Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 55


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The little werebeast rushed over with his sword with full intention to kill, it was clear how much he hated Mo Jiu Shao.


Mo Jiu Shao did not move. The little werebeast’s attacks had no order to speak of. He did not know the Shaoyue sword arts, nor any arrays, he was just rushing over impulsively without a care for anything. But the killing intent of his sword was very dense, he truly wanted to see Mo Jiu Shao dead today.

The tip of his sword was pointing straight for his heart, but Pride still did not move.

Chu Mu Yun was the one who granted him the guardian of life, this shield could defend against anyone in the world, but not the one who cast the spell.

This was Chu Mu Yun.

And Chu Mu Yun really wanted to kill him.

After such a painful betrayal had been revealed four years ago, as well as how wicked his mind was, Chu Mu Yun had still chosen his own death despite his wrath.

But now, when all his memories had faded, his feelings had also left with them. After his reincarnation, and his new memories, everything changed.

Mo Jiu Shao felt a little absent-minded.

The Chu Mu Yun who existed within his memories was somewhat hazy.

AdvertisementEzoicHe thought he understood the man he loved, and was very clear who he wanted. But now, that image was blurred.


The bashful child, the handsome youth, and the pained and lost young man……In a moment, the image of a man appeared within his eyes.

Dressing in a set of loose robes with his collar open, he held a pot of wine between his fingers, and half of his bare arm could be seen through the opening of his sleeve as he raised his arm. He finished the last drop of wine from his jade pot, and as he raised his neck high, his slender neck was posed with a relaxed and sexy allure.

It was that moment that Mo Jiu Shao finally felt what it was like to have his chest tighten.

But……Was that Chu Mu Yun?

It was him.

It was just a Chu Mu Yun he had never seen before.

Mo Jiu Shao was really lost for once.

And the little werebeast whose sword had pierced into him suddenly stop.

The sharp edge of the blade had went past his skin, with scarlet blood flowing down from the wound. His sword was almost touching hsi beating heart, but no matter what, he could not go further.

Yan Chen stood up in the distance and his violet yes deepened. with a cold voice, he yelled:”Kill him, Xiao Yun! He’s the one who destroyed the Chu family!”

Chu Mu Yun turned his head abruptly and looked towards that pale-faced lord of envy whose bloodied lips were the only colour present on his face..

“What……what do you mean?”

That question caused Yan Chen to frown. After a cough, his voice came out even more hoarse:”On that year, Chu Tianx Xiong had brought his men to attack the Thousand Phoenix Peak so he could seize control of the area. Mo Jiu Shao was out at that time and the defenses at the palace were low, so they managed to succeed. After Mo Jiu Shao’s return, he started a bloodbath, ending the lives of several hundred Chus, be it male, female, old, or young, all of them fell under his blade. You were the only one he left alive.”

It had to be said that Yan Chen’s plot was quite too subtle.

He could tell that Chu Mu Yun’s memories were mismatched after he had taken the confusion pill, so the memories of both his lives were divided into two sections, all shoved into one body. Every so often, they would switch around.

But he still did not know why this was happening.

There was no doubt about Jun Mo’s ability to craft pills, so there were definitely no issues with the confusion pill he made. But what if this was on purpose?

He wanted the ice spirit beast, but both the ice spirit beast and Chu Mu Yun looked exactly the same. With Jun Mo’s eyes, he would not even need to touch him to know what problems there were in Chu Mu Yun’s body. Could he have guessed that Mo Jiu Shao wanted to change Chu Mu Yun’s body into him?

So he must have done something.

And Ling Xuan had casted out that black aura right when he was taking the pill.

All the lords of the demon word were wise people with vast knowledge, but Ling Xuan was a step above them all. The confusion pill was a drug that invaded one’s mind, so although it could not be stopped, who could tell what would happen if you messed with the process?

And the lord of wrath’s favourite was undoubtedly to cause chaos.

During their battle, Yan Chen had already thought about many things. It had to be said that his mind was extremely meticulous, he had planned everything out very logically.

But unfortunately, he did not know that Mo Jiu Shao’s confusion pill had been acquired long ago.

Nor did he know what the real Chu Mu Yun was like.

Those words were spoken for ‘Chu Mu Yun’, as long as ‘Chu Mu Yun’ knew the truth once more, then Mo Jiu Shao could never have him!

However, our great Chu had been relying only on acting. If he wanted to know, then he would, but if he didn’t……

The little werebeast turned in confusion:”Uncle……what are you saying?”

Yan Chen was clearly stunned for a moment.

Mo Jiu Shao sneered:”All your Uncle Yan Chen thinks about is Chu Mu Yun, of course, if he were talking about it, then it had something to do with him.”

The lord of pride jabbed at him without showing any mercy at all.

Chu Mu Yun turned around and was shocked. He looked at the sword in his hands, and the prideful lord whose skin had been pierced through, and shouted in horror:”Father! This……This……”

How could he attack Mo Jiu Shao! And even such a deadly attack!

Zero:”……This is so wonderful, but how am I going to display my qwq without any emojis!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Don’t say anything! Please focus on your acting, no need to show this lowly one your amazing ability to multitask……”

Chu Mu Yun:”……Just wait, when I succeed in capturing him, you can have as many emoticons as you want.”

Zero:”Blush.”It’s so awkward to say it instead of using emoticons! But……I have to have faith in my host, waiting is just one word!

This chaotic situation was clearly enough to even force the two lords to the peaks of their abilities.

