Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 48


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Mo Jiu Shao spoke in a very serious tone:”Many thanks.”

Jun Mo turned his head towards the little werebeast and said to Mo Jiu Shao:”You don’t have to thank me, you’ve already fulfilled your part of the agreement.”

Mo Jiu Shao’s face did not change:”I’d like to give Chu Mu Yun the soul returning pill in the Hollow Bamboo Grove.”

This was a reasonable request, after all, they still did not know how the pill would turn out yet.

But of course, Mo Jiu Shao’s other thought for that was: He needed the body of the werebeast.

The spell was not very difficult, the only condition it had was that the person whom it was being casted on had to be willing. If they show any resistance, they may not be able to release their soul smoothly.

This was the reason why Mo Jiu Shao had been trying to brainwash the little werebeast.

Jun Mo did not think too much about it, he responded:”Go ahead.”

They went inside the room, and the werebeast wanted to follow, but Jun Mo stopped him at the door:”Wait outside.”

The little werebeast was slightly stunned, and turned towards Mo Jiu Shao with unease.

Mo Jiu Shao’s expression did not change, he only told him:”Stay outside.”

The little werebeast stopped.

Jun Mo swept his pale covered eyes over the little werebeast but did not decide to say anything in the end, he just turned around and entered the room.

Zero:”Aw, we don’t get to watch the live broadcast.”

Chu Mu Yun:”It’s the same whether we watch it or not, they’re just wasting a soul returning pill anyway.’

Zero:”But……I’m curious.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Hush child, I’ll tell you about it when we’re back home, it’ll definitely feel as vivid as if you were actually there.”


The soul returning pill could be considered an item that went against the heavens. The skies were strange when it was created, and if they did not use it over a well enough barrier, they may even receive judgement from the heavens.

But these were nothing in Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes, they were all easily solved.

But he was worried about something else.

The soul returning pill had tremendous power and the ability to bring a person back to life, but it was not omnipotent.

As the name implies, to return a soul consisted of calling back a wandering soul to one’s body, thus causing them to rise again to the living.

If the soul had already dissipated, then there was no other way; or if the soul had already entered the wheels of reincarnation, it would also be impossible for it to return to its original body.

In both cases, using the soul returning pill would do absolutely nothing.

Jun Mo had already informed Mo Jiu Shao about this early on.

Mo Jiu Shao had also accepted it.

Three years was not a short time, Chu Mu Yun had deep entanglements left within this world upon his death, so there was no way his soul would dissipate.

Generally, it took a long time before one could enter the wheel of reincarnation, and if no special situations arise, it was impossible for one to go through reincarnation before a hundred years have passed.

Which is why, the soul returning pill would definitely work.

Mo Jiu Shao held Chu Mu Yun in his arms and raised his left hand slightly. A cyan light began to spread from the palm of his hand, and just like an inflated balloon, it was expanding incessantly, until finally, it had the entire Hollow Bamboo Grove encased within it. The bright cyan barrier was a perfect display of the shocking superhuman power possessed by the prideful lord.

With this, not even the judgement of Heaven can do anything.

Jun Mo took out the golden pill, pulling open Chu Mu Yun’s lips lightly, and put it in without any hesitation.

This body had lost its vitality, so someone else had to step in if they were to give him the pill.

As the alchemist, Jun Mo could not shirk his responsibility of overseeing the process. Since he was very familiar with the properties of different medicines, they will be able to avoid most problems if he was under control.

Meanwhile, Mo Jiu Shao had already made his preparations, and was ready to take on Heaven’s judgement when it comes.

Time passed little by little, and just a short quarter of an hour felt like several seasons had passed.

Mo Jiu Shao was mentally prepared. Even if Chu Mu Yun wished to kill him once he was awake, and even if he would try to kill himself the moment he did, it was all fine……At this moment, he just hoped that he could open his eyes, and look at him with eyes rich with vitality.

However……Jun Mo’s calm voice suddenly broke the silence.

“It failed.”

Mo Jiu Shao raised his head abruptly:”Impossible!”

Jun Mo turned to look at him:”You know what happened.”

If the soul did not dissipate, or enter the wheel of reincarnation, there was no way the soul returning pill would fail.

Mo Jiu Shao suddenly got up, and the barrier surrounding the entire Hollow Bamboo Grove suddenly contracted. Since it happened too fast, and because the power was too strong, it seemed like the entire space was quite pressured after being contracted. The faces of all the servants with low cultivation levels turned white as a sheet and they had troubles breathing. It seemed as if they could fall over from being suffocated at any time.

Chu Mu Yun had also completed his explanation of what just happened in the secluded bamboo house. He straightened his body and put away his smile.

“Alright, Mo Jiu Shao is coming to get me.”


Speak of the devil, the door suddenly opened right as he finished speaking with Zero in his mind. That cold man seemed to have appeared right by the bed in the blink of an eye.

Mo Jiu Shao’s face was cold, and he was staring right at the muddle-headed little werebeast.

“My lord?”Just as the werebeast spoke, he was interrupted with a painful yelp.

Mo Jiu Shao grabbed his wrist with much force.

The werebeast was completely confused:”What……What happened?”

Then, he felt a bitter chill spreading into his body from Mo Jiu Shao’s palm, rushing right into his meridians, flowing through his entire body in an instant.

It was not the best feeling, and it also felt very rough and forceful. It was like the secrets within the deepest depths of yourself had suddenly been exposed.

The little werebeast struggled indignantly. He thought his struggling would be fruitless, but who knew that Mo Jiu Shao would actually stagger back with a face full of shock?

After finally being let go, the little werebeast gasped in relief.

But for a long time, Mo Jiu Shao could not return to his senses.

The soul returning pill failed, but there was no way Chu Mu Yun’s soul would dissipate. Which means……He reincarnated.

The moment this thought appeared within his head, Mo Jiu Shao thought of the ice spirit beast.

Three years ago, Chu Mu Yun died.

Two years ago, the ice spirit beast was born.

Even though these two events were only a year apart, it was not impossible……

And it was not hard to prove this theory, because he only had to find the cursed blaze.

If that curse was in the ice spirit beast’s soul, Mo Jiu Shao would in truth have recognized it instantly.

But due to the rarely seen pure ice attributes of the ice spirit beast, it could not suppress the cursed blaze latching onto his soul, but amazingly, it could conceal it.

That was why he had never figured it out despite him standing right in front of him for all that while.

Mo Jiu Shao stood paralyzed with shock. The truth that had suddenly shown itself had put him at a loss on what to do for a moment.

But following that, the unreserved infatuation the little werebeast had for Yan Chen had already become a poison arrow, piercing straight through his heart.

Three years, he waited, dreamt of him, wished for him, at every moment, that man lived within the thoughts of his mind.

And what about him? Left forgotten in the dust after his reincarnation, and he had even……fallen for someone else.

In an instant, these deep thoughts, these deep feelings, they have formed into the hot flames of rage. He pulled the confused little werebeast roughly towards him, held his head, and intruded rudely on his lips.

Following the tingling sense of pain, what followed was the taste of blood.

The little werebeast tried to struggle, but being shackled by that man’s hold, he could not move at all.


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