Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 49


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The little werebeast felt very much humiliated by this treatment.

When he was almost getting short of breath, Mo Jiu Shao let him go.

But the little werebeast did not even spare himself any time to catch a breath. He raised his head and glared at him, shouting in anger: “What are you doing!”

Mo Jiu Shao looked at him silently, but his expression still looked like a downpour was coming down, and his whole person was exuding a cold aura.

The little werebeast was scared, but he did not lower his head. He wiped his lips as a flash of disgust appeared in his eyes. The words that came out of his mouth were not very pleasant either: “I’m not Chu Mu Yun, don’t substitute me for him!”

His words angered Mo Jiu Shao even more. He grabbed his jaw and looked straight into his eyes, almost as if he wanted to see through him, into his mind with his pale grey eyes.

The little werebeast pursed his lips and snapped at him indignantly: “I’ve already given up my life and promised to resurrect Chu Mu Yun for you, can you stop humiliating me?!”

Mo Jiu Shao ignored what he said, and asked him a question what they were all very clear about; but he still wanted to ask.

“Do you like Yan Chen?”

The little werebeast could not understand why he suddenly wished to ask him this. But regardless, there will only be one answer to that question.

“I like him, I love him, no matter what happens, he will be the only person I’ll ever love in this world!”

It was as if a million bolts of thunder had just struck the earth, causing earthquakes, landslides, and tsunamis; it had also pierced straight through Mo Jiu Shao’s heart.

“You’ve only been together for a year, how did you fall for him?”His voice was hoarse.

But the little werebeast felt very annoyed with him. How many times did he have to tell him? Why did he keep on asking him? He knew he was stupid, he was the biggest fool in the world, but can he stop humiliating him in such a way?!

“I’ve only lived for two years! A year’s worth of time has already taken up half my life! He gave me the best that I could ever hope for in that half of my life, he gave me the precious memories and the feelings I have, he gave me everything! Even if he doesn’t like me, even if the one he loved was someone else, it doesn’t matter! I like him, I love him, and that is my own business, I won’t pester him about it, nor would I want to. Is that not okay? Do I really have to forget everything before I die? Don’t I even have the right to have my soul buried with these feelings?!”With much sorrow, the little werebeast shouted at him.

He was young, and lived no more than two years in his entire life, but that life was filled with dazzling brilliance. He had the guts to love, to hate, and to stand firm in himself, if he had decided on one thing, he would never turn his back on it, the only thing he knew to do was to continue on down that path. He could not tell right from wrong, but at the very least, he knew what his heart wanted.

That soul was pure, sincere, and without any flaws.

Mo Jiu Shao felt very pained.

When Chu Mu Yun died, he felt very sad; but because he knew he would definitely be able to bring him back, he did not despair.

But now, he was alive, but his heart had changed. That spot that he should have occupied had now been reserved for someone else……

And because this was that same soul, he knew how persistent he could be.

In his last life, Chu Mu Yun was willing to die for him even after receiving such a huge shock, so he was sure that he would never forget Yan Chen in this lifetime.

If he told him that he was Chu Mu Yun, he may not even be able to achieve anything; instead, he might even help give the little werebeast the push he needed to return to Yan Chen.

How could he tolerate that?

How could something of his own belong to someone else?

For so many thousands of years he had lived, Pride had always disdained everything. But now, he had something he wanted to monopolize, but that thing now felt ‘disdain’ for him.

However, with all his heart, he really wished to obtain him.


Chu Mu Yun:”Say, should I repeat myself and say I ‘forgot’?” It feels like Pride didn’t really get the message.


Chu Mu Yan:”Baby, can you cry after we’re done?”

Zero:”I’m nervous.”

Chu Mu Yun:”It’ll be fine, don’t worry, it’ll be alright even if I really lose my memories.”


Chu Mu Yun:”You can protect my soul, and as long as my soul stays intact, I will always be Chu Mu Yun.”

Zero:”But if you forget everything……”

Chu Mu Yun smiled:”Aren’t you still here? You can remind me about everything that’s happened.”

Zero:”I’m scared that you might not believe me then.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Don’t worry, I”ll always be me. As long as you explain everything clearly to me, I’ll definitely be able to tell it’s something I really did.”

Zero:”qaq Okay!”

This was the critical moment for him to capture Pride. Even though it was risky, how could you expect to get great returns without any courage?

The things Mo Jiu Shao did to Chu Mu Yun in the past were already old debts that could never be settled.

No matter what, Mo Jiu SHao would always be the villain who killed Chu Mu Yun’s parents. But because of Chu Mu Yun’s love for him, he chose to end his own life; even so, that did not mean that he would necessarily accept him.

And if you toss the two of them back into that mess, how could any of them forget if you did not give them a few hundred years?

When that time comes, don’t even mention proposing, Chu Mu Yun still had to seek death thousands of times each day for the sake of not revealing himself.

Just thinking about it made him feel tired, and there was also the chance that nothing would come out of it.

And how many tragedies in novels did you think were caused because of such incomprehensible knots as these?

Since these knots could not be undone, then he will simply give up on solving them. Besides, he was now an ice spirit beast, he had already forgotten what happened in the past. As long as he could give Mo Jiu Shao a small thread of inspiration, he was sure that he would be able to figure out what to do.

But it seems like……what he said earlier managed to give Mo Jiu Shao quite a big shock?

To tell the truth, Chu Mu Yun was a little confused about that. Even though Mo Jiu Shao’s lit portrait showed that he was in love with him, was he really that deeply in love?

Oh, perhaps it was Pride’s pride that had received a shock, and provoked his desire to conquer.

And since that was the case, he should give him some tips.

The little werebeast was gasping. After he managed to calm down a little, he spoke sadly:”I like Yan Chen, I love him, I’ll never forget about him for the rest of my life……”

He seemed to be mumbling because he was too upset, but the word ‘forget’ finally entered Mo Jiu Shao’s ears.”


Those were only a year’s worth of memories. Forgetting them……was simple.

Mo Jiu Shao had thought about it in the past, he would try his best to make Chu Mu Yun forget about everything that had happened in the past after he brought him back. After all, they could not solve that knot between them. With what he knew of Chu Mu Yun’s personality, there was absolutely no way he would let it go.

But the more memories he had, the higher the risk for him to erase them. That was why he had been hesitating, and never decided on that action till now.

However, he did not have those concerns any longer.

Chu Mu Yun had already forgotten the past……Even though he had forgotten his love for him, he had also forgotten the hate he had for him.

He had fallen in love with Yan Chen in this lifetime, but he only had memories lasting a year. So what if he erased all of them? He was just a two year old cub, he could just raise him up again, they could start over; and this time, he would never hurt him ever again.

Very good, this was perfect.

Mo Jiu Shao finally managed to calm himself down completely. After a pause, he turned to look at the little werebeast:”Would you like it if I sent you back to Yan Chen?”

The eyes of the little werebeast widened in an instant.

The prideful emperor smiled, and his wonderful appearance was enough to charm every living being in this world:”Since you love him so much, I will grant your wish.”


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