Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 53


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In the end, he had still swallowed down the confusion pill.

Pride’s lips were raised into a faint curve, but Envy’s face was heavy.

One was happy, and the other was not, but there was no doubt that they each had their own plans for what happens next.

Losing his memories was not the end, it was just a new beginning.

But nobody knew that the little werebeast who had woken up would suddenly yell out hoarsely after a moment of unconsciousness:”Father!”

Two words; soft, slightly fleeting, but spoken with a strong breath, petrified everyone on the scene with shock.

The ice spirit beast in Mo Jiu Shao’s arms was calling out to him as ‘father’.

So to say……Not only did the ice spirit beast lose his memories, he even regained Chu Mu Yun’s old memories?


Mo Jiu Shao’s heart cooled, immediately, he put up his guard and silently held Chu Mu Yun in his arms.

AdvertisementMo Jiu Shao would never in his life forget the last words spoken by the youth before his death. He was worried that Chu Mu Yun would make an irreparable move now that he had remembered everything.

But what made Mo Jiu Shao feel that this was all very wrong.

Was the fact that Chu Mu Yun was holding him around his neck, and landed a passionate kiss on his lips, not even coming back to his senses even after a long time.

The youth looked around with his fluffy ears perked up, a very affectionate look present within his ears. When he spoke, his voice was also very pleasant:”Where’s Xiao Qing? It’s his birthday, where did he run off to? I thought we agreed to go down the mountain together to play.”

Others may not understand what he had just said, but for Mo Jiu Shao, it was as if he had heard the sounds of heaven. It was so beautiful that his entire world lit up in an instant.

Some of Chu Mu Yun’s memories were missing; he had forgotten everything that happened after Yan Jun Qing’s birthday, and forgot about the memory that caused his suicide.

The very first time he learned of the truth of the Chu family’s death was during Yan Jun Qing’s birthday, and it was because they happened to meet an old servant of the Chu family when the two of them went down the moment that Chu Mu Yun realized everything.

And now, he had forgotten all of that.

Mo Jiu Shao thought that Chu Mu Yun would forget everything and turn into a blank slate, then he could make him fall in love with him again. But he would never have imagined that the Heavens would have so much love for him; Chu Mu Yun’s memories had returned to the most wonderful moment.

Mo Jiu Shao was slightly stunned for a moment after receiving such a surprise, but Yan Chen could not stand it anymore.

He had lost Chu Mu Yun completely, how could he be willing to just take this sitting down!

In an instant, a strong wind blew up!

The divine beast ‘Dark Night’ that had been suppressed by its owner finally broke out with its immense power. A black aura spread out from its body and flipped through everything it passed like a tsunami. The raging sound of thunder roared and the entire palace was shaking as if it was going to collapse.

Practically at the moment when Yan Chen struck, Ling Xuan had already morphed into a flash of lightning, reaching Mo Jiu Shao’s side in the blink of an eye, heading straight for Chu Mu Yun.

There was no way Mo Jiu Shao would allow them to succeed. He raised his hand, and as his ink black hair fluttered in the wind, a sword appeared from thin air. The aura of the blade shot out horizontally, forcing back the thunderous attacks from Dark Night.

Yan Chen’s face darkened. It had been several hundred years since he had last taken action, but this did not mean that his combat power was declining; on the contrary, the instant the divine beast had been released from its shackles, it burst out with a terrifying amount of power.

He and Mo Jiu Shao trained under the same sect, so the two had sparred many times when they were young.

As the last disciple taken in by their master, Mo Jiu Shao’s Shaoyue sword art had shocked the world; Yan Chen was his younger martial brother, but he was no good with swords, nor was he able to learn any spells with the way his body was, but he had one advantage that nobody could ever match: He was exceptionally strong in the arts of taming beasts.

He made the one and only divine beast Dark Night submit to him, and just that alone allowed him the spot as one of the lords of this world.

Mo Jiu Shao stopped Dark Night’s attack, but he could not stop Ling Xuan.

