Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 51


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If Chu Mu Yun was here, he would definitely be surprised to discover that: the face of that sleeping boy looked exactly the same as his appearance from before, even the body was very similar.

The only difference was the colour of his skin. As a sun-kissed youth, he used to have wheat-coloured skin, but the one laying there in the cold had white skin that was nearly translucent. In this cold and chilly place, his skin almost seemed to be a pale sickly blue.

But in fact, this was just a corpse.

There was no breath of life left in him.

His heart had already stopped.

His blood had been frozen and his body had lost all its warmth, forever, he rested in this room that remained cold all year round.

The prideful lord——Jun Mo, was an excellent alchemist. He had many ways of preserving this body with perfection, but he would never be able to return that dazzling soul to his side.

Karma is one of the turning wheels of our existence.

If you do something bad, you would have to take responsibility.

How much he thirsted for his warmth, that to touch his skin now felt like a chill that pierced right into his bones.

How much he wanted to see that smile again, but the coldness he saw at this moment felt like it was mocking him.

But he did not regret it.

If he had the chance to start over, then he would probably still have done the same.

Even if he was doomed into a life of loneliness for the latter half of his life, there was no way he was able to control his impulse and despair at that moment.

No matter what happens, I was able to get you in the end, even if it was just your body.

A warm, gentle smile curled up the lips of the slothful emperor, whose face was forever blank.

The arc curved up his lips, and gradually, the smile spread to his pale cheeks, then finally to his clear eyes that were as light as the moonlight.

Following that, it was like fireworks were set off into the night sky, lighting up the silvery moon with their brilliance, filling the empty moon palace with dazzling vitality and radiance, adding onto his unparalleled beauty, bringing it up to another level.

To find a smile where it was rarely present……was really an indescribably amazing sight.

The beauty that could be found in that contrast was like a meteor shower zooming through the skies, a fleeting sight that you could only raise your heads too.

Jun Mo took off his boots and put got on the frosty jade bed with his feet bare.

No matter how high his cultivation was, he was after all, a living person. In this icy room that was kept cold for millions of years, his lips had already frozen into a purple shade, and the colour of his pale skin had turned into a frosty colour, showing the extreme cold he was enduring.

He knew much about medicine, but he would never use that knowledge on himself.

But in truth, anyone with any knowledge of medicine could easily tell just by checking his pulse that he had long been frostbitten. With the ice-cold air assaulting his lungs, a mortal human may have already died a hundred times over.

But even if he was one of the great lords of the demon world, suffering from this cold would still cause him an unthinkable level of pain that assaulted him endlessly without any sight to its end.

His paleness was not just sickly by appearance, he was truly sick.

From his body up to his very mind, he had fallen under this man’s spell for the rest of his mortal life.

The temperature of the ice room was constantly falling, and it almost seemed that you would never be able to imagine how cold it could really become.

But the slothful lord did not have any intentions of leaving. He got on the icy bed and leaned down carefully by the man’s side. His silver hair spread out like a waterfall, and as a layer of frost covered his soft clothes, it became strong and rigid, but he did not care in the slightest. Carefully, he held the man in his arms as if he was holding the warmest thing in the entire world. With a faint smile on his lips, he closed his eyes peacefully.

The image was almost frozen in time in this quiet space, even the sound of breathing had disappeared, and the only thing you could see were the pair holding each other as they slept.

They were so close to each other that their hair were intertwined; but they were far apart. The boundaries between life and death was the one barrier they could never cross.

For all this that happened in the Hollow Bamboo Grove, Chu Mu Yun knew none of it.

At this moment, he was currently planning his next move.

Chu Mu Yun:”Baby, do you remember what I asked you to do?”

Baby Zero:”……You won’t lose your memories.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Just in case.”

Zero:”There will be no case.”

Chu Mu Yun pondered:”00, are you hiding something wrong me?”


This little system would not lie to him, so Chu Mu Yun would push him each time until he felt guilty, but he would only respond to him with six dots.

Chu Mu Yun had a dignified look:”You’re not allowed to do anything you’re not confident in. It’s fine if I lose my memories, I have my plans.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Hush my child, even if I forget everything, I will still be me.”

After a moment, Zero threw out six dots.

Chu Mu Yun wanted to continue on, but Mo Jiu Shao had already brought out the confusion pill.

Chu Mu Yun would never go for a fight if he was not fully confident. It was true, he was very daring, but he was still a careful person. He could plan out everything perfectly, and could go on with that plan without any fears.

Achieving the goal was the only thing he needed to do. But of course, that was only if he had a goal to begin with.

As for the confusion pill, it was not as if Chu Mu Yun knew nothing at all about it.

Quite the contrary, in fact. When he was still on the Thousand Phoenix Peak, he had deliberately studied such medicinal pills. Of course, it was not because he expected that it would come to use now, but because he had the faint idea when he saw the introduction of this pill, that he may one day have to eat it.

And the reason was because without it, Mo Jiu Shao and Chu Mu Yun would always be wrapped up in deep enmity. It was hard to say that Mo Jiu Shao would not suddenly think of the idea to feed him one, so that he could forget about the past.

Even though Chu Mu Yun had died a perfect death afterwards, by coincidence, he now had a chance to try it out again.

The effect of the confusion pill was: if you took one, you would forget practically everything.

By Mo Jiu Shao’s logic, since the ice spirit beast only had two years worth of memories, he could just wipe them clean and it would not affect a single thing.

But in truth, Chu Mu Yun had many memories. For him, that so-called past was the present, so if he took that pill, it would be like reformatting a hard drive: all of it would be gone.

It may sound scary, but only Zero would be nervous about that, Chu Mu Yun knew of a way to avoid its effects.

The feasibility of it was unknown, after all, it had never been verified before.

However……When there is a will, there is a way.

When he was about to take the confusion pill, a violent gust of wind suddenly blew through the Thousand Millennium peak. As the mountain shook, two black figures fell like a meteor, falling steadily right outside of the Thousand Phoenix Palace.

Mo Jiu Shao was not affected by the sudden intrusion. He was still looking with gentle eyes at that youth in his arms, and patiently, he used his energy as a catalyst on the confusion pill to remove all its impurities so that any possible side effects could be avoided, and also so that this little guy whose body had just went through such a traumatic experience would be able to take it.

It was not until Yan Chen and Ling Xuan had both entered the hall did Mo Jiu Shao turn around to look at them.

In one glance, he saw the great winged beast whose body burned with black flames, and he said plainly:”Martial brother, what have you called out ‘Dark Night’ for?”

Yan Chen glared at him:”Return him to me.”

“Return him?”Mo Jiu Shao looked at him and responded coldly,”Who does he belong to?”

Yan Chen narrowed his eyes:”Chu Mu Yun has already died, now, he is the ice spirit beast I raised, the one he likes is me!”

“He likes you?”Mo Jiu Shao sneered,”Are you sure about that? Do you think he would really still have feelings for you after you sent him away, trampled his sincerity on the ground, and pushed him away time and time again?”


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