Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 63


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Shen Shui Yan woke up in the middle of the night, and when he came out of his room, Chu Mu Yun followed as well.

Though such a thing had happened during the day, he pretended nothing had happened, but how could he not be affected at all?

How could Chu Mu Yun be unclear on how strong Greed’s possessiveness really was?

And everything happened just as he expected.

Zero:”I won’t look down on anyone just because they’re small ever again.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Even after turning small, a crazy person would just turn into a ‘tiny crazy person’.”

Zero:”Sure enough, it’s the essence of his character……”A tiny crazy person is even scarier than a big one, what to do qaq!

After making the proper arrangements, Chu Mu Yun concealed his presence and headed for Shen Shui Yan’s residence.

After finishing up what he needed to do, little Greed fell asleep. Chu Mu Yun pushed open his door lightly, and stepped in without making a sound.

The moonlight spread out like flowing water just like a beautiful grey robe as it covered the young boy’s body. His fair skin looked very beautiful beneath the light, and it was so beautiful that it could warm one’s heart.

Chu Mu Yun watched him quietly. Standing with his back behind the light, it was hard to make out the expression on his face.

Suddenly, as if he had dreamt of something, Shen Shui Yan moved faintly. His fair fingers tightened around a thin object, and he curled his body up on his side.

Chu Mu Yun frowned. He walked closer and saw what little Greed was holding in his arms.

It was an indigo robe in a simple but loose style. It was not made of soft material, but the craftsmanship was still quite exquisite.

But this was unimportant, the main point was……That robe belonged to Chu Mu Yun.

Even he himself had forgotten when he had left this here; perhaps, he may not even be the one who had left it, Shen Shui Yan might have been the one to leave it here on purpose.

Truly……he could find no peace.

However, though Yan Chen was similar, their insecurities were completely different.

Due to his inability to get what he wanted, and also his endless habit of feeling envy towards the wonderful things that others had, Envy chose incessant destruction; however, whether it was something he could obtain or not, for Greed, the only thing he cared about was getting it in his hands. Even if it had been destroyed, or if it was not what he wanted in the first place, even if those beautiful things would be destroyed by his strong desire to monopolize, Greed would still try to obtain whatever he liked, and he would want to own them completely.

But in truth, Greed did not truly understand these feelings of his.

It was true that Shen Shui Yan’s thoughts were sincere, but this had nothing to do with feelings.

Just like right now. His heart was filled with Shen Yun, and his desire to monopolize was so strong that it could strike fear in one’s hearts.

However……Not even a single corner of his portrait was lit.

The gray slate did not present Shen Shui Yan’s lonely heart, but rather the fact that he did not have a heart at all.

Within that beautiful body was a demon struggling with unease. To monopolize something was what appealed to his greed.

Chu Mu Yun lowered his eyes and concealed the cold emotions beneath his lids, but a light smile curled up on his lips. He reached out and felt Shen Shui Yan’s smooth hair as it slipped past the cracks of his fingers. When the last of those black strands were close to slipping down, Chu Mu Yun raised his hand and landed a light kiss on the beautiful ends of his hair. In a quite voice, he whispered:”……I’ll give you five more years.”

Su Shuang’s ‘accident’ did not even make a splash in the Heaven’s Rain Temple.

After hearing about it, Chu Mu Yun arranged for compensation to be paid to her family, and that was the end of that; he did not even feel pained, nor any hint of sadness.

Shen Shui Yan had always been beside him, so he could see this very clearly. Though he wishes he could control his emotions, the bright look within his pupils had still sold him out.

He was so happy, his Ah Yun could not belong to anyone else, his Ah Yun was not tainted by that disgusting filth.

Chu Mu Yun spoiled Shen Shui Yan as usual, but besides the usual food and dress, he had also started to raise him closely by his side.

It seemed that ever since Shen Shui Yan had started to call him his father, he had taken up the duties that was expected of one.

At first, many people expressed their dissatisfaction when the beautiful young boy appeared during their meetings.

However, Chu Mu Yun was able to dismiss their thoughts with only a single sentence:”Shui Yan will inherit my position in the future, he should start learning now.”

He spoke very lightly of the matter, but it was still shocking to everyone.

Their respected leader had actually chosen an heir this early on!

And this heir was not even a boy of his own flesh!

If many were still looking down on Shen Shui Yan in the past, you could say now that nobody dared to even ignore him anymore.

Ever since the formation of the crack in space that caused chaos in the human world, Chu Mu Yun’s power expanded rapidly. In just six years’ time, he was able to easily twist the human race into a rope with the power he had brought with him from three thousand years in the future, resisting the waves of monsters that came after the opening of the boundaries completely.

Even though Shen Shui Yan had lost his memories from the past, he was naturally an intelligent person. He could easily become a great force with just some simple instructions.

Three years ago, Chu Mu Yun began to bring him around for experience, and after three years, little Greed who was only thirteen was able to help his father approve most of the letters sent to him from below.

Chu Mu Yun had a mind to find him some things to do, and he found it very easy to pass the reigns to him.

It was also during this time that Shen Shui Yan was able to grow rapidly under the many experiences he had. He had turned from a child who could not conceal his own emotions to a beautiful young palace master with a calm smile by his lips.

At the same time, he had also fostered his strength, and trained himself a confidant who would heed his every order.

Chu Mu Yun watched everything with his own eyes, but he had always indulged him. He seemed to be very confident in Shen Shui Yan, and would always be conniving to him no matter what he did.

Since he had to deal with some official affairs, Shen Shui Yan had moved into Chu Mu Yun’s residence. Sometimes, he would even stay up late into the night in the study.

Chu Mu Yun would not let him work past the nights, so he would ask him to rest when it was getting late.

Just like tonight. The moon was already high in the sky, but Shen Shui Yan who was dressed in a silvery-white coat was still holding a hot stamp in his hands.

Chu Mu Yun walked in:”Look at them tomorrow, it is time to rest.”

Shen Shui Yan raised his head as soon as he heard him enter, and a wonderful smile emerged on his exquisite features:”Father.”

Chu Mu Yun hummed in acknowledgement to him:”Is something bothering you?”Shen Shui Yan seemed to have been staring at that letter for quite a while now.

Shen Shui Yan suddenly paused.

Chu Mu Yun had already walked over. With a quick glance, he finished reading the contents of the letter.

“Ignore that, I have no intentions of taking a wife.”

Shen Shui Yan unconsciously clutched that piece of paper with some force:”Father……”

Chu Mu Yun looked at him:”Hm?”

Shen Shui Yan lowered his eyes. He had very long lashes, and the soft tremble resembled the faint fluttering of a butterfly’s wings:”Are you not taking a wife because of me?”

Chu Mu Yun was slightly stunned.

Shen Shui Yan raised his head to look at him:”Were you afraid that I would be treated badly, so…….”

Chu Mu Yun chuckled:”Don’t think too much into it, I just don’t have any intentions to take one for now.”

Shen Shui Yan was silent for a moment. Then, he raised his head, and looked at the handsome man in front of him without even blinking.

“Father, do you have someone you like?”


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