Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 58


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One of the seven lords of the demon world: Shen Shui Yan, bearer of malignant ‘Greed’. He had his hair tucked behind his ears, and enjoys wearing intricate but gaudy clothes. With his gorgeous appearance, he may appear slightly childish, but his will to monopolize is actually very strong. To a mentally ill degree, he has to obtain what he wants, no matter the price. He has also divided humans into two types: his belongings, and trash. All that he wants must belong to him, and the garbage that was left must be disappear completely from his sight.

Amongst the seven lords of the demon world, Chu Mu Yun’s favourite was probably Shen Shui Yan; not for anything else, it was just his face.

If you were to say that Yan Jun Qing had his favourite little bottom personality, then Shen Shui Yan would have Chu Mu Yun’s favourite type of face.

He may not be as refined as Mo Jiu Shao, nor as remarkable as Jun Mo, much less as enchanting as Lust……Shen Shui Yan’s face was quite delicate, but not effeminate.

His mood changes like the weather, and when he trusted a person, he could hold them up as his slice of heaven, he would be willing to do anything for you with all his might, and these were very real feelings that he could feel, he was not one to play with a person’s feelings like Pride or Envy. But if he hated you, then you would definitely have to endure his countless gifts of malice, it was enough to give anyone a throbbing headache.

But if that was the end of it, then he really would not be much of a mental patient, but unfortunately, beneath that beautiful appearance was a desire to monopolize that was way stronger than any one person’s.

If he liked someone, then they must only be his. You had to belong to him completely, but to what limits?

You were not allowed to interact with anyone, talk to them, or look at them; and if he could not stop you from thinking about someone, then he might just keep you from thinking about anything at all.

And it gets worse: he would never allow ‘garbage’ to taint his possessions, even if they had so much as looked at them, he would not be able to contain his urge to kill.

All the seven lords of the demon world could be classified as mental patients, but to different severities. There was no doubt that Greed was the worst patient here.

When Chu Mu Yun saw Shen Shui Yan, he was put into a complicated mood.

To tell the truth, Shen Shui Yan would definitely be the one he was most possible to top out of the seven of them.

And because he was too truly too wilful, anything could be considered as long as he could become one of his ‘belongings’. No matter what you wish for, he would never hesitate to provide. Their position during their lovemaking sessions were simple things, even dying was not out of the question if that was what you wanted. But of course……you might end up dying with him as well, but his extreme paranoia and craziness was unparalleled.

But if he really got to do him, Chu Mu Yun would also find it slightly hard to do.


Because this little madman was the only one out of the seven who was capable of real feelings. Even if his feelings were severely questionable and abnormal, his love was still the most pure and passionate compared to the other six; and it was precisely because of his sincere feelings that he would demand more.

It was no pressure at all for Chu Mu Yun to play around with a bunch of scumbags; but to play with someone’s sincere feelings……

Chief Chu states: We may have to put more thought into it.

But this was not the time for such thoughts; the most urgent task now was……Why did Shen Shui Yan suddenly appear on the Shining Plum Mountain?

Where’s Yan Chen?

Did something abnormal happen with the door of life?

Countless thoughts flowed into Chu Mu Yun’s head, but Shen Shui Yan had already arrived before him.

Once you are close enough, you would find that Shen Shui Yan’s figure was very clear, and yet, unreal.

It was like a projection: reality starts to blur when it’s far away, but you could tell once you were close enough that this was not a real existence, it was only a vision.

Chu Mu Yun narrowed his eyes.

But Shen Shui Yan raised his hands. When his delicate sleeve was raised, his fair, slender fingers were revealed. He seemed to want to touch him, but could not do so because he was not real. But he still made the action to touch him, and his gorgeous face was brimming with a satisfied smile, like a child who could finally get the candy he wanted. His voice was very pleasant, clear, and heart-stirring:”Ah Yun, I’ve been searching a long time for you.”

Each word was enunciated in a deep sigh that was filled to the brim with his emotions, seeping deep into his bones, tugging at his nerves, and encompassing his entire heart brusquely.

Shen Shui Yan knew him?

How could that be possible?

Chief Chu had exceptional memory, and an IQ to match.

Another tremor ran through the mountain, causing it to shake as the black gas started to grow denser in the Shining Plum Palace. As it grew richer, the strong power started to fluctuate, and Shen Shui Yan’s body started to melt away. Just like the looming figure of the moon on the surface of a pool of water, when the sun covers the lake in the morning, the bright moon would disappear just like water vapour.

Chu Mu Yun spoke:”You……”

But Shen Shui Yan cut him off:”You’re mine, Ah Yun, and you can only be mine.”

As soon as he had said his piece, that flamboyant and charming lord of greed disappeared without a trace.

Chu Mu Yun was shocked for a long time.

Zero:”The Shining Plum Mountain is not in good shape.”

Chu Mu Yun was pulled back to his senses abruptly:”I’ll go look.”

Zero hesitated for a moment, but he still decided to say:”I think it’s the door of life……”

But before he could finish speaking, a black mist suddenly rose up from the ground and rushed into the skies like a bolt of thunder.

It was a terrifying scene, as if a black hole had suddenly opened up in the universe, and descended upon this mountain. It opened its ‘big mouth’, and swallowed in everything into that dense darkness.

The door of life……is open?

How? Yan Chen he……

Before Chu Mu Yun could even think about it, his body had already started to escape that place by instinct. But strangely enough, that door seemed almost as if it was opened for him: that strong raging power of absorption seemed to be aimed only at him.

Nobody in this world truly understands the door of life.

It could provide one with countless treasures and strange trinkets, or even exchanged for powerful spells.

But you could not really open it.

Because, once you go in, nobody knows what would happen next.

For nearly ten thousand years, the seven lords have inherited the right to take care of the door of life.

The reason why they are able to ascend onto the position of lords is precisely because they have the ability to control that door.

But why……has it gone out of control?

The reason why Chu Mu Yun said it was out of control was because there was no way Yan Chen would want him to be sucked into the door of life, because once he enters……he may never live to see another day.

Someone had done it on purpose.

And it was a very powerful force that no normal person could have, and that was why Yan Chen was unable to prevent it.

Besides one of the few who had the power to do this, who else could urge the door of life to open?

Nobody, absolutely nobody.


Chu Mu Yun had lost control of his body completely, and as he was being swept away by that violent gust of wine, he could feel himself being pulled into that black hole. But when he came close, that violent surge of air seemed to become very meek: it wrapped him up, and dragged him over with force.

After a violent bout of dizziness, he did not feel pain, only nausea. His body seemed to have lost its balance, the world was turning around him, and it took him a lot of effort to even stand up.

And after he managed to steady himself on the ground, he could not open his eyes, he could not tell where he was heading.

At this time, Zero’s voice rang out:”The door of life……has distorted time and space.”


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