Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 59


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Chu Mu Yun frowned:”What do you mean?”

Zero:”I think we’re back to……”

But before he could finish, Chu Mu Yun’s sensitive sense of smell had detected a strong stench of blood in the air. Even though he was dizzy, the reaction time of the ice spirit beast’s body was still very fast, he stepped back by instinct and managed to escape the claws that had struck at his direction.

Chu Mu Yun focused his eyes and could finally figure out what was before him.

The sky was a moody dark purple while the earth was a bloody red. The smell of rot and scorched ashes fills the air, and all around you, the sounds of howling beasts and moaning humans could be heard, forming a cruel scene of hell that was filled with blood and suffering.

After living for more than ten years in 《Demon World》, Chu Mu Yun’s ability to withstand such sights had definitely multiplied. Even though he would not be so disgusted as to vomit, the scene would still cause his face to pale and his brows to scrunch up.

It did not take much thought for him to know that he was on a battlefield.

Human beings were being slaughtered while a steady stream of demonic beasts were emerging from a huge crack in space. They were screaming, and violently, they vented their beastly desires with the most savage means possible!

The entire scene was in chaos. After some careful thought, the first thing that came to Chu Mu Yun’s mind was to put away his beastly ears and tails. Then, he picked up a sword, and struck in the Shaoyue sword arts. The sword was swept horizontally, and wherever the icy blue arc swept, the beasts were all cut in half from the waist!

Fresh blood burst out from the neat cross-section splashing down like a pool of ink. The thick substance seeped into the ground, adding another layer of cruelty and violence over the bloody ground.

AdvertisementChu Mu Yun did not even stop. Though the Shaoyue ninth style required a great amount of energy, it was not something and ice spirit beast would leak. He flipped over behind the fleeing crowd and struck again with his sword, stopping thousands of beasts with his own strength.

The humans were no ordinary people either; their hair were tied up in jade pins and the robes they wore surged with elemental power. Clearly, they were well-achieved cultivators.

But it was a pity that they have underestimated the strength of these ferocious beasts, causing them to lose their ground. After suffering more than a thousand casualties, their morale dropped even further; with that, their minds were all occupied only with the thought of getting out of here, how would they still have any mind to continue the battle?

And it was at this time that the man who stood with his sword in hand struck like a descended immortal with his heroic sword skills. It was a never-before seen force that lit up the embers that represented hope in this depressing hellscape.

One of them was the first to come back to his senses, and he shouted:”Retreat! Get out of here now!”

This unfamiliar stranger was clearly giving them the chance to escape. They could not beat them, there was no way, run, get out of here! Nobody could survive the battle, and it was only by surviving that they could bring the terrible news of the disrupted space as well as the coming tide of beasts back to the White Feather Continent!

In order to avoid any unnecessary damage, Chu Mu Yun had not exerted his full strength. Indeed, the ninth style of the Shaoyue sword arts was a force to be reckoned with, but it was still a far cry from the power of the Zhuyue sword arts.

Mo Jiu Shao had never concealed it from him, and had even taught the arts to him at an early age. It was just that he was unable to hold his sword due to the crippling of his cultivation that he had never wielded it.

And after he had become an ice spirit beast, there was even less of a chance for him to be using it so as to act as if he had lost his memories.

But now, he had no need to care about that.

Even though the sword in his hand was not well-matched with his person, but it is not his sword that unveils the strength of his technique.

There was no need to mention the fact that he was holding a sharp weapon, even if he was given a dry branch from a wilted tree, the ferocity of his technique could still cut through steel like mud.

After all the people around him had withdrawn, Chu Mu Yun switched his sword to his left hand. You could only see him calm his breaths before quickly raising up his hand, and countless blue lights started to gush out of his body with vitality. The colour was crystal clear, bringing with it a hint of coldness, and finally, it quickly gathered around his sword and started to seep within. As the strong power gathered within the blade, it started to hum with power, like the powerful call of dragons and tigers.

In an instant, the youth raised his hand and swung his sword. A silvery crescent arc was shot out horizontally from his swing, and following that, his body flipped back in the sky. His sword moved in great speed and in a strong force, though the crowd who were fleeing had no shortage of master cultivators at the core fusion stage, they still had no way to see how his sword had actually moved.

All they could see was the result: amongst the hundreds of thousands of evil creatures, his slender figure was like the bright moon as he brandished his sword, moving with a proud figure with skills that shook the heavens and the earth!

Chu Mu Yun:”I should’ve brought Wrath with me if I knew this was going to happen.”

Zero:”He would jump in joy.”