Meanwhile, Ling Xuan who was happily playing at the side finally killed ‘himself’. He did not lose as the little array mage’s cultivation was not enough. Though the body double array was very amazing, it still had its problems. If the mage who casted it did not have enough strength, the replica they create will not be able to keep up for too long.

Even though he was not full yet, he still had fun; but this feeling of unfinished businesses gave him great excitement for the future.

Would he still have to grumble about not being able to fight with Duo Duo around?

This little fox was top of the top when it came to luring people in, and when he could not lure anyone, he could still make a person, it was simply the best.


Since Ling Xuan was empty-handed again, things started to mess up once more.

Everyone had their own ideas, but it was rare that Pride and Envy would ever reach a mutual consensus.

For Chu Mu Yun’s memories to flip around definitely required a stimulus. They seemed to only be speaking to one of him at a time, and under this situation, it was not suitable for the three to stay together. Otherwise, Chu Mu Yun’s memories would keep changing, and it would be hard to say if anything would happen.

Nobody wanted anything to happen to him, so they could only choose to split up.

And with the situation they had in front of them, Yan Chen and Ling Xuan combined was enough to take on Mo Jiu Shao, but after that, Yan Chen did not have the confidence that he could get Chu Mu Yun back.

Compared to the rabid dog, Mo Jiu Shao was better at calculating, so Yan Chen chose to take a step back.

They had much time in the future, since he knew that Chu Mu Yun still had the memories of the time he spent with him, he still had a chance.

Yan Chen scoffed and called out Dark Night. After getting on the black behemoth, he left the Thousand Phoenix Peak.

Even though Ling Xuan still wanted to play, Duo Duo was already shooting signals at him with his eyes. No matter how unwilling he was, he could only go. Who asked Duo Duo to be such a good playmate? He couldn’t offend him.

The little wolfdog left with reluctance……To tell the truth, Chu Mu Yun could feel an ache brewing up in his stomach; could that guy really be captured?

He said he was going to get into his heart, but if he gets rejected, what was he going to do after that ==!

But that would have to come later, now, he had to find a way to upgrade baby Zero first.

His emoticons were like part of the system’s body, what else could 00 do if he didn’t have those? Just thinking about it made his heart ache.


Everyone was already gone, but Chu Mu Yun did not care. He was shocked silly by the scene in front of him.

He did not dare to pull out the sword or even loosen his grip, and a clear look of confusion could be seen in his eyes, as well as boundless worries, and even fear. He did not know what had happened, but he was scared that he would see Mo Jiu Shao’s cold gaze if he ever looked up.

How could he have hurt him? No matter what happened, he would never hurt him!

He loved this man so much even he himself had no way of knowing how deep his love was.

So, how did this happen?

Chu Mu Yun’s heart was twisted into a knot. Mo Jiu Shao sighed helplessly and with a slight move of his fingers, causing the sword to launch out and crumbling into shards.

Chu Mu Yun finally raised his head to look at him, and his face was filled with both fear and anxiety.

But Mo Jiu Shao carried him into his embrace. He held him strongly, and his voice that leaked out from around his neck almost seemed as if it wanted to penetrate deep into his blood through his skin:”It’s fine, it’s just a small injury.”

Chu Mu Yun:”But how could I……”

Mo Jiu Shao let him go and kissed him on his lips, asking him:”Xiao Yun, do you love me?”

Chu Mu Yun responded without any hint of hesitation:”I love you!”

Mo Jiu Shao stared at him:”For the rest of your life?”

Chu Mu Yun’s heart jumped for a moment, but the words came out from his mouth faster than his heart could react:”For the rest of my life!”

Mo Jiu Shao took his lips into his mouth and whispered:”Me too.”

These two words gave ‘Chu Mu Yun’ boundless joy, but only a simple thought had popped up in Chu Mu Yun’s head.

For the rest of his life? Is Mo Jiu Shao feeling uneasy?

Because the little werebeast that came from his reincarnation did not love him.

……The lord of pride is pretty greedy.

After experiencing so many hardships, nobody came to bother them anymore. Mo Jiu Shao had to love him well now.

The ice spirit beast’s body was simply no different from a cheat item. As Chu Mu Yun panted after their bout of fun, he felt a little horrified.

Can he really let this go on? Getting jizzed on and whatnot, what about his dignity as a top?

After tossing around in bed with Pride for an entire night, they had great fun, but Chief Chu was still determined to change his body.

He did not actually mind being a bottom, but being a lewd bottom was too much.

And as an ice spirit beast, he could not get it out by himself, so he had to rely on someone else. What the hell kind of seeing is this! Why does it feel better from behind!


He hadn’t even been trained and his body was already like this. What the hell was he going to do if he bumps into Lust?

Chu Mu Yun lived the lazy life of a leech for two months on the Thousand Phoenix Peak. In these two months, Mo Jiu Shao had compiled a bunch of excuses, explaining to him what happened these past few years, what they encountered, and how Chu Mu Yun had turned into an ice spirit beast……

After a bunch of gibberish, Chu Mu Yun felt that it a really carefree life to be able to be together with such a smart person. He did not have to find any excuses himself, what he told him was even more logical than what happened in reality……

Actually, Chu Mu Yun could have proposed to him long ago, but the reason why he dragged it till now was purely to give Yan Chen some time.

That little slut was hurt, so he had to recuperate before he tried to attack again.

Once he’s just about done, it would be time for him to put down the full stop.


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