Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 50


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Grant his wish?

The little werebeast could hardly believe him, he almost had the idea that he might be hallucinating.

“What did you say……?”

With a mellow voice, Mo Jiu Shao told him:”Didn’t you wish you could return to Yan Chen’s side?”

“I do!”The little werebeast did not hesitate to respond to him.

The smile on Mo Jiu Shao’s face stiffened a little, but he still continued to speak in a soft tone:”Then let’s go.”

The little werebeast looked at him with suspicion in his eyes:”Don’t you need me to save Chu Mu Yun anymore?”

Mo Jiu Shao seemed to be in a good mood:”Not anymore, Chu Mu Yun’s body has been very well-preserved, and the soul returning pill had been fully absorbed by his body, he will be able to wake up very soon.”

The little werebeast was still a little hesitant to believe him:”Really?”

Mo Jiu Shao looked at him:”Do you think I could joke about this?”

EzoicThe little werebeast:”Absolutely not!”But even so, he still appeared to be a little confused. If things were that simple, then why did Mo Jiu Shao rush out with such a huge murderous aura earlier? And that kiss……What was that for?

He could not understand, but he did not dare to ask. Being able to leave was simply the best he could ever hope for, he did not want to think any more of it.

“You don’t have to send me, I can go by myself.”The little werebeast said.

Mo Jiu Shao:”You’re not going to see Yan Chen?”

Though his intentions had been seen through so easily, the little werebeast was not that bothered about it. He only responded to him with a little sorrow:”He doesn’t like me, what use is there if I go back?”

“Are you really willing to give up without even a struggle?”

The little werebeast frowned:”It won’t work out.”

“Why don’t you try?”Mo Jiu Shao comforted him,”You don’t understand Yan Chen’s character, he actually hopes that someone out there could actually love him with a sincere heart, but since you are an ice spirit beast that has been recorded in history books as a creature that did not understand love, he had always thought you had only relied on him as a family member, and did not actually love him.”

The little werebeast quickly refuted:”I like him, no, I love him!”

Mo Jiu Shao rubbed his soft, short hair and said in a kindly tone:”Go and tell him.”

The little werebeast was a little nervous:”You’re not lying to me, are you?”

Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes were gentle:”What would I get from lying to you? Chu Mu Yun will wake up soon, he’s my lover, I don’t want to have anyone coveting him. It will be my gain if you pursued Yan Chen, is that not so?”

These were the words that were truly able to convince the little werebeast. Even though he was still a little doubtful, he really could not help himself from being tempted by Mo Jiu Shao’s speech.

After some thought, the little werebeast finally nodded in the end:”I’ll go with you.”

Mo Jiu Shao smiled and said softly to him:”Jun Mo wants to keep you in the Hollow Bamboo Grove, so I can only sneak you off. It may hurt a little with how we’re going to get out of here, so you have to endure it, you absolutely can’t make a single sound.”


The little werebeast:”I’m not scared of pain!”

“Good child.”Mo Jiu Shao praised him and raised his hand, placing it behind his back.

Chu Mu Yun:”Fuck! Can you really call this hurting a little?!”


Chu Mu Yun finally understood why Mo Jiu Shao had to coax him into this.

With normal means, there was definitely no way he was getting out of the Hollow Bamboo Grove; after all, Jun Mo was very much obsessed with the ice spirit beast.

When it came to the unusual means, they were a little harsh. Take for example the method they were using now: For a person whose cultivation had not reached the level of the deities, it was simply so painful that it felt like your body was going to explode at any second.

Mo Jiu Shao made sure to protect his heart so that his life would not come to harm, but this type of pain that went deep inside your nerves was still hard to bear.

Fortunately, Chu Mu Yun was a man who has died twice, and he was also born with strong willpower, so he was able to take it.

When the two landed, the little werebeast’s clothes were soaked in his cold sweat. Due to the severe pain he had just endured, his face was as white as a sheet, and he looked very flustered.

EzoicMo Jiu Shao’s heart itched with pity, but he endured the urge to comfort him with a kiss.

Because of how blank the little werebeast’s mind was at this moment, he did not realize where they were.

Mo Jiu Shao brought him in. The magnificent palace was gorgeous, but very unfamiliar.

As the little werebeast looked around, he frowned. He had finally managed to return to his senses:”This isn’t the Shining Plum Mountain.”

