Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 62


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After all that happened during the day, it took Su Shuang a delicious feast before she could finally relax.

She had been in the Heaven’s Rain Palace for two whole years now, and was one of the very first to be sent over.

At first, she was rather pleased to be able to get the chance to wait on Chu Mu Yun, but after two years, she had used all the techniques she new, with drugs the only thing she had yet to try, only to have that man whose appearance was like that of the God’s to end up unwilling to touch her.

Su Shuang’s felt very bothered about these events, but it was unfortunate that she did not dare to speak out about them. After all, Chu Mu Yun had spent several of his nights at her chamber. Even though they did not do anything, it was because of the honor she received that her rich sponsors were finally taking notice of her. If she were to told them that they did nothing, would that not just be a slap to her own face?

It was pure luck for her to be able to pump into the respected leader at the back garden today. This esteemed man was a very strict person, so don’t even mention bribing anyone, you would be driven out of the Heaven’s Rain Palace.

Su Shuang did not want to leave such a good place, so she did not intend to rouse any troubles. The only thing she could do was to walk around more and keep an eye out, she might even get lucky and hit the jackpot one of these days.

Just like today……

It was quite unfortunate that she had not the chance to do anything before the young lord had snatched him away from her.

Su Shuang thought about that young boy with his otherworldly beauty, and could not help but shiver.

Illusion, it had to be an illusion! He was such a delicate little thing, how could the young lord be so scary? It can’t be possible.

After her meal, Su Shuang prepared to turn in for the night. However, she received an unexpected surprise.

The servant that entered bowed to her and spoke:”Miss Su, the lord is expecting you.”

Surprise rose up in Su Shuang’s eyes:”My lord……”

“Please be changed and be over as soon as possible, miss.”

Hearing this, Su Shuang stood up immediately:”Please wait for a moment, I will go to bathe right now……”

“The lord is waiting, you may bathe in the main palace.”

The implications of her words were very obvious, as one who had been taught of such things since she was young, there was no way Su Shuang did not understand. She returned to her room with excitement and picked out a set of charming set of clothes, changing into them before she came out. When she was done, her style appeared very graceful, adoring, and alluring.

The servant’s face had remained the same from beginning till the end, and seeing that she had come out of her room, she said:”This way, Miss Su.”

Su Shuang followed closely behind her.

She lived at the very back of the Heaven’s Rain Palace, so she had to pass through the back garden if she wanted to reach the front hall.

During the day, the flowers bloomed brilliantly under the sun in the garden, and its beauty was hard to describe; but at night, the view that it offered during the day was all unavailable, instead, it was replaced with a quaint sense of charm that intensified the more beautiful the flower was. After the rich petals had been covered with the darkness, they revealed a chilling appearance that almost seemed like it had been absorbing the blood of a person.

Su Shuang felt inexplicably flustered, and when she reached the bridge, she saw that beautifully dressed boy. In an instant, her heart was frozen with a chill.

Beneath the dim moonlight, the boy was dressed in his robes that were decorated with accessories that were each of great value, it was almost shocking how beautiful his appearance was. As if he were a bloodthirsty flower growing in the borders of hell, he was so beautiful to the point of bewitching a person; but they would never know of the venomous thorns beneath his bud, those who were pricked by them would have their bodies turned numb, and when they fell into the sea of flowers, their blood would be sucked dry.

And that which nourished these flowers was that rich fluid which was filled with vitality; it was blood.

Su Shuang wanted to get away, but the person who made her come out quickly stopped her by pointing something right behind her back.

Su Shuang was also a cultivator, so she knew what it was.

As long as she took a single step back, her stomach would be pierced through!

AdvertisementSu Shuang’s face turned pale, but due to fear, words could not come from her mouth even if they were open.

Shen Shui Yan looked at her from afar, and suddenly, a smile rose up his lips. He had a face that was beautiful as it is, so when he smiled, the curves of his features appeared especially sweet, just like soft cotton candy that held within it the naivety of a delicate child, but the words that came out of his mouth was chilling:”Disappointed? He was not the one looking for you.”

Su Shuang finally reacted:”It was not the lord looking for me, but……but you.”

Shen Shui Yan smiled and looked straight at her:”It’s so late, what do you want to see him for?”

Su Shuang could not answer him. In fact, her entire mind had turned empty, and at this moment, it felt as if she had been pricked by the thorns of the bloodthirsty flower. Numbness spread throughout her entire body, and she could only watch with her eyes open as the God of Death inched closer to him.

At his age, the voice of a boy had yet to be affected by puberty yet, so for him to lower his voice on purpose made it sound strange:”Are you hoping for him to take those beautiful robes off you when you’re dressed like that? Did you make yourself so pretty so that he would hold you? Or maybe to obtain his kiss, and maybe……even more……”

Su Shuang did not speak, instead, she shook her head desperately, as if she were trying to fight for her last hope of survival in such a silly way.

However, her tearful face only served to excite Shen Shui Yan even further.

Ah Yun was such a soft person, he would definitely feel pained to see her cry like this, won’t he?

Would he comfort her? Tell her that everything will be fine? And then touch her with his warm hands? Or maybe……would he do even more?

Would he also give away all of that which belonged to him?

No……He can’t!

Shen Shui Yan’s smile had disappeared completely and his fingers were trembling as he walked towards her.

“Promise me, don’t touch him, don’t look at him, and don’t even think about him……”

He whispered softly to her, but Su Shuang’s eyes could only widen her fear, and she could not stop the trembling of her voice:”Let me go, I’ll leave the Heaven’s Rain Palace, I definitely won’t do it again with……”

“But you’ve already done it.”The boy’s voice was as sweet as honey, and a strange fragrance was also wafting through the air,”You’ve touched him with your dirty hands, and looked at him with those disgusting fish eyes of yours, and even though of him with your head that’s filled with rubbish……”

Su Shuang was frightened:”I won’t do it anymore, please, I won’t do it.”

Shen Shui Yan smiled, the corners of his lips turning into a wicked curve:”Only the promise of the dead can be trusted.”

As he said this, his face was left with only a layer of frostiness.

Su Shuang’s eyes widened in shock, and did not even dare to move anymore. She could feel that her body was quickly falling over. As soon as the ice cold water of the lake entered her nose and ears, she started to feel strongly suffocating. Unfortunately, she could not even save herself.

Bit by bit, her gaze turned blurry, and the last thing she saw in her mind was a field of scarlet.

It was vivid like blood, but so strangely beautiful.

That was a demon that belonged in hell, a beautiful flower that was called ‘blood lust’.

Shen Shui Yan stood on the bridge, and it took a long time before he could finally clam his emotions down.

She had an easy way out, he had wanted to cut off those lowly hands of hers, and dig out her ugly eyes, force her into insanity, causing her to never be able to think of that person ever again……

But no, he could not do that.

Because……He would be found out.

Shen Shui Yan took a deep breath and turned to retreat back into his room.

During the night, the dark gardens were as silent as a graveyard.

Chu Mu Yun showed himself and raised his hand, fishing the woman from the bottom of the lake.

There was still a thread of vitality left in her. After all, she was a cultivator, she would not drown this easily.

Chu Mu Yun did not look any more at her. He called the secret guard behind him:”Send her away, Su Shuang must never appear again.”


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