Chu Mu Yun tried to imagine that scene……

Zero:”Alright, the scene is too explosive, just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Cough, it’s actually quite adorable.”

Zero:”≧▽≦, really?”

Chu Mu Yun:”……Not really.”


To still be able to tease his DOS3.0 at this time, it was very clear that his great host was a very capable person.

Indeed, the number of beasts present within the scene were out of charts, but unfortunately, their battle prowess was only average. Even within the demon world, they would only be able to match the skills of the beasts at the third and fourth tiers. You had to take in mind that the ice spirit beast was only six months old when Ling Xuan had thrown him out to fight beasts.

He was already capable of slaying a bunch of big guys at that time, so how would he be afraid of these things now?

Chu Mu Yun had not even used any arrays. If he really wanted to set down an array, there was no need to mention facing the thousands of creatures here, it was not impossible even if he wanted to flatten the entire space.

But of course, the momentum was too big, and it would be too eye-catching, it is not something our modest Chief Chu would do.

And he also had the faint feeling that things were not as simple as this.

You’ll never go wrong nursing your strength in preparation, there was no way anyone could tell what the beast who would come out last was capable of……

As soon as that thought flashed past his mind, Chu Mu Yun’s brows were raised.

Shit, he’s really good at setting off flags; speak of the devil, and here he comes……

Countless beasts fell under Chu Mu Yun’s sword, but the crack did not seem to have any intention of closing up. HE could only see that the black gas was getting denser, and following that, a giant claw emerged from it as half a behemoth’s wing started to appear……

The god of beasts, Dark Night.

This was the god of beasts while it had yet to be tamed by Yan Chen.

Almost without even any thought, Chu Mu Yun took advantage of the momentum of his blade as he struck, crossing over the countless claws of all the beasts, rushing straight towards that crack that seemed to have emerged from the sky.

He sliced the tip of his finger and allowed the blood to flow onto his palm, quickly forming a subtle array. In an instant, a dozen beasts were felled by Chu Mu Yun, and with a flick of his sword, beasts were tossed into the air and dropped into areas that were clever and logical.

He was using their bodies to form the corners of his array, and with their blood, formed the lines. When Chu Mu Yun’s palm slammed down on the head of the beast laying at the center of the array, a striking light shot up into the sky.

Drawing the strength from the bodies of these demons and using their blood as a medium, a large supply of elemental power in the air was mobilized in an instant, and finally gathered within the array, attaching itself to Chu Mu Yun’s sword.

As his sword flipped over, it pierced through the sky and was shot straight into the crack in space.

The power of the two great forces combined, causing a shocking and violent vibration. The amazing power was so strong that it almost felt like the sky was about to fall.

The cultivators who had been watching from far away were completely stunned. One by one, they watched with their eyes wide, unable to react to the scene they were watching.

And the most shocking part was the fact that the sword which had been imbued with ‘divine power’ was able to suppress the crack in the space, causing it to close with its incredible power!

And then a snap……

This voice was neither loud nor quiet, and while the crowd could not hear it, Chu Mu Yun had heard it clearly.


Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”qwq, has our great Dark Night’s feather has been broken?!?!”

For once, Chief Chu was feeling guilty:”I think so……”

Zero:”That is the great beast god that commanded countless beasts, and a single black feather is worth the world!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Most importantly! He is my idol! qaqaqaq!”

Chu Mu Yun cleared his throat and responded plainly:”Hush my good child, aren’t there countless chicken……um……black feathers on the ground? I’ll pick them all up for you to play with.”

Zero:”But you said chicken feathers.”

Chu Mu Yun put on a serious face:”Black feathers.”

Zero: Running away heartbroken crying.gif

Chu Mu Yun breathed a sigh of relief. Even though it was a small mistake, Dark Night was still not released in the end. This guy has yet to form any sensibilities, so it would likely swallow up all the people in the world if it were to come out.

At this time, Chu Mu Yun had also figured out where he was probably at.

Four thousand years ago, in the battle of broken spaces.

Even though the main plot of 《Demon World》 happened in the demon world, this world was actually a coexistence of three realms. The human world was vast, while the spirit world was just like hell. Meanwhile, the demon world was like a gray area that also acted as a buffer. Here, intelligent beasts walked the lands alongside humans that had fallen to this realm.

Ordinary humans did not know of the existence of the beasts and the demon world because of the presence of the realm’s walls. The human world would always be separated from the human world, and after the birth of a hundred generations, memories of them had also faded with time, so they had only thought that the existence of these two realms were only fabricated fantasies.

On this day, the walls between the realms had been compromised, causing the three realms to be involved in a chaotic battle that would span millennia.

