Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 47


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Chu Mu Yun recalled his last experience of death.

Mm……It was quite painful indeed.

Chu Mu Yun:”Let’s go for a quicker death next time.”

Zero:”Can we not die?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Do you think these crazy bastards will let me go if I don’t die?”

Zero:”But……They didn’t let you go even after you died.”

Hearing this, Chu Mu Yun took another look at his own ‘corpse’. His feelings were feeling a little mixed right now.

00 was right, they really……didn’t let him go.

Compared to Chu Mu Yun’s complicated mood, Mo Jiu Shao was relieved to see ‘Chu Mu Yun’.

Originally, he would feel alienated and distanced while looking at an outsider, but at this moment, he looked at someone who had died with soft eyes. Those pale grey eyes were willed with deep affection, as if he was not looking at a dead person, but one that was alive. It was like he was looking at his lover that would smile to him, speak to him, and show intimacy to him.

Even though he had imagined that Mo Jiu Shao had really fallen for ‘Chu Mu Yun’, seeing it now still made Chu Mu Yun feel quite surprised.

After all, this was Pride, a selfish person who only cared about himself.

However……The corner of Chu Mu Yun’s lips turned up, he did not have much thought about it either.

Even though he was performing the show of a lifelong love that never ceased even after death, in actuality……Love was just like the lyrics, a tornado that came too fast, rumbled for a moment, but left just as fast.

Three years may be a long time to a normal person, but this was nothing for one of the lords of the demon world.

Mo Jiu Shao may be full of affection now, but would he still remember anyone after a hundred years pass?

Chu Mu Yun gathered his thoughts.

This was very good, he has to strike while the iron was hot. Mo Jiu Shao was still in love, so he had to quickly settle the last requirement.

The little werebeast was standing at the door, seeming a little hesitant.

Mo Jiu Shao picked up the young man who was ‘deep in sleep’ carefully into his arms, allowing him to rest in his embrace. He held his white hands, and crossed his fingers with his.

This image held an indescribable feeling.

It was a little cold, a little morbid, but inexplicably, it was very moving.

You could never wake up the man who was pretending to sleep, so nobody could tell Pride that Chu Mu Yun was already gone.

After experiencing great pain, one would always have the instinct of self-preservation.

They will sink into the deep abyss, unwilling to come out of it. Compared to facing the cruel reality, it was easier to indulge in their beautiful imagination.

The little werebeast frowned slightly, he did not wish to break apart such a scene.

Mo Jiu Shao looked towards him, and spoke softly:”The two of you really look a lot alike.”

The werebeast came closer, and after seeing him more clearly, he understood what he was saying.

They really looked very much alike, all their features were completely the same.

But there were still some differences. Chu Mu Yun had a robust body, even though his skin was very pale at this moment, you could still see that he must have been very healthy and energetic when he was still alive. The little werebeast did not gain in height even after turning to an adult, and that pair of fluffy ears and his small tail made it very easy to distinguish between the two of them.

The scary part was, that some people may not be willing to distinguish between the two of them.

The little werebeast walked over and sat silently on the wooden chair beside him. He looked at Chu Mu Yun and suddenly asked:”How……did he die?”

Mo Jiu Shao’s body had stiffened very clearly, but he had always had great self-control, so he calmed down very quickly. With a soft voice, he told him:”To save me.”

The werebeast widened his eyes:”Was he that amazing?”To think he was able to save one of the lords of the demon world.

The corners of Mo Jiu Shao’s lips lifted up faintly:”He’s very powerful.”

The little werebeast looked at him silently, and pursed his lips.

Naturally, Mo Jiu Shao understood what he was thinking about. He looked towards him:”He was more like you when he was younger, stubborn, and……”He paused for a moment, and leaned closer to the young man, landing an adoring kiss on his pale forehead,”……full of affection.”

Hearing this, the little werebeast felt uncomfortable.

The more alike they were, the harder it was for him to take it. This meant that Yan Chen had been seeing Chu Mu Yun through him, and even more so, it proved that Yan Chen had never liked him.

His heart felt so stuffy that the little werebeast could not help but curl up his fingers, as if he was trying to relieve the tingling sensation in his heart with his fidgeting.

Mo Jiu Shao sighed:”You can rest assured, I just want Chu Mu Yun to live. As long as he’s alive, I don’t mind even if he’s not by my side.”

He understood what the little werebeast was thinking, he knew that what this little werebeast wanted was to be able to obtain Yan Chen’s ‘love’.