Mo Jiu Shao spoke softly to him:”Don’t worry, you’ll see the person you want to see in a moment.”

The werebeast was truly in a lot of pain, so he only nodded blankly, closing his eyes and not saying anything more.

There were many ways to remove his memories, and the least harmful way was with medicine.

This type of confusion pill was also crafted by Sloth, but Pride did not obtain it from him.

At that time, due to unknown reasons, Jun Mo had created a large number of medicinal pills, and even used a city as an experiment: he made everyone lose their memories. To use so much effort on creating such good products, it should’ve come to see good use, but he just threw them away casually……

As a result, such astounding medicinal pills were fought over by many people, which, needless to say, ended in a bloodbath.

And the one with Mo Jiu Shao was something offered to him by someone below.

Mo Jiu Shao did not care about it at that time, so he just casually kept it, but he never would have expected it to actually come to use today.

The little werebeast leaned in his embrace absent-mindedly with no defenses raised at all.

Pride did not wish to delay things. He ordered someone to bring over the confusion pill and prepared to feed it to him.

But it had to be mentioned that from the Shining Plum Mountain, Yan Chen and Ling Xuan had already arrived in the Hollow Bamboo Grove after just an hour.

They came very fast, but unfortunately, it was still too late.

After all, when Ling Xuan went to find Yan Chen, two days have already passed.

And at this time, Chu Mu Yun had already left with Mo Jiu Shao.

Yan Chen entered the Hollow Bamboo Grove and was greeted by the slothful lord.

Jun Mo:”Mo Jiu Shao has already taken him away.”

Yan Chen hurried to ask:”Did Chu Mu Yun wake up?”

Jun Mo looked calmly at him:”Haven’t you already known that Chu Mu Yun was the ice spirit beast?”

Of course Yan Chen knew, he just wanted to confirm it again.


And it was right now that the nail was finally struck into the board!

Yan Chen squinted and spoke with a quiet countenance:”What good would it to him to take him away? Chu Mu Yun has already reincarnated and forgotten about him, the one he likes now is me. As long as I go to the Thousand Phoenix Peak, getting him back would be easy.”

Jun Mo looked at him:”He has the confusion pill.”

The sensation caused by this pill in the past was great, so there was no way Yan Chen did not know about it. He was clearly stunned for a moment, but he quickly understood what Mo Jiu Shao was trying to do.

“Does he really think that nobody could make an enemy of him if he was protected by the guardian of life?”

Jun Mo did not answer his question, instead, he spoke leisurely:”He took the ice spirit beast away on a divine teleportation spell, so the ice spirit beast’s body would definitely be damaged. He will not be able to take the confusion pill before an hour passes, so if you go now, you can still make it.”

Almost as soon as he had finished speaking, both Envy and Wrath had already activated their divine teleportation spells, and the two disappeared from the bamboo grove like a flash of light at the same time.

Jun Mo stood there with his silver hair hanging down to the floor, and his expression quiet.

He stood there for half an hour before he finally turned to return home.

The architecture in the Hollow Bamboo Grove was simple and elegant. The deeper you entered, the more bamboo stalks you would be greeted with, and it was so quiet that it did not look like a place inhabited by anyone.

Jun Mo went all the way in, passing through a long cloister. Less and less servants were found in the surroundings, and the scenery had also become much more quiet, until he finally walked into a room.

The room was very ordinary, and the furnishings were so simple that it was only decorated with a table and a chair. But a rare spark of warmth flashed through Jun Mo’s eyes. He pressed his pale finger on a button, and with a rumble, the smooth ground shuffled to reveal a circular staircase that went downwards.

He walked down, and the silvery grey robe that swept over the black stairs coupled with his silver hair created a dazzling display in the darkness.

The stairs were extremely long, and it kept on going down. Jun Mo did not walk very fast, but he maintained his slow and steady pace as he walked. But even though he walked very slowly, he was very familiar with this place, it was clear that he came here often.

After walking for about a half quarter of an hour, he finally reached the depths. The place was filled with dense coldness, and frost could even be seen covering the walls. The only thing present within the center of the room was an ice bed. And on that bed, slept a man with ink black hair, and white skin.

He wore a set of azure robes and his hands were placed overlapped above his waist. You could only barely see his handsome features under the dim light, but his aura was extraordinary.


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