Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 46


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Yan Chen turned to look at him:”You’re lying!”

Ling Xuan smiled:”Why would I have to lie to you?”

His question had torn off the very last layer of curtains covering Yan Chen’s eyes, giving him a clear look of these facts he had always been blind to.

Ling Xuan had no reason to lie to him. He was not the same as him, he had no interest in destroying another person.

If not for his looking forward to seeing the awakening of the god of beasts, he may not have even been caught up in this.

Wrath would not lie, because there was no motivation for him to.

Then……Everything was true.

That night when the ice spirit beast was with Mo Jiu Shao, all of it had finally revealed itself in his mind.

But the truth was quite different from what he had imagined……

But that stinging pain had intensified in an instant. From the pain of the prick of a needle, it now felt like his flesh was being cut by sharp knives. He could almost see the liquid flowing from that beating object, so scarlet red that it was dazzling, flowing down into the darkness, filled with his dissatisfaction and regret.

He loved him……

He was the one he liked……

But if he did, how could he indulge him like that? Why did he not get jealous? Why did he not strive to monopolize him, why……

That was Chu Mu Yun.

This name suddenly crashed into Yan Chen’s mind like a hammer, shaking him awake.

Chu Mu Yun, Chu Mu Yun, Chu Mu Yun.

In his last life, he had been tormented by Pride into that mess, suffering such deception and betrayal. At the end of all that, his entire future had been practically destroyed, but his final decision……Was still to protect Pride with his life.

That was Chu Mu Yun, he who held a completely different view of love from him……For him, as long as he could fall in love with a person, he would even be willing to abandon everything for them.

Therefore, the one Chu Mu Yun loved this time was him.

He had longed for this, waited for this for such a long time. That which he thought he would never ever think he could ever attain, he had actually sent it away with his own hands.

The scenes of that short year when he and the ice spirit beast was living together played back incessantly within his mind. The ice spirit beast’s docile appearance, the attachment in the little beastling’s eyes, as well as that expectant expression he had even when he had been hurt. And finally……the words he told him at the end.

“If Chu Mu Yun comes back to life, could you pursue him?”

“He will fall for you, he definitely will.”

What was that little beastling feeling when he said these things to him?

What was it that he wanted to express to him?

Yan Chen finally understood.

This was not something dirty like envy, it was……a wonderful blessing.

He wanted to bring Chu Mu Yun back to life not for Mo Jiu Shao, but for him. He even knew that his body would be taken away, but he still wanted him to get what he wanted.

And in the end, the little beastling had told him to pursue Chu Mu Yun.

Holding the very last humble expectation he had, he wished that even if his soul had disappeared, he could still stay by his side.

Scene after scene, piece after piece, the memories playing in his mind finally created a huge net, and the veil had finally been pulled down, causing the cold-hearted lord of envy to finally feel a bite of pain in his heart.

He managed to obtain it, without knowing it, it had just fallen into his palm, but now……

It was no more, gone, and he was even the one who had pushed it away on his own!

How ridiculous, this really was too bloody ridiculous!

Yan Chen closed his eyes, a clear vein could be seen prominent on his cold face. When he opened his eyes again, his violet eyes were cloaked in an aura of darkness, and he spoke with a low and dark voice:”We’re going to the Hollow Bamboo Grove!”

——He was going to take back the ice spirit beast that belonged to him!

Meanwhile, Chu Mu Yun had left the Shining Plum Mountain with Mo Jiu Shao two days ago.

According to his setting, he would turn back to look in longing every few steps he took, his mind was filled with countless thoughts and yearning, while a glaze of wetness had already formed in his eyes. Clearly, he had left his heart with the owner of the Shining Plum Palace.

Mo Jiu Shao sat in front of him and asked his servants to prepare some delicate snacks and tea. They were all the favourites of the little werebeast, but unfortunately, he did not even spare them a glance.

Mo Jiu Shao poured him a cup of tea personally, and the clear scent of flowers wafted up with the white mist. As it started to linger in the carriage, it provided a soothing effect on the passengers.

The little werebeast seems to be a little more relaxed. He turned his head to look at Mo Jiu Shao and tried his best to muster a smile:”Thank you, my lord.”

Mo Jiu Shao looked at him:”If you like Yan Chen, why did you still decide to leave him?”

The body of the little beastling stiffened slightly. He picked up his teacup, but he did not take a sip from it, he only stared at the single tea leaf floating in his cup. In a soft voice, he spoke:”But he doesn’t like me.”

Mo Jiu Shao:”You’re giving up just because he doesn’t like you?”

The eyes of the little werebeast were slightly wet from the steam:”I like him, so I hope he can be happy.”

Mo Jiu Shao did not answer him.

A very faint smile curled up the lips of the little werebeast:”It hurts when your love is unrequited, I don’t want him to have those feelings as well.”

Mo Jiu Shao:”So you chose to help him instead?”

The little werebeast:”Yes.”

“But have you ever thought that perhaps, if you did not die, and stayed with him, looking after him, he might even fall for you?”

“It’s impossible.”The little werebeast finally raised his head and met Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes. Like always, his pale blue eyes were clear, but it just looked like a storm had just passed through them. Even if it showed the sun after a bout of rain, the marks of chaos were still present.

He opened his mouth and continued:”I will love him forever.”

What he said was somewhat puzzling, but surprisingly, Mo Jiu Shao understood:”So, do you think Yan Chen will love Chu Mu Yun forever as well?”

The little werebeast smiled:”Yeah, are you not the same as well?”

Meeting that person, falling in love with them, and drawing a cage down over yourself. No keys, no exit, so……You can never walk yourself out of it.

The silence in the carriage seemed to last forever.

But in his mind, the quiet little baby Zero:”qaq! They’re all too pitiful!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Love is so scary!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”I want to be dos2.0 forever.”

Chu Mu Yun really wanted to remind him that they were doing their task right now.

But it was fine, what use would it be for the emotionally rich baby Zero even if he told him it was just an act?

Hm…..A thought ran through Chu Mu Yun’s mind.

Quite often, his system 00 seemed to be even more like a human than he was.

The residence of the lord of sloth was very mysterious. Though the name was ‘Hollow Bamboo Grove’, it was not a grove, but an island. And this island was not in a fixed location, it would switch positions from time to time, so those who were mad about seeking his panaceas would also never be able to find his traces.

But it was very easy for Mo Jiu Shao to find him.

After all, they had an agreement.

Entering the Hollow Bamboo Grove, Chu Mu Yun left a mark behind silently.

This was so that Wrath would be able to find them.

The show’s on after all, the more the merrier.

It was very quiet in the Hollow Bamboo Grove, all the servants here had their eyes on the ground and were extremely quiet, you almost were not able to feel their presence at all.

Jun Mo was still in seclusion.

It takes time to refine a soul returning pill, but going by the dates, he would be able to come out tomorrow or the day after that.

Chu Mu Yun entered the house under the guidance of the servant and saw the young man lying on a wooden bed. He felt himself falling into quite a complicated mood

Having his own body changed and looking at his corpse or whatnot.

It was too damn strange!


Chu Mu Yun:”00, let’s try having all my bones turned to dust next time.”Then there will be no corpse left.

Zero answered softly:”……It’ll hurt a lot.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”


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