Nervously, the little werebeast asked:”He’s your lover and even gave his life away for you, he’ll definitely want to stay by our side when he wakes up, how could he bear to leave you?”

Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes drooped down:”Because I did something wrong, he’ll never forgive me for it.”

The little werebeast looked at him doubtfully.

Mo Jiu Shao’s feelings felt very complicated. He paused for a moment before continuing softly:”When he was ten years old, all his family members died, so I picked him up and raised him. But I was the one who destroyed his family, I killed his parents with my own hands. I’ve always hidden it from him, but he found out about everything in the end.”

This had clearly gone past anything the werebeast could ever have imagined. With shock, he stared at him:”You……”

Mo Jiu Shao smiled to him, but the colour of his eyes were so dense that they looked like rain clouds that were about to pour down, the sight of it made one feel an inexplicable sense of sadness.

“That’s why, he won’t stay by my side.”

The little werebeast was slightly stunned, but he finally understood:”Even if that was the case, and even if he would hate you if he ever came back to life, and bear a grudge on you, you still want him to be alive?”

“Yes.”Holding the cold body of the youth, it was like it warmed him instead, or that he was trying to absorb what warmth was left from that coldness,”Anything is fine, as long as he lives.”

This touched the little werebeast greatly.

He sighed. A lot of words came to his lips, but there was nothing he could actually say.

For Chu Mu Yun to have such a relationship with Mo Jiu Shao was a good thing for Yan Chen.

There is no way the bloody vengeance of a massacre can ever be resolved. It would have been easy if this was a misunderstanding, but clearly, Mo Jiu Shao had done it, but he had also fallen in love with that person. So, even if this was a problem without a solution, what awaited the two of them was only endless torture.

In comparison, death could be seen as the best ending for this matter.

There was no way Chu Mu Yun could be together with Mo Jiu Shao after coming back to life, so Yan Chen would have a chance.

With this, it would be worth it for him even if he offered his life.

At the very least, Yan Chen would get what he wanted.

After their conversation, all was silent.

They were both waiting for that final moment.

For the rest of the day, the Hollow Bamboo Grove had sunken into a strange silence.

Food was sent to them at night, but unfortunately, neither of them had any appetite.

One was waiting eagerly for the moment he had been waiting for three years, and the other was waiting for death to come, who could care about eating now?

After the sky had turned dark, the little werebeast rested inside the room. Mo Jiu Shao would never let him leave his sights, there was no way he could allow any accidents to occur at this moment.

But it did not matter, this may be his last night, how would the werebeast sleep?

His life had only lasted two years.

His most important person had filled up half of that lifetime, and now, he could not even take one last look at him.

Sitting quietly in front of the window, he bathed under the cold moonlight, looking at the lonely bamboo stalks outside of the window. Gradually, a curve rose up the lips of the little werebeast.

Mo Jiu Shao noticed it, and could not help but ask:”Did you think of something?”

Softly, the little werebeast responded:”I’m glad there was only two years, if I had known him for ten, if I had been with him for such a long time, would I still be willing to leave him now?”

He had spoken without thought, but his words stunned Mo Jiu Shao.

Ten years.

Chu Mu Yun had lived together for exactly ten years.

So, at the very end, that youth chose to end this all after finding out the truth, with his death.

Perhaps this was the best ending they could have gotten, but……How could he be willing to settle with that?

Mo Jiu Shao kissed the cold lips of the youth, holding him gently.

The next day, the morning sun that shone through the bamboo grove had woken up the flustered little werebeast.

As if something had called out to him, he raised his head abruptly and looked outside the window.

At practically the same moment, a golden light suddenly erupted like an aurora beaming up into the horizon. As it met with the rising sun, it created a ladder that led up to heaven, an extremely majestic sight.

Something wonderful had happened.

Mo Jiu Shao got up and looked at the scene outside of the window. A smile raised up his lips.

The little werebeast stood blankly there without moving.

As always, the entire Hollow Bamboo Grove was still deadly silent. The servants never speak, and the wind never enters the area. Stepping outside, this entire scene looked like a static image, everything was quiet, and it felt very cold.

Right at this time, a silver figure was looming in the distance.

As he came closer, you could slowly see his long hair that looked like a clear waterfall, his empty silver irises, and his sickly pale skin. Even so, he was blessed with a pair of unparalleled facial features that made it hard for one to come close, but they would never be able to help themselves from looking at them.

Jun Mo looked towards Mo Jiu Shao and said:”The soul returning pill is done.”


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