Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 54


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But of course, Ling Xuan would never find the answer.

But Chu Mu Yun had already set up the play, and was waiting for the ‘Demon World’s no.1 strongest’ to step in.

Ling Xuan was a rarely seen pure cultivator, and of course, rarely seen cultivation skills such as being able to tame beasts were not included, but he was skilled in most other techniques

Take for example, weapons. He could choose any weapon and bring out their full potential, as well as being able to use spells of any element. His body was born compatible with all attributes, but the energy that flowed through his body was similar to the dark energy in Yan Chen. Even so, he could change it as he wished, be it metal, wood, water, fire, earth, and even wind, thunder, and ice. As long as he willed it, he could bring out any offensive spell he wished.

It was because of this ridiculous setting that he had received the title of the demon world’s no.1, the prideful lord’s name was well-earned.

But of course, this was excluding the lord of pride who had the guardian of life’s protection, as well as the lord of gluttony that nobody was willing to provoke.

If Chu Mu Yun tried to rush at him head on, then he would definite just be seeking an early grave; but of course, there was no need for him to do so. Letting Ling Xuan have a little fun was not impossible. As long as his skills were good, just the foreplay was enough to send him up to heaven.

Chu Mu Yun brought the Shaoyue sword arts to its peak, and his figure flickered very quickly that it was almost impossible to be seen with the naked eye. Ling Xuan crossed swords with him in a systematic way, and as he admired his skills, he secretly whispered to him:”Duo Duo, you won’t be able to satisfy me like this.”

Without answering him, Chu Mu Yun raised the corner of his lips.

Ling Xuan saw the smile, and immediately, it felt as if his heart was being scratched at by a cat’s paw. He loved seeing this guy’s foxy little appearance, it was so naughty that it made him look forward to what was coming next.

After continuing this way for several hundred attacks, Chu Mu Yun suddenly stopped.

Ling Xuan knew that the main dish was going to be served, and he could not help feeling very excited.

There was no way Chu Mu Yun could harm Ling Xuan in the slightest with the Shaoyue sword styles, but he had no intentions of relying on this at all to please this little wolfdog. In truth, he was only using the footwork required with the Shaoyue sword arts to draw an array.

He was very familiar with the Thousand Phoenix Peak, but certain arrays were extremely demanding with its orientation and starting conditions, therefore, it was impossible to arrange them in the natural environment without some thought.

So, Chu Mu Yun had tried to use the Shaoyue sword arts to confuse Ling Xuan while he took advantage of the situation to set up an array.

The entire process was very smooth and natural without any flaws. Even if Ling Xuan had been prepared, he still did not realize that he had done so many things in such a short period of time.

The preparations were complete!

Chu Mu Yun stared at him, raised his hand, and thrust his sword straight into the ground!

A loud band sounded out and a dazzling icy blue light burst out from the sword. Following that, a bright stream of icy fluid poured into the earth. As the stream flowed, it transformed from a shallow colour into a darker one, breaking through the dark coloured earth, revealing a willowy trail on the ground.

In an instant, the looming light shot up towards the sky without any defenses!

Ling Xuan was standing inside of the array, and those glowing blue threads were rushing towards him like ropes.

The lord of wrath who had once been trapped by his array raised his lips into a smile:”Using the same trick again?”

Chu Mu Yun returned a smile.

Wrath was just about to raise his hand to break the array, but he was stopped abruptly.

The lights that had just been gushing towards him disappeared without a trace, and it was replaced by a man with red hair and red eyes.

He was wearing a set of deep black robes with closed sleeves, he had a tall stature, scarlet eyes, and a seemingly amusing curve half-present on his thin lips……

Ling Xuan looked in astonishment at the man in front of him, it was like looking at a mirror.

At this moment, Chu Mu Yun finally spoke:”Body double array.”

Then, he did not say anything more. Instead, he spoke directly to him with telepathy:”Baby, why don’t you try having a little fight with yourself?”

When he spoke, ‘Ling Xuan’ was already rushing towards him.