After the end of the war, the territory of the human world had shrunk less to one tenth of its original self while the spirit world had completely integrated themselves into the demon world, pushing it to become the supreme rule of the universe.

And it was after this battle that the seven demonic lords took up their places, holding the control of the most powerful forces in the world.

And right now……Chu Mu Yun had accidentally been sent back four thousand years in time.

As the creator of this book, indeed, Chief Chu had set for this battle to take place four thousand years ago, but he had never considered the specific details with absolution.

This was no good, he had not even gotten to see his dear son, the main protagonist, and he had already been thrown into the distant past.

Even though he had never used any plot advantages, what were they doing suddenly throwing him into this prehistoric age?

Chu Mu Yun:”Where’s the door of life? let’s transmigrate again.”He hadn’t even proposed to Envy yet!

Zero:”If I didn’t remember wrongly……the door of life has not appeared at this time yet……”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

The seven lords of the demon world had not yet received their positions, so nobody knew which nook or cranny the door of life was currently slumbering away in.

Chu Mu Yun took a deep breath.

Zero:”Let’s look at it from another perspective, this may be a good thing……Right now, the seven lords of the demon world definitely will not be as crazy as they are four thousand years later, it might be much easier to capture them now.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Heh.”

Zero:”Was I wrong?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Your understanding of them is too low.”

After leaving him with this, Chu Mu Yun no longer had any spare time to chat with his baby Zero.

After the disaster was resolved, all who witnessed the scene were naturally regarding Chu Mu Yun as a god.

With how fast they had run away, they were now running back at just the same speed. One could tell from their appearance that they were highly respected cultivators, but now they were running over with snot dripping out of their noses like they were running to their parents.

Chu Mu Yun still needed to collect more information, so he patiently provided them with entertainment.

He had always been a man with a great and charming personality, adding onto the shock of the battle from earlier, he was now regarded with respect, and taken as their leader.

There were still many beasts left on the battlefield, but so long as the boundaries were closed off, the beasts were no longer flowing out like water, so they were not a big issue.

Chu Mu Yun had 00 with him, so he could easily see the cultivation levels of these people. He arranged two small teams of them to deal with the remaining beasts, and ordered the several mounted cultivators to rush back and bring news of what had just happened.

After a series of instructions, one could not help but ask:”Respected leader, the real walls have been sealed, do we still need……”

Chu Mu Yun glanced oer to him and spoke lightly:”Will it not open once it has been sealed? Was it not sealed before this happened?”

With just two questions, the people on the scene had all turned pale.

The wave of beasts from before were too terrifying, and they thought they were finally free from it, but to think that it would still happen again? All of those who had experienced that horrific scene were still plagued by the lingering fear, and they could not help but speak out in a soft voice:”With……with the respected leader here, we can close it again if it opens……”

Chu Mu Yun turned over abruptly, and stared at him with his eyes that were disguised in a normal set of black irises.

That man was so frightened that he stopped talking in an instant.

One of the sensible ones called out:”Stop messing around! How could we keep on troubling the respected leader? This is a great event for the entire human civilization, we should inform the other leaders of the lands and discuss on how we are going to deal with this!”

As he spoke, he looked over with fawning eyes at Chu Mu Yun.

Chu Mu Yun moved his eyes away and did not continue the topic. Instead, he said:”The cores of the beasts contain great healing properties, you may wish to collect some.”

This caused the eyes of everyone to brighten, and all of them were eager to try it out.

But Chu Mu Yun did not stick around any longer. He turned around and walked out of the room.

He did not care about what those people in there thought, he was only thinking about where he was going to find his targets.

Four thousand years may sound like a long time.

But for those few, this was nothing worth speaking of.

00 said that coming back in time would make them easier to capture, but that was not the truth.

Even if it was four thousand years ago, they had long since been mature with deeply rooted personalities. The parts of them that were supposed to be abnormal saw no lack of it, and may be even worse than they were in the future.

After all……it was youth.

Chu Mu Yun walked out of the base they had built temporarily and wanted to go to the boundaries of the realm to check on the situation.

He just did not expect to find a child amongst the sea of corpses.

He was wearing large clothes that were decorated intricately. As they piled around his small little body, he looked as delicate as a little flower that was wet with the morning dew.

Chu Mu Yun walked over, and he raised his head.

He had fair skin and a beautiful set of facial features, while a vermillion mark sat between his brows.

Chu Mu Yun stopped in his steps.


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Not really spirit world but idk how to tl the word Yao lol, it’s like yokai, they’re… fairies kinda. I’ll change it if inspiration suddenly bombards my mind and shows me the light.

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