Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 56


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A month passed on the Thousand Phoenix Peak.

Passing the days indulging himself in food and pleasures, and even passing each spring night in passion, there was nothing more one could ask for.

But of course, it would be best if he could change his body.

The curse put on Pride’s body by Lust was set to react if his partner’s cultivation was less than 70% of his own. The little werebeast was very young, but since his body had been fiercely forced to maturity Yan Chen’s countless myriad spirit stones had already brought his body to adulthood.

It had to be known that a normal ice spirit beast could live up to five or six centuries long; frankly, having that done to him by Envy……Only the one and only spirit beast could handle it, anything else would have broken down long ago……

An ice spirit beast that had been brought to maturity by artificial means may not have learnt any techniques, but their cultivation was the real deal. You could not compare them to one of the lord of the demon world, but they could still barely reach 70% of their power.

That was why Mo Jiu Shao dared to do whatever he wanted.

Chu Mu Yun liked to have fun, but to have sex until his mind went blank was still questionable, it was too embarrassing.

After a month, Chu Mu Yun knew that it was almost time from the message transmitted to him by Ling Xuan.

Mo Jiu Shao had not left the mountain for a while, and perhaps it was because he knew that Yan Chen would one day return. So, he did not go anywhere far away from Chu Mu Yun at all, it was almost as if he was trying to protect him from the palm of his hands.

And on one night, Mo Jiu Shao carried the little werebeast for a bath.

Chu Mu Yun’s body was lazy, but his mind was clear. He leaned into Pride’s embrace obediently, allowing him to clean himself with his gentle movements. Since they had just done it, his body was still slightly sensitive. After being fondled a little, the little werebeast was starting to let out soft moans again.

And their so-called bath was covered with a feeling of ambiguity again.

After it ended, Chu Mu Yun felt that the atmosphere was good. After some thought, he called out:”Father.”

Mo Jiu Shao relaxed as he held him in the spiritual spring:”What’s wrong?”

Chu Mu Yun hesitated a little before saying:”Can I……call you something else in the future?”

Mo Jiu Shao’s body stiffened a little.

Chu Mu Yun turned around, his eyes filled with desire:”I……”He wanted to say something, but at the same time, it felt embarrassing to him.

Mo Jiu Shao could faintly understand, so his eyes turned gentle as he spoke softly:”How would you like to refer to me?”

Chu Mu Yun’s chest was thumping from how nervous he was. After a few deep breaths, he finally said it:”I don’t want us to be father and son anymore, I want to be your lover, you……your……”

Mo Jiu Shao’s lips turned up:”My what?”

Chu Mu Yun’s face blushed red; he did not know whether it was the steam from the spring, or because of the stimulation, but his hazy eyes were wet with tears, appearing very alluring.

He finally said it :”I……I want to be your partner!”

The curve on Mo Jiu Shao’s lips had turned into a pleasant smile. Along with his exquisite features, his beauty was unparalleled.

He did not say anything.

Chu Mu Yun was anxious:”Can I? I……I want to……”

“If you tie yourself to me as my partner……”Mo Jiu Shao looked at him,”That means you can belong only to me after that.”

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes widened.

Mo Jiu Shao asked:”Are you willing?”

Chu Mu Yun was so excited that his voice trembled:”I……I’m willing!”

Mo Jiu Shao looked even more gentle and moving than the water in the spring. He lowered his head, and landed a long kiss on his lips that contained all of his feelings.


Chu Mu Yun:”Shut off your senses.”

Zero:”My emoticons!!! I’m here!!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Alright then, it seems like the system has been upgraded, does this mean his proposal was successful?

Chu Mu Yun’s lips raised up, and from being passive, he started to take the initiative to provide Mo Jiu Shao with the best night he’s ever had.

After all, this would be the last night. He had a great time with Pride, and had great sex too, there was no reason for him not to repay him a little.

Early the next morning.

Yan Chen arrived right on schedule.

Mo Jiu Shao sat up in bed with sober eyes. Chu Mu Yun got up hazily, and after he opened his eyes, he asked:”What’s wrong?”

Mo Jiu Shao lowered his eyes, and spoke softly:”Stay here, don’t go anywhere.”

Chu Mu Yun was nervous:”Did something happen?”

“It’s nothing.”Mo Jiu Shao landed a kiss on his forehead and comforted him,”Listen to me, don’t go out, I’ll be back very soon.”

Chu Mu Yun was very worried, but he still nodded:”I’ll wait for you.”


Mo Jiu Shao left the room, but he never would have thought that after receiving his ‘I’ll wait for you’, that he would actually make him wait for so long.

After he could not detect any sign of Mo Jiu Shao anymore, Chu Mu Yun took some time to break the seal on the door.

Mo Jiu Shao might have realized it, but it did not matter. Since Yan Chen was at the front, then Ling Xuan must already have arrived.

And sure enough, the voice of a familiar man rang out:”Duo Duo, did you have fun?”

Chu Mu Yun shot him a smile:”A lot of fun.”

He reached his hand out, and Ling Xuan took it. The bodies of the two flashed, and the only thing left behind amongst the pile of fallen leaves was a black shadow.

And following that, a wind blew past, curling up the golden leaves on the floor; at the same time, the shadow had also disappeared completely.

At the front of the Thousand Phoenix Palace, Yan Chen and Mo JIu Shao were engaged in a confrontation.

Mo Jiu Shao spoke coldly:”I didn’t expect you to be cooperating with Ling Xuan.”

Yan Chen:”You were the one who wanted to monopolize him.”

Mo Jiu Shao:”What, and you’re going to share with Ling Xuan?”

Yan Chen:”Why not? I want my ice spirit beast, he wants a sparring partner, what we want doesn’t clash.”

Mo Jiu Shao mocked him:”Are you really still Envy?”

Yan Chen responded plainly:”I’m just me.”

As soon as the two finished speaking, Mo Jiu Shao could keenly feel that the seal he put up within the palace had been broken.

Ling Xuan could actually dissolve it?

That was impossible, why else would Mo Jiu Shao leave Chu Mu Yun alone in the palace?

Then who was it……

Ever since the happening of that unforeseen event, neither of them was in the mood to continue the fight any longer. With a flash, Mo Jiu Shao returned to the inner palace.

Yan Chen sneered and called Dark Night back, leaving the Thousand Phoenix Peak without any care.

The inner palace had already been cleared out long ago.

Mo Jiu Shao’s face felt as heavy as a deep pool. Step by step, he walked past the fallen leaves, entering that familiar room.

Who destroyed the seal? He needed only to touch it, and the truth would surface.

But at this moment, Mo Jiu Shao did not want to touch it.

The coldness in his heart was spilling out, and actually, the answer……was clear from the start.

Mo Jiu Shao stood for a while, but then he suddenly moved to head outside.

A battle had broken out here a month ago. Mo Jiu Shao had been fighting with Dark Night at that time, and it was Chu Mu Yun who suppressed Ling Xuan.

But how did he do it?

Mo Jiu Shao took out a deep blue gemstone from his sleeves, and shook it slightly. Instantly, the surrounding scene began to twist and distort.

It had been more than millennia since he had last used this, but right now, he wanted to see for himself, to see what it was he had overlooked.

【”Duo Duo, you won’t be able to satisfy me like this.”

The youth smiled and thrust his sword into the ground. In that dazzling vision, the youth’s eyes were bright, with a wilful bearing, he spoke with an alluring wickedness:”Baby, why don’t you try having a little fight with yourself?”】


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