Ling Xuan’s fingertips had formed into blades that were rushing towards Mo Jiu Shao, and there was nowhere for him to escape.

It was true, the lord of pride was protected by the guardian of life, but this was nothing more than a shield. How could there be something without any limits? If the attack was too strong, it could still be defeated.

Ling Xuan would never agree to go one-on-one with him, but with Yan Chen here to help out, Mo Jiu Shao ma not necessarily be the victor.

In the blink of an eye, the three had already threw more hundred and thousands of attacks at each other, and something different happened at that moment.

The little werebeast who had been protected this whole time stared at Ling Xuan and shot at him coldly:”Who are you? Why are you attacking the Thousand Phoenix Peak?!”

With his memories locked in the past, it was natural that he did not remember who Wrath was anymore.

A strange look emerged in Ling Xuan’s eyes, but it quickly disappeared. He raised his lips into an evil curve:”Duo Duo, it’s me, your master.”

Chu Mu Yun frowned and yelled at him:”You’re lying! I’ve never seen you before!”

As he said this, his pale fingers spread out and a spell appeared on his palm. They could only see him break free from Mo Jiu Shao’s arms, and as soon as he slammed his fist on the ground, the array was skillfully inserted into the terrain, forming a spell of bloodthirst.

The array would normally require a very long time to prepare, but as someone who grew up in the Thousand Phoenix peak, he could not be more familiar with this place. Every blade of heart in this place was connected to his heart, so even if the entire terrain had been changed by Dark Night’s attack, he could still make the right estimations in an instant. Relying on the terrain around them, he quickly activated a strong individual array.

It really had to be said that his talent was truly extraordinary.

If one wanted to do this, they would require not only a large amount of knowledge about arrays in their minds, but also an extraordinary ability to adapt. It was an awe-worthy innate skill that one could only be born with.

For him to be able to stand steady even after such a great change, his consciousness in the heat of battle was truly something one could not even dream of seeing in their lives!

Ling Xuan was once again surprised by him.

How could such a beautiful soul exist? Even though he had not grown up, his potential for such a strong outbreak was already enough to make his heart itch.

Even though he knew that this little fox did not lose his memories at all, Ling Xuan still persisted in making the illusion true with him.

After taking advantage of this opportunity to get a fight in, he had finally received comfort for his weary self.

Wrath’s passion for battle was ignited, and Chu Mu Yun’s lips were slightly raised; he did not mind feeding him this wonderful treat.

This was the Thousand Phoenix Peak, the battlefield he had been setting up for over a decade.

His current body with the strength of the ice spirit beast was enough for Ling Xuan to have some ‘fun’.

And he wanted to help Mo Jiu Shao. He may not be able to win a two-on-one fight, but two-on-two would be hard to say.

Not to mention, Yan Chen did not dare to use his full strength.

When Chu Mu Yun had left Mo Jiu Shao’s circle of protection, the prideful lord handed him a sword:”Be careful.”

Chu Mu Yun was clearly stunned for a moment, but he soon realized the differences in his body, and a flash of joy ran through his eyes.

His body turned the instant he received the sword, landing beautiful with his sword like a falling petal. He had struck with the ninth style of the Shaoyue sword art!

The ninth style of the Shaoyue sword arts was the foundations for the Zhuyue sword arts. Chu Mu Yun had only trained in eight styles in the past, but now, he had broken through to the ninth style in one fell swoop. His sword dance fluttered through the heavens, rousing up a barrage of sand and stones. Truly, his skill was unstoppable, and also as dazzling as a flame.

Ling Xuan looked straight at it, and even felt a little reluctant to strike back.

Chu Mu Yun had died when he was only twenty.

And the ice spirit beast had also lived only two years of its life.

Has this stunning youth really lived for only twenty-two years?

Could one really polish their soul to such an amazing degree in such a short amount of time?

You had to think about the turning of his mind, his shrewdness, and his genius talent.

Chu Mu Yun.

Who are you really?


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