Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 52


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They were such simple words, but each of them stabbed at Yan Chen’s guilt and regret.

But when it all came down to it, neither was better than the other.

Yan Chen mocked him:”His love for me would still be longer than yours, wouldn’t it, martial brother? You lied to him for ten whole years, and raised him just so you could destroy him. And what? You couldn’t do it when it really came down to it? Is there really any reason to bringing him back just so you can lie to him and deceive him again?”

Mo Jiu Shao did not answer any of his questions. Instead, he chuckled and responded softly:”Let him go, don’t forget, you are Envy.”

A cloud of darkness swept past Yan Chen’s violet eyes. Without any mercy, he threw him a sentence:”And don’t forget, you are Pride.”

Pride, Envy, who could contain their own nature?

But right now, nobody wanted to let go.

The confusion pill emitted a beautiful light in Mo Jiu Shao’s fingertips. The more pure the medicinal pill, the less side effects the user would experience when taking it, and the efficiency would also be maximized.

Yan Chen should stop him, but he did not dare to act rashly.

With Ling Xuan around, the two of them had a good chance of winning against Pride.

But they understood each other too well.

They both used foul means to get what they wanted, and they were both selfish to the point of insanity. Both of them would sooner destroy something than leave it to someone else if they could not get it.

Yan Chen was very clear that if he rushed to act, Mo Jiu Shao would definitely kill Chu Mu Yun.

When that time comes, he would not just lose his memories, he would be lost forever.

The moment Chu Mu Yun died, Pride’s mind had become very abnormal. He had suffered more than Envy, and had also lost more than him, so if he could not calm the madness in his heart, nobody would ever be able to imagine the things he could do.

What’s more, the current Mo Jiu Shao still had the protection of the guardian of life.

That was why Yan Chen did not dare to act. He could only watch as the confusion pill changed into an even more dazzling colour……

But it was nothing even if Chu Mu Yun took the pill, he would lose at most two years of his memories. For Yan Chen, this was not a big loss. They were just going back to where he started, and it was the effort he was willing to put in the future that really mattered.

He did not dare to act because of his concerns, but there would always be the spectator who was only bothered about being able to watch a good show.

Just as the confusion pill became as pure and translucent as a beautiful crystal ball with not even a trace of impurities left, a black flash suddenly rose up and fell again, sinking right between the ice spirit beast’s brows.

Yan Chen turned around in an instant:”Ling Xuan, what are you doing?”

Ling Xuan looked very innocent:”My hand got itchy.”

The black winged behemoth behind Yan Chen revealed its fierce fangs in a snarl, and looking up, Ling Xuan exclaimed:”Absolutely gorgeous, Yan Chen, how could you bear to……”

“Mm……”A soft sound interrupted their conversation.

The two looked over and discovered that the ice spirit beast in Mo Jiu Shao’s arms had opened his eyes.

He was filled with confusion as he looked around with his unfocused blue eyes. With his dazed look, he was just like a pitiful little child who could not find his way home.

Yan Chen felt a tug in his heart. If the confusion pill was not in Mo Jiu Shao’s palms still, he would almost be convinced that the little ice spirit beast had lost his memories.

But very soon, the little werebeast saw him. His pupils shrunk and his face was filled with unconcealable joy:”Uncle Yan Chen!’

His call shocked the two of them at the scene.

Yan Chen never thought that he would see the day where his chest would finally feel warmth. The dark air inside his heart felt like it had been covered by a layer of soft cotton candy, warm and fluffy. Even though the darkness could not be removed, a corner of his portrait had lit up.

The little werebeast struggled to get up:”Did you come to get me? Uncle, I want to go back with……Mmgh……”

Before he could finish, Mo Jiu Shao had already caught hold of his chin, and engaged his lips with a forceful kiss.

The eyes of the little werebeast widened in surprise, and he struggled constantly to push the man away from him with his hands. But the disparity between their strengths were great, his struggles were like that of a mayfly trying to shake a tree, he could not do anything against him at all.

A trace of sweetness spread over to his lips, and the dazzling confusion pill had already been passed from Mo Jiu Shao to Chu Mu Yun’s mouth.

The pill was very mystical. It slid down his throat, and fell steadily into his stomach. Following that, it was like a great bomb had been ignited. With a bang, it burned through his body in an instant.

Even so, it was not uncomfortable nor painful in the slightest.

No……Perhaps, it was more accurate to say that it made one forget about their pain.

Those that clung on with determination, unwilling to give up, those that he could not get away from, everything he could not keep himself from forgetting were broken into tiny shards, and accompanied by the heat, they all started to melt away like ice under the sun, and finally, all that left behind was white mist.

And in that dog, Chu Mu Yun could not see in front of him nor the way back. No matter where he went, the entire place was empty.

This should have been a very pleasant and relaxed feeling that people could not help but enjoy.

But he did not think so.

A strong sense of boredom rose up within his heart. It was very hard to describe that feeling, but it was like he had gone through enough of this long ago, and seen enough of it. Similarly, it also felt like everything was falling out of his control, setting him off into a bad mood.

And right at that moment, when his feelings were at their very peak, a black cloud suddenly appeared in front of him.

Compared to the empty whiteness, this black cloud looked like the most beautiful colour he had ever seen.

Even though it looked out of place, even though it looked so frail and pitiful, even though it looked like it could disappear at any moment, Chu Mu Yun could feel an inexplicable sense of excitement. He could not resist the urge to chase after it, to follow it, and he worried if it was going to disappear at any moment with its pitiful appearance. On the other hand, he was also feeling very excited about where it would lead him……

Time did not exist in this world, nor did Chu Mu Yun knew how long he had walked. It was not until the black cloud had weakened into a wandering thread, and was about to disappear in the blink of an eye, that Chu Mu Yun suddenly sunk into a dazzling glow.

The colours here were countless and beautiful with countless shards scattered on the ground. Every piece seemed to have its own autonomy, and they were constantly merging and blending together, forming a magnificent scene right in front of Chu Mu Yun’s eyes.

The memories that he had forgotten were flowing back again.

When Chu Mu Yun had finally sobered up, he immediately asked:”00?”

Nobody answered.

Chu Mu Yun’s heart sank, but just as he was about to speak again, a weak and stiff computer-generated sound suddenly rang out:”I’m here.”

Chu Mu Yun:”You preserved my memories.”


With a sullen voice, Chu Mu Yun asked:”What price did you pay?”

Zero:”I downgraded from dos 2.0 to dos 1.0.”

Zero(electronic voice):”My emoticons are all gone……”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

When you’re working with an adorable little fool, even feeling sad was difficult……

So……He did not lose his memories.

Then……Chu Mu Yun silently raised his lips into a smile.

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