Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 57


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That was Chu Mu Yun.

Mo Jiu Shao closed his eyes. His countenance did not change, but his usual frosty face had turned even colder.

This was just a small section of his memories. Mo Jiu Shao took a deep breath and opened his eyes again. Whilst the pendant was still floating in the air, he cut a slit on his fingertip and stained the azure gem with scarlet. As if the gemstone had come to life, it absorbed the drop of blood.

Following that, the dazzling blue light emerged that formed six long dragons as it burst out from the centre of the gem, spreading out rapidly until it circled the entire Thousand Phoenix Peak.

As if the space had just been pulled, the entire Thousand Phoenix Peak began to distort. Reality intertwined with his memories, and the figures that came and went were like mirages; you could see them clearly, but you could not touch them.

But from beginning to end, Mo Jiu Shao had only been looking at one person.

It was the child he brought back that slowly grew up into the man he was now.

All these memories were no different from his own, but those that he did not see, or notice, and even thought nothing off……He saw another person.

It was another Chu Mu Yun.

All the fragments of these dozen years flowed through Mo Jiu Shao’s vision rapidly, carving itself deep into his heart.

All those he ignored, those that he had been misguided from, as well as those that were kept in the dark, they had all burst forth.

The image moved very quickly, and Mo Jiu Shao finally saw what happened last night; he saw that deeply affectionate Chu Mu Yun who had confessed to him.

Within the spring, the little werebeast whose body was glazed by the water appeared like the first rays of the morning; warm, clean, and lovable.

As he spoke his words of romance, leaning warmly in his arms, it almost felt everlasting.

But after their promise, a glimmer flittered past the obedent little werebeast’s eyes, as well as a thread of careless indifference.

As if a strong corrosive poison had been poured down on his heart, Mo Jiu Shao’s face paled in an instant.

He watched unmoving at the final scene.

He saw Chu Mu Yun who had just destroyed the barrier with his skilled actions.

He saw him reaching out.

And he had also seen the tacit smile between him and Ling Xuan.

Finally……Their hands interlocked, and the two disappeared, leaving behind only a shadow in their wake.

Mo Jiu Shao watched the scene so closely that he had even forgotten to blink.

In the next moment, without any warning, a violent hurricane had suddenly risen. With Pride in the centre, it was spreading rapidly. ITs force was so overwhelmingly strong that if anyone could have seen it, they would all be paralyzed on the spot with shock.

This power was too shockingly terrifying.

It was like the end times; after that shocking force had finally dispersed, not a single thing was left in the Thousand Phoenix Peak.

That magnificent palace, those beautiful structures, the imperial residence of the demonic lord that had stood for countless years was now completely gone without a single trace left.

And the only thing that stood now on this empty mountain peak, was Mo Jiu Shao.

Still, his face was devoid of any expression. His exquisite experience was like the beautiful and dazzling sunshine, but unfortunately, that beauty was laced with a mask of coldness, and his ink black eyes were like deep, silent pools that could swallow up anyone and everyone that looked into them.

……Chu Mu Yun.

A smile curled up the prideful lord’s lips, overflowing with malicious evil: Do you think you can escape?


After leaving the Thousand Phoenix Peak, Ling Xuan asked Chu Mu Yun:”Mo Jiu Shao will definitely find out.”

Chu Mu Yun smiled:”So what if he does?”

Ling Xuan:”Aren’t you afraid of him dragging you back?”

Chu Mu Yun replied only with a smile.

Ling Xuan looked at him and said in all seriousness:”Sometimes, death may not be the scariest thing you may face.”

Chu Mu Yun continued his sentence:”What’s truly scary is when you have to wish for a death that could never come.”

Ling Xuan raised his brows.

Chu Mu Yun turned to meet his eyes, and enunciated his words:”I’ve only done what Pride himself deserved, do you not think that it was only just for him to pay for his own mistakes?”

Ling Xuan:”He would not think so.”

The corners of Chu Mu Yun’s lips tilted up a little.

Ling Xuan’s intuition was truly strong:”You’re not trying to take revenge at all.”

Chu Mu Yun smiled to him:”So, what do you think I’m trying to do?”

Ling Xuan:”I don’t know.”

