meanwhile, the dream world that they are sent to were definitely deadly traps, and most people will never be able to come out of it. If one were to die within one of these dreams, then they would really die, and their souls would be imprisoned by the dream beast. Unless a different soul took over, there will be no way that person could ever return to the circle of reincarnation.

Though a strong mind is able to resist its silvery particles, it was still only to some degree.

A person with a firm heart will not fall to its tricks just by coming into contact with those silvery particles, but they still will not be able to avoid all the stars on that guy’s body. If one of its fluffy white furs were to display its powers, then even a god will end up falling into an illusion.

But there were still ways to break through the illusion. As the person who created this setting, it was only natural that Chu Mu Yun knew how to break through it.

It’s very simple; as long as you didn’t believe in it, it did not matter what it showed you, all you had to do was not believe in it.

You will not be captured by it if you don’t fall into it, but how could it be that easy? The illusion stemmed from one’s heart.

Chu Mu Yun had been hit by countless of those silvery particles, and unsurprisingly, he appeared in a different space as soon as he opened his eyes. It was no longer that mess of a battlefield, but rather a bustling city filled with high-rise buildings.

It has been twenty years since he left the earth, so seeing it gave him a heavy sense of false reality.

Wasn’t this illusion a bit too rough around the edges……? Chu Mu Yun silently complained in his heart.

He seemed to have returned to the day of his accident. After taking a shower and putting down his phone, he took his car keys and left the door, hoping to have a quick fling with that boy called Xiao Song that night, just for some fun.

He did not end up in an accident in that illusion, the car kept going, all the way over the viaduct, and reaching the three Michelin-starred restaurant in the city center.

He got down his car, and just as he was about to enter the establishment, his phone rang.

Chu Mu Yun suddenly felt curious, how on earth was this illusion trying to ‘trick’ him?

After answering the phone, a very pleasant voice emerged from the receiver, clearly different from Xiao Song’s voice, but clearly, it showed that it was none other than Xiao Song calling.

“Brother Chu, can you come directly to the hotel?”

Wasn’t this going directly to bed without even eating dinner?

To tell the truth……This did move Chu Mu Yun’s heart a bit. It’s been more than a decade since then, he’s nearly forgotten what it felt to do someone.

But no matter what, he will continue on the illusion and see what it had in store for him. There was a key point in the illusion, that as long as you could hold on till the end, you would not be swallowed up.

It was fake anyway, if he doesn’t want to eat, then so be it. Chu Mu Yun responded:”Sure, I’ll come look for you.”

The voice at the other end was very deep, and as it transmitted itself through his phone’s receiver to his ear, it sounded particularly sexy:”I have a little problem here, would it bother you, Brother Chu?”

“Huh?”Chu Mu Yun took a cigarette out of his pocket. If he could take another puff out of this thing, then he hadn’t come into this illusion for nothing. He lit up his cigarette and placed it between his lips,”What’s up?”

“I have a friend here.”

Chu Mu Yun raised the corners of his lips:”Wanna do it together?”

That voice spoke a very alluring response:”Can we?”

Chu Mu Yun really felt tempted. Damn, this dream beast really knows how to seduce a man!

Chu Mu Yun took a big drag out of his cigarette and responded easily:”Sure.”

“That’s good, I’ll be waiting for you, Brother Chu.”

“Mm,”Chu Mu Yun hummed a reply and walked out of the restaurant. Getting on his car, he stepped on the gas pedal and set off.

Chu Mu Yun had already booked a hotel early on.

He had loads of money, enough that he would never be able to spend it all alone, so he had always been easy with money. Be it dress, stay, or his ride, he always got the best, and he would never skimp on spending on his flings. Even though he never brought anyone home, casually burning through several tens of thousands in one night was still nothing to frown over.

After handing his keys to the jockey, Chu Mu Yun passed through the lobby and entered the elevator.

The sky had not yet fully darkened at this moment, so it was reasonable to say that it was not yet time for such affairs.

But this was an illusion, so why not?

Chu Mu Yun left the elevator and swiped the keycard on the scanner before letting himself in.

He took off his coat and loosened his tie before calling out softly:”Xiao Song?”

What he got in response was the opening of the bathroom door. Through the hazy mist, a figure gradually emerged.

Chu Mu Yun fixed his eyes on that figure, and when the mist subsided, and he had a good look at the person before him, he was stunned.

Standing there on the fur carpet is a tall and slender man with long hair like a waterfall, light grey eyes, skin as delicate as flower petals, and a shockingly exquisite set of facial features.

He had just finished bathing and his upper body was bared. He could see his slender neck, his sexy clavicle, as well as a firm chest and abdomen that was filled with unexaggerated muscles……Truly a body at the peak of beauty.

Chu Mu Yun had kissed that body for many years, so he was very clear what kind of sexy scene was hidden beneath that towel.

Xiao Song turned into Mo Jiu Shao……

Damned dream beast, you really know how to have fun!

Chu Mu Yun’s throat bobbed up and down. He walked forward and took Mo Jiu Shao, then, a hot and burning kiss was plastered on his wet lips.

After returning to his own body, Chu Mu Yun seemed to be the same height as Mo Jiu Shao, and they both had bodies filled with strength, as well as the same, strong sense of sexiness, that same burning passion that colliding accidentally, could create a strong spark, instantly burning up the atmosphere to the boiling point.

Chu Mu Yun had never exposed his true appearance in front of Mo Jiu Shao.

But the feeling of wanting to fuck him was a feeling that had never once left his body.

Chu Mu Yun vaguely understood the tricks used by the dream beast now.

It created Mo Jiu Shao’s image, and got it to seduce him, it really tickled his heart in a way that was hard to bear.

Chu Mu Yun would not fall into that demon’s trap, but having a little fun for now was still alright.

After holding back for seven years, Chu Mu Yun needed this pleasure; even if it was fake, it was still fulfilling.

But clearly, our Chief Chu had underestimated the ability of the dream beast.

While he and Mo Jiu Shao were still locked in their passionate kiss, a cold voice suddenly rang out from behind him:”Xiao Yun, you’re still partial to him as usual.”

Chu Mu Yun could not help but pause for a moment.

The contents of the earlier phone call returned to his mind.

“I have a friend here.”Together?”Can We?”Sure.”


Chu Mu Yun turned around and without any surprise, he saw the black-haired and purple-eyed Yan Chen.

He wore a pair of black pajamas decorated by exquisite workmanship, contrasting his fair skin, that deep black caused his skin to appear even more alabaster.

His unique violet irises were covered with a layer of ambiguity while a cool smile was hung on his lips. He was still so casual as before, still with his bad timing, and still……needing a good fuck!

Chu Mu Yun took a deep breath.

Yan Chen had already walked over, and started to kiss him.

Both martial brothers coming up to him together, and they were even taking the initiative to be the damn bottom.

Chu Mu Yun had an inkling that he might be in big trouble.


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