Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 61


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Even after three years, Chu Mu Yun did not appear to have changed much, but Shen Shui Yan had grown from a tender little child to a young boy with a delicate set of features.

The age of 10 truly was an age where one could appear most androgynous; especially when they looked like Shen Shui Yan.

Chu Mu Yun spoiled him, and as the people beneath him were not blind men, they had also made an attempt to offer up good things to him, and these gifts were all showered upon Shen Shui Yan.

It seems like ‘Greed’s inclinations were obtained at birth, as he was particularly fond of those pretty and colourful baubles. Accessories that were too dazzling and cumbersome may be too overpowering when worn on someone else, but he had no problems with such issues. Perhaps it was that his appearance was too beautiful, so that even the most beautiful of clothes could only serve to highlight his beauty.

There was no shortage of materials in the human world, and the larger bases were capable of creating countless beautiful things. As those who were part of the top rung amongst cultivators, they had more than a handful of good stuff to offer. To obtain Chu Mu Yun’s favour, they really did not hesitate to bring out all they had; and due to Chu Mu Yun’s act of favouritism, they had given all of such ‘offerings’ to Shen Shui Yan.

For three whole years, Shen Shui Yan lived a life that even a prince could never dream of having; from food to dress, he was given the very best, and even the servants left by his side were dressed as well as nobles.

He had been playing in the back garden alongside his four young attendants and four young maids. He wore an intricately crafted robe that was a light yellow in colour, and a light translucent chiffon layer above it. Around his waist was a rare gem that sparkled under the light, but it still could not outshine the healthy luster of his ink black hair. And his smooth hair that almost resembled a ribbon was not laden with an excessive amount of accessories, there was only a string of lustrous pearls that gathered at the back of his hair. The angle he was watching him from just happened to be perfect, and the sight was so beautiful that he could even compare to a painting just by standing there.

This was a person loved by all, and Chu Mu Yun was no exception.

He watched as Shen Shui Yan came over, and immediately, he ignored the woman beside him.

Shen Shui Yan stood quietly there and stared at him with his dark eyes without blinking at all.

Chu Mu Yun went over and spoke to him with a soft look in his eyes:”I was just about to look for you.”

Shen Shui Yan’s gaze moved slightly towards that unfamiliar woman.

Suddenly, a murderous aura filled the entire space.

Su Shuang had wanted to greet the esteemed young lord, but her lips were sealed shut with fear as she straightened her posture.

Chu Mu Yun raised his brows, but did not end up saying anything. He took Shen Yan Shui’s hand and cleared up the atmosphere with ease:”Someone brought a chef over this morning who knows how to prepare fish, and I asked the others to catch some fresh perch, want to try some?”

Shen Shui Yan was a great lover of fish, and since Chu Mu Yun doted on him so much, he would allow him to eat as much as he wanted, they didn’t even know how many times they had even changed the chef in charge.

When Shen Shui Yan heard what he said, he turned to look at him:”Is Ah Yun coming as well?”

Chu Mu Yun responded:”Mm.”

Stars instantly lit up in SHen SHui Yan’s beautiful eyes, and the smile that emerged from his lips were as warm and moving as the morning sun:”I love perch.”

Chu Mu Yun smiled and gave him a light tap on the vermillion mark between his brows:”Come on, they should be done.”

They left hand in hand, leaving Su Shuang to defrost for some time before she could suppress that chill in her bones.

How could he be so terrifying……She really did not understand where such that strong murderous aura had come out from.

Was it that young boy?

How could that be possible?

He was such a young and delicate child, he might not even know what it meant to kill someone……

The skills of the chef they had hired this time was truly very good, even Chu Mu Yun who was not much a fan of fish could tell how well the dishes were made. The flesh of the fish was fresh and tender, while the other ingredients chosen to go with the fish was able to cover up the unpleasant fishy taste without taking away the deliciousness of the fish itself. Moreover, the dish was not only delicious, but also beautiful in colour. When placed on delicate porcelain, it was as pleasing to the eye as it tasted.

Chu Mu Yun had only tried a few mouthfuls of the dish before putting down his chopsticks. With the level of his cultivation, food had long been something he could do without; the only reason he had come today was so he could accompany Shen Shui Yan.

He held an intricately carved jade cup in his hand filled with mellow wine, and lifted it up to his lips. A leisurely look of comfort decorated his handsome face, causing the hearts of those who set eyes upon him to tremble in awe.

Shen Shui Yan loved his face a lot, but did not dare to look too much at it too much for he fears that he may forget everything else if he looked for even a second longer. He wished to do nothing other than looking at it, nothing but that, and also……he would not allow anyone to set their eyes upon him.

This……must be wrong.

In order to rid himself of these thoughts, Shen Shui Yan asked him a question he had been longing the answer of:”Ah Yun, that woman from earlier……was she your wife?”

Though he was now ten, he did not have any memories prior to the time when he was seven, nor did Chu Mu Yun teach him much of anything in the past three months; because it was no use to teach him, what knowledge would he still lacked when everything comes back to him in ten years? Thus, all that Shen Shui Yan understood now were things he had found by eavesdropping.

Without even thinking about it, Chu Mu Yun responded:”She’s not.”

Shen Shui Yan’s expression did not change, but that may be because he did not even understand what it meant for someone to be his wife.

But even if Chu Mu Yun denied that, Shen Shui Yan still could not suppress the agitation within his heart. He tried to probe in a different direction instead:”Ah Yun, what am I to you?”

He was slightly surprised to hear this question from him, but Chu Mu Yun had still put some serious thought into it.

But before he could answer, Shen Shui Yan raised his head to look at him:”Am I your child?”

Chu Mu Yun nodded:”I guess you could say that.”

Shen Shui Yan stared at him with his dark eyes:”Then why aren’t I allowed to call you father?”

Chu Mu Yun laughed:”Do you wish to call me that?”

Shen Shui Yan nodded seriously:”I want to.”

Chu Mu Yun took a sip of the wine and allowed the strong taste of its spices to run down his throat. Instead of being choked by it, the sensation only served to stimulate him:”Alright, from today on, I will bey our father.”

Shen Shui Yan stared at him, and suddenly his heart began to beat rapidly. That thirst and craving was rearing its head again, he really wanted to……wanted to……

Suddenly, he lowered his eyes. Shen Shui Yan’s fair fingers were trembling with unease, but he could only rely on his own willpower to calm his heart down:”Can we read together for a while after dinner?”

Chu Mu Yun agreed to his request:”Sure.”

Keeping his word, Chu Mu Yun accompanied Shen Shui Yan for a quick read. Chu Mu Yun waited for him to fall asleep before leaving.

But right after he left, Shen Shui Yan suddenly opened his eyes, and there was not a hint of sleepiness within them.

He sat himself up, and could smell the refreshing scent of the man still lingering in the air, and it felt like the warmth of his fingers was still on the cover of that old book.

Shen Shui Yan came down from bed and swept his fingers over the rough paper, tracing the areas where Chu Mu Yun had touched.

But with some force, a red light burst out in an instant, turning that book into a pile of ashes.

He could not tolerate it, it was just as he expected, he could not do it.

That woman was being held by him, she had his attention, and his smiles.

How could he tolerate such a thing!


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