Chu Mu Yun suddenly reached out to curl his arm around his neck, and landed a peck on his lips. His pale blue eyes were filled with brilliance light the twinkling stars in a summer night:”Don’t think too much about it, just remember our agreement, when I defeat you……”He turned his head slightly, and spoke with a hot, sexy, and husky voice ambiguously by Ling Xuan’s ear,”I’ll screw you till you can’t get off your bed.”

Ling Xuan was stunned for a moment, but after a moment, he laughed. Both his pupils had turned scarlet from his excitement:”Alright.”

Zero:”(?w?), you two suit each other.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Baby Zero:”Strong tops with strong bottoms are the true way of the world!(???)?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Are you sure emoticons are the only things you downloaded?”

Zero:”(*≧▽≦), of course, some important materials are needed to increase my experience as an assistant!”

Chu Mu Yun:”Like……?”

Zero:”《Overbearing Demon Lord Falls in Love with Me》 《77 Ways to Train your Demon Lord》 《Must-Know 7 Nights of the Protagonist and Each of the Demon World’s Seven Lords》 《On the Possibility of Doing it Seven Nights in a Row》……”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero naive face:”Where am I wrong? I downloaded all these lessons from 《Demon World》’s forum, and they’re all the hottest posts! A lot of people left comments, and the evaluation of them are super high!”

Chu Mu Yun:”My good child, tell me how to format you.”

Zero:”o(*≧д≦)o What’re you trying to do!”

Chu Mu Yun:”Just trying to give you a brainwash……Ah no, just a wash I mean, don’t worry, it won’t hurt.”

Zero: Σ(°△°|||)

Baby Zero who had been upgraded from DOS1.0 to DOS3.0 succumbed to the host’s great power, and deleted a large number of ‘assisting materials’ with tears. Fortunately, he had a lot of space to hold more emoticons after clearing his memory, happy days.

To prevent a long, sleepless night, Chu Mu Yun decided he would rush to the Shining Plum Mountain as soon as possible to get Envy in the bag.

If he could get the two of them done in one breath, then he would not have wasted his efforts being tormented for two lifetimes.

After paving the way for so long, he should not have much problems with Yan Chen. As long as he could play the part of a good little werebeast, it would not be hard for him to capture him.

After all, this guy’s portrait was already lit up, the only thing he needed now was one last moment with him.

Since it has finally come to this, he could not leave Wrath around. For the sake of preventing Ling Xuan from running wild, Chu Mu Yun would send him away for now, and go onwards to the Shining Plum Mountain on his own.

This place was the same as usual. Snowflakes fluttered down from the skies amongst the forest of plum blossoms. The pure colour of white blended in with the beautiful scene created a dazzling presentation.

The ice spirit beast was born naturally attributed to ice, so they are very fond of the cold. In such a cold and snowy place, eh did not feel cold at all, instead, he felt very comfortable and at home. Gradually, Chu Mu Yun’s mood also improved.

As he walked up the mountain, he thought about how he was going to ‘propose’ to Yan Chen. B ut suddenly, his body swayed.

As soon as Chu Mu Yun steadied himself, he realized that he was not the one who moved, but rather, the entirety of the Shining Plum Mountain had trembled.

Chu Mu Yun’s chest tightened, and he quickened his steps. But before he could even enter the Shining Plum Palace, he was forced to a stop by a surging black mist.

What happened? Where did this violent force come from?

Mo Jiu Shao rushed over? Impossible, he couldn’t be this fast! And Mo Jiu Shao’s energy was different from this.

So who else could it be?

Chu Mu Yun focused on the sinister black mist, and saw the looming figure of a person.

He wore an extremely intricate and magnificent set of clothes. Though they were a plain white, cloud-like patterns could be seen on the cuffs. A thin pale purple robe was worn over his clothes with an extremely long hem that dragged behind his feet. Following the movements of his steps, the see-through fabric fluttered behind him full of grace.

From the darkness, his visage gradually emerged.

His long hair was dense and smooth, lightly tucked behind his ear, his fair ear and slender neck was revealed. Just his vague profile alone could allow one to feel the wonderful beauty of his appearance.

Chu Mu Yun looked up, and as soon as he saw the vermilion mark between his brows…

Chu Mu Yun was stunned.


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