They had just begun their fight, but Ling Xuan had already clearly noticed that this was not an illusion, nor a puppet that looked just like him; this was him, this was a perfect replica of him.

This really was……

Too wonderful!

Ling Xuan’s interest had been roused up completely. He really liked this gift given to him by that little fox, he loved every bit of it!

Chu Mu Yun watched the two Ling Xuans in the array that were fighting like form and shadow, and sighed.

When he first saw this array, it reminded him of Ling Xuan.

The best way of dealing with a battle freak was to grant him please. And how would you grant him that, you ask? If you give him a fight every now and again, he would definitely be so high about it that he’d even wag his tail at you.

And the body double array was practically tailor-made for capturing Ling Xuan.

But of course, there was something even better, but he couldn’t take it all out right now. He had to rouse his appetites first, after having a good taste could this little wolfdog get addicted to it.

After appeasing Ling Xuan, Chu Mu Yun had already spent half of his energy.

At the end of it all, his cultivation was not enough. For him to use such a strong array put him at the edge of his limits. But fortunately, everything was still under his control.

Chu Mu Yun turned to look at another end of the battle.

The divine beast Dark Night was mighty and domineering. When it opened its wings, the size of them could almost block out the entire sky; but Mo Jiu Shao was no pushover, he was able to hold his own throughout the entire battle with just a long sword, and he even seemed to have the upper hand.

Yan Chen did not dare to use his full strength, and Mo Jiu Shao on the other hand was protected by the guardian of life; the situation was becoming more and more unfavourable for him.

But how could Chu Mu Yun let one of them fall?

They were both his dear sons, he could not show partiality.

He rushed over as if he wanted to help Mo Jiu Shao end the battle as soon as possible.

But the moment he ran into battle, he finally saw the man standing behind the black-winged behemoth.

He had a slender body with pale skin, and the unique colour of his eyes was like a violet under the night sky, displaying its enchanting beauty in bloom, but also filled with an inexplicable sense of danger.

His lips were tightly pursed on his expressionless face, but the coldness of his face was marked in his very bones, as if it had come from his soul, so deep that not even death could make it disappear. Stubbornly wrapping around him, shackling him, tying him up……without any sight to its end.

The little werebeast stopped abruptly.

He did not move, but just stared at him in a daze.

A strong gush of wind blew over and just as it was about to hit him, Mo Jiu Shao stepped out to protect him.

“Xiao Yun?”He called out to him.

But the little werebeast pushed him away. His pale blue eyes were locked onto that man who was wreathed by that pair of black wings, but his voice was filled with worry and anxiety:”……Yan Chen”

He was very close to Mo Jiu Shao, so Mo Jiu Shao had heard him clearly. He heard the softly spoke words at the very front,”Uncle Yan Chen……”

His heart pulsed violently. Mo Jiu Shao had a bad premonition.

And right at that moment, Yan Chen who had no way of using his full force had been countered. The moment Dark Night disappeared, he held his chest and scarlet blood spilled out from his mouth.

Before Mo Jiu Shao could even come back to his senses, the little werebeast had already rushed over like a bolt of lightning. He supported Yan Chen with care and a look of unconcealed heartache could be seen in his eyes:”What’s wrong? Uncle Yan Chen, are you okay?”His voice sounded so anxious that it sounded as if he was going to cry.

Yan Chen turned to look at him, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

But the little werebeast was pissed. He turned back to Mo Jiu Shao and yelled:”You lied to me! You said you were going to bring me to see Uncle Yan Chen! But now you want to kill him!”

What on earth happened? Mo Jiu Shao was stunned, but his blue veins started to bulge on his sword arm.

The little werebeast seemed to have gone mad in anger. Only Yan Chen filled his eyes, he looked to see where he was hurt, at the blood that was oozing out from him, and the pain in his heart kept adding up; at the same time, his hate for those who hurt Yan Chen grew.


“Mo Jiu Shao! You liar! I’ll kill